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cesco Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:55 am    Post subject: virgin mary
i decided to share my very first orgonite gifting experience because it warms me up inside.
it happened in reykjavik iceland.
i had just made my first batch of tb`s that turned out a beauty-full purple colour because of the resin.
my very first target was a hospital next to a catholic church in the downtown area, the building has the most death force towers in all of reykjavik...and this is a place notorious for drugging down old folks and leave them for death, some morphine coctail they give them.
its a nasty place, nasty nasty place.
i headed out after dark with one single tb in my pocket, i realised that i did not have a small shovel to bury the gift with...but walked onwards.
got to the front of the building looked for a good spot but did not find any so i decided to go around back.
there a statue of the virgin mary was standing in a not yet alive flower bed, i approached her smiling, knowing she would get the tb next to her feet.
when i got close i saw that her hands had been chopped off brutally and she had a sad helpless look in her eyes, overwhelming.
i took out my small pocket knife to dig in the dirt, my eyesight shifted slightly to the right and i spotted a small green plastic shovel laying almost right beside me.
to say that i lit up inside is an understatement.
i dug the little tb down below virgin mary`s feet and said a little prayer and walked home.
this divine memory will always be with me.

i miss iceland....