Timely Gifting & Earthquakes, oh my

Timely Gifting & Earthquakes, oh my - October 4, 2006 12:36

Don has been kicking my rerluctant posterior out of hiding, pointing out that I'm deluding myself that it's even possible to go unnoticed, given alphabet agencies' scrutiny of anyone who resists jackboot gumint.  So here goes.

I live on an island off the coast of Maine.  it's beautiful -- pink granite mountains, ocean, coves, lakes, ponds, eagles, and Acadia National Park.  It's also (had!) horrible air pollution.  The park service and the weather service intoned about bad air quality from distant megapolis -- Boston, NYC, the Ohio River Valley.  Cancer rates for the state were alarming.

Me, I looked up and watched the spew planes clotting perfectly gorgeous skies with choking haze.  This often occurred at times folks would not be noticing, pre-dawn, after dusk.  I like the out-of-doors and was deeply offended, and wild at feeling helpless to do anything about it.

Last winter, many children and adults were ill with a choking lingering cough, which went on for months.  Pertussis, as diagnosed, or something dumb like intentional pollution?  First warm day in Spring, I dozed off on the deck on a bonny make-the-heart-sing morning.  I came to, barely able to breath.  The crudtrailcreeps had all but played tic-tac-toe overhead.

Furious, and coughing, I began reading online about chemtrails, and stumbled into the Croft freebee info.  Wowza.  A CB finally went up mid-July.  I considered the purchase a tithe to the planet, and to sane life on it.  Even if it turned out I'd been a fool, I was DOING something, and so were a lot of other folks, all over the world. 

Well, lo and behold, I might as well have unleashed a light saber in the murk.  The skies cleared of faux-cirrus and smog, turned brilliant, like skies of childhood.  Cumulous clouds began forming; hadn't seen any in years.  And yes, the tedium of low-flying planes and helicopters began.  The spew palnes went through a bezerker period of blanketing the skies over the park (gazillion nature-lover tourists below.)  The CB, and relentless gifting of the island and mainland turned the aerosol tide, however.  Heaviest spew grids took about 20 minutes to dissipate.  We began having days with no spraying at all, glory days, prettiest I've seen in my 5 years here. 

I left the CB in one place, on a granite ledge, in a small forest clearing.  Have since been told it's wiser to move it just a bit, even inches.  Meanwhile, the more I gifted, the more empowered and gleeful I felt.  However, I was doing this adventure, without making use of protection tools developed by the Crofts.  I gifted a famous mountain's towers, and felt like I'd been blown backwards through a knot hole.  I started thinking about shelling out for HP, SP, etc.  I did, and it's made a huge difference.

The HP arrived in time for the Bar Barbor Sept. earthquake.  Sonic boom sounds led up to it.  I was all but stupefied by a headache from hell, and was in the process from moving from Bar Harbor.  The CB was still in place.  The quake hit, epicenter ~1/8 mi. from the CB.  My friends' house, by the CB, shook to the foundations.  I was miserable from the weird malaise, and got help from dooney and psychiatrist (thank you guys.)

I left the boosting session, pissed, and went gifting around the island, esp. hitting areas of major predator-class players and their summer estates, and the park.  I also moved the CB, as it was not ok for my friends to be terrorized, assuming there was any correlation with the CB's dazzling effects, and the quake.

We've had another quake.  USGS gave it a 4.2.  Houses shook, windows rattled, the earth rumbled, the park loop road was closed from fallen boulders.  The strange "sonic" earthbooming had continued daily and nightly at the old location of the CB.  This latest quake shook the whole island.  Something bizarre is happening with water levels of wells: http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20061003/sc_space/mainequakecausesdramaticdropinwellwaterlevel

Now I wear the HP, and carry Andy's Powerwand in my pack when I go agifting-ho.  (I've noticed many cops, park rangers, and homeland security Coasties take a wide-eyed look, then back away and avoid me when I'm out hiking or on errands.  As I find most everyone interesting, and am friendly, strange, no?)

I appreciated Andy's reco to start gifting polling places.  You betcha.

The following concerns timely gifting at a peace rally I attended on Sat., which I should have posted in this section:

As Don mentioned elsewhere, gifters are likely to be active across the country and involved in the Oct. 5th activities.  The psychics are by no means asleep at the switch.  It would seem to be an especially useful time to gift while the wasteland folks may be plotting power-grabs.

This weekend I attended an anti-war rally and march.  it was well attended.  Folks young and old and Veterans for Peace drove and bused in from all over the state (Maine.)  I went hours early to gift the city, the meeting area, and many monstrous towers.  One tower, which had newly risen out of a cranberry field, caused me one of many sudden sharp turns down country roads and up mountains.  It was fenced, had locked buildings within the enclosure, the road in was blocked.  The monstrosity had been erected by "Global Tower Partners", which did not give me a warm fuzzy feeling.  My companion in mischief turned pale several times when I disappeared up granite and into forests. leaving a succor punch on in the car.

While gifting the park 3 hrs. before the peace demonstration, a Verizon guy, creepy, was doing something to the two  ~4x6ft. electrical boxes.  He sort of shrank back and wouldn't meet my eye when I strolled past with my pack full of TB's and a PW.  During the speeches, spew planes flew directly over the gathering, 3 parallel chem trails, which were promptly diffused into whisps and nothing by all the orgonite, good general energy and sylphs.

I did not know the march route and, therfore, had not gifted it.  I did slip into a couple small parks as we marched and gifted TB's.  Also went back after. and did more.

During the march, the downtown seemed to be a ghost town.  A friend asked if this were the Mojave Desert?  Where were all the people on a Saturday, for goodness sake.  Of the few we saw, some were enthusiatically huzzahing.  Bikers and several cops gave off thuggish rage at anyone protesting anything ever.

The pre-event gifting felt very good indeed.  I think now that gifting there at least the day before would have been advisable, and maybe folks would have felt safer coming out to see what was afoot.

The fear meme, left to run wild, can be as virulent as a pandemic.  Orgonite seems to function as a very interesting antidote!

Don Croft
No Subject - October 4, 2006 14:37
See why I was eager to invite this intrepid woman to post, folks? Cool

Every protest includes some CIA/Monarch rabble-rousers. Orgonite mutes these freaks pretty effectively, too, Carol and I found out during a peaceful, anti-tax protest at the IRS Hindquarters in DC, in April, 2001.  That was before we did much gifting, so the cloudbuster in our car, just below the Infector's (er, I mean 'director's) office seemed to be sufficient.

Walking around at 6AM, before the thing started, I peeked into the back of a disguised  tractor trailer nearby and saw a bevy of SWAT cops, dressed and armed for battle.  Boy, I bet they were disappointed that day!

We haven't yet looked into the earthquake situation in our chatblast sessions but will probably do so, soon.  The atmospheric effects, including the bright flash that Mary-Anne told me might have occured, indicate satellite weaponry to us and during last Sunday's chat we (in conjunction with Dr STevo's  blue whale friends) did deal with a new breed of deployed satellite weaponry, designed or mass murder.  If the quakes and booms don't recur after last Sunday, maybe we nailed the weapons involved.  Bradley and Carol were hit with powerful beam weapons from space, presumably from satellites.  I hope I"m not being too repetitive but it may be significant in this context.   Bradley looked like he was dying from cancer when we saw him in LA a few weeks later and the dead grass spot where he was standing was the same size as the one where Carol was standing in Idaho a few weeks later when she got beamed but was unaffected.  He wasn't wearing orgonite and she was. He did fully recover, apparently, but imagine sitting in a big microwave oven for awhile and that might approximate what happened to him.  Whether those weapon beams went very far into the earth would be useful to know in this context.

Like the death towers, all of this weaponry is secret at a level that the Manhattan Project was, of course.  

 Sure, Verizon is 'The [NSA] Network,' just like that goofy-looking guy claims on TV Cool

Of course, deploying a weapon like that is likely to cause instant backlash from enraged humanity, like the onerous Airport Gestapo are apparently on the verge of doing in the benighted USA now.

After all, we (humanity) can finally Do Something about these subsurface $#!+house rats and their parasitic agenda.

That part of Maine's coast might be one of the last vestiges of chemsoup in the world, by the way--out of range of the nearest CB.  Parts of Pennsylvania are apparently like that,too. 

Maine has always been curiously isolated, I figured that out during the two years I lived there in the late 80s.  The fact that so many showed up for that anti-war rally is very encouraging to me.   When I lived there I noticed that every other vehicle had a 'Pat Robertson for President' sticker on its @$$ end.  By the way, after the Maine presidential primary, 1987, BushSr was said to have won by a landslide, then 'CIA-Pet Pat' graciously conceded, saying that BushSr is a 'better man.'  A couple of weeks earlier, Smilin' Pat was publicly claiming that BushSr was using his connection wtih Langley to sabotage his campaign.  I don't remember seeing anyone upset about BushSr's alleged victory, then.

Looks like lots of people in Maine are taking off their PJs, now. 

I gifted three sides of the CIA Hindquarters at Langley around 3AM, four years ago, and a big sign announces that it's the 'George Bush Sr Something Or Other.'  They didn't catch up with me until I was on the beltway again, by the way--that was a fun night!  Sure, it was a token effort but it was also a good way to count coup.  I did thoroughly gift the big satanic grid in DC, including the parade/protest route, which is along the 'right arm' of the inverted  pentagram. The point of that arm is Corporation for Public Broadcasting's hindquarters, by the way.  Notice how they consistently lie about protests.

Discovering that this World Odor is actually a paper tiger is probably a prerequisite to becomeing an adequately agile gifter and predator blaster.  If that weren't so, why aren't any of us dead or imprisoned after five years of this network's steady expansion throughout the world?

Those few out there, including D Bradley, who actually have family and personal history among the World Odor, have overcome the most dreadful obstacles in order to become  effective warriors, of course, and they need our special attention and support. 

 I think these few have the closest approximation to 'celebrity status' that one can conceive and that status isn't pleasant for them, any more than Carol and I take pleasure in having a close and numerous entourage  (in our case: CIA, NSA, FBI, local corrupted cops, satanists, Monarch-programmed psychotic 'cruise missles,' a string of disengenuous forum hosts/moles, ad nauseum).

 As with anyone, we warriors need to find a few close friends/coworkers and stick by each other. My heart goes out to anyone who seeks integrity but is doing this entirely alone and I want those few to contact one of us. For the rest, I constantly encourage them to choose integrity over the easy path from moment to moment.