Gifted Farm in Southern Sudan

2010 March

Don Croft

The following Email and photos from Christine Anyango in Sudan seems historic to me, as do many of the other developments in East Africa over the past couple of months, since Christine and Mrs Odondi in Kenya started producing an ddistributing a lot of orgonite.  

Their close friend, Dancan Omollo, has been trying to post here and has been cleaning up Lake Victoria and getting the active interest of other commercial fishermen.  The activity attracted the attention of the government, so an official demanded that Dancan get a permit for dropping orgonite in the lake.  He did that and I think that marks the first official recognition of orgonite on the planet.

I'm going to provide some background info for our newer readers:

The developments in East Africa, almost a year after Georg and crew were arrested for gifting and jailed in Mozambique, also less than a year since three East AFrican gifters (including Christine's husband, Salva Kirr) were poisoned to death, show us that the gifting effort by these Africans has been increased rather than diminished by the parasite agencies' overt oppression.

What sealed the deal there, I think, is that a whole lot of farmers and fishermen now want orgonite, so the word has been spreading suddenly.   This is a dream fulfilled for me and I hope and rather expect to see our friends, there, begin to prosper this year from the sale of their orgonite.  

My astonishment increases that this small region of Kenya and adjacent Sudan is the first part of Africa to receive orgonite. Carol went there, kind of on the sly, in August, 2001, to see if basic zappers cure the version of  AIDS that AFricans are subjected to (they do) and she also took a long a few Holy Handgrenades to leave behind.  It's hard to fathom how vast AFrica is.   The first time I got a glimpse of that enormity was flying the length of the continent to Namibia from Europe in December, 2001.  

So there's no doubt in my mind that Carol's initial gifting was the seed of this effort.  A few months after she left, Georg of in South AFrica began gifting and making orgonite cloudbusters.  The first orgonite cloudbuster made by an African was Dr Batiibwe's in Uganda, which is also quite close to that part of Kenya.  He learned about orgonite from our radio interview with Dr Kanya McGhee in November, 2002.  The program, broadcast from a facility in Harlem, New York, is quite popular throughout Africa and is heard on the internet, there.

Two and a half years later, David Ochieng (murdered last year, along with his wife, Emmah) contacted me from a town very close to where Carol had stayed, then Mrs Odondi contacted me from Kisumu, a port city not far from there on Lake Victoria.  Neither of these two knew each other at the time and neither had heard of Carol's visit.  Carol had gone to Kisumu a few times to use the internet and said that Lake Victoria was so polluted that foreigners were strongly advised not to swim there. Dancan recently cleaned up the water in that area with orgonite, early this year.

Christine and Salva were in a refugee camp, then, and Dancan was helping them.

I tell people, half-joking, that the way to know that any of us are doing good healing work with our orgonite is that the sewer rat agencies try to turn our lives into hell on account of it.  As you can see, the stakes are a lot higher in Africa, right now and I deeply regret that our friends were murdered there and that other friends were jailed.  Christine was nearly poisoned to death in December and Larry Adhiambo, who is healing people with zappers in Kisumu, was nearly poisoned to death the following month but in both cases we learned about it early and went to work on them in the international chatroom, after which they left the hospital and recovered.

Mrs Odondi, also a widow,  had taken in David and Emmah's two children after their deaths and at the time Kenya's economy had been nearly destroyed by the sewer rat agencies and the abundant rain in the region which their collective giftint efforts had caused, stopped and a long drought was in progress, due to weather warfare reprisals.

Check out the farm house in the photo.  Being in those houses is kind of like being in domes and they're cool in the hot part of the day. The only expense is the doorframe and door; the rest is collected from nearby for no cost.  If I lived there I'd definitely prefer one of these houses.

We'll be getting progress reports this year from the farmers and fishermen in the region.  We know that David's effort eventually resulted in people as far away as Burundi (across the lake from Kisumu) were dropping orgonite in the water to increase the fish population and clean the water but the current, local explosion of public interest is the 'next level' that's been needed in order for our friends to experience market demand for their orgonite.

Christine mentioned that Dancan travelled to Turkana with orgonite.   Some years ago, Judy Lubulwa took some orgonite to Turkana and reported that a severe drought was in progress, there at the time.   Carol and I noticed that even a little bit of orgonite usually produces profound effects in East Africa, by the way.  I think it's because the ambient orgone matrix is more vital than where we live.  You can literally see it:  the dark and bright 'squiggles' you see when you look at the sky or a bright background when you get into an alpha-wave brain state are just longer, more abundant and 'busier' in Africa.

I wonder if it was that way in America before the white folks committed so many atrocities on the natives and on the African slaves.  I theorize that right before the Europoids started coming here in droves, the Jesuits had already established a desert on the continent through large-scale human sacrifice rituals at key vortices. Credo Muttwa says that all indigenous people were afraid to oppose the Jesuits in those days and Auntie Carol Two Eagle can tell about more recent, large scale Jesuit molestations from personal experience.

A personal confirmation of Africa's relatively stronger orgone field is that Carol got pregnant during our visit to Namibia.  She miscarried shortly after we returned to the US.  I had a vasectomy in 1989 and she had her tubes tied after the birth of her daughter in 1986.  I bet that would have been an interesting kid Cool



    Hi Don,
    The Picture 1: Shows a Farm with Nappier grass which was very malnourished and the land was really bad a lot and we put Orgonite and you see the difference .
    And other pictures are the prepare parcel of land we have put Orgonite in it and planting is soon .

    The Second picture show :Here you can see the land with the wonderful and healthy small maize coming up ,we have already put the orgonite and everyone farmer is glad and appreciated  a lot.
    The land is prepare for sowing beans and the other picture you can see the house of the owner of the shamba who uses Orgonite and it is good indeed .

    The other wonderful plants and you can see how the vegetation is good and trees are good too.
    The Last picture with the parcel of land with already with plants which was bad and now you can see hoW the plants are doing after putting some orgonite in it .

    Dancan told me that he is in Turkana to distribute some orgonite to fisherman and farmers too , he told me to he will send you the pictures too soon because the camera man still has the pictures for processing .
    Thanks ,
    Christine .