Gifting Moscow

Author March 2008
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Post Gifting Moscow 

here's a report about a gifting mission to Moscow, Russia, one of the world's ruling (illusion) power nests. As a result of the gifting during the three days of staying, we managed to put around 80 tbs, seven hhgs, and five eps in the core of Moscow.

The travelling expenses could be met with our income after selling orgonite in public events twice during this year. That is another good news: orgonite sure is making its way to global consciousness. Keep on the righteous work my friends.

All the locations were strategic, as they were selected by dowsing. Right now, there should be a good number of interlinked star of David formations, the whole pattern specifically measured around the site of Kremlin. We also had several extra devices which were placed whenever the environment felt like requiring, especially the river that flow right south from Kremlin.

The healing was very urgent, although the center of Moscow is not the easiest spot, concidering the amount of guards and police, and the presence of many military units. Many of our selected sites were close to this kind of buildings. When you add to this all ten thousand surveillance cameras, you may grasp the spirit of the mission. Yes, I most certainly had my succor punch turned on all the time. In addition to removing the battery of the cell phone, one friend of ours mentioned it is not enough to keep it off but actually to remove the battery. At least I was not expecting to receive a phone call during the stay so why to keep it radiating in my pocket just for nothing. Anyone, though, having read and studied even some of the amount of surveillance in this world knows this is not just being too paranoid about it. As the song says, "just because you're a paranoind, don't mean they're not after you". Well, my main point however is, that there is no place for fear, as if something can be called an enemy, it is the inner fear, the only entrance into you space the parasites can use.

I don't know what kind of image you may have about Moscow, our impression after three days was that we liked it, concidering it being a product of culture of death. But there is always more creative power, it just needs someone to realise it and let it flow. We went in to do the pioneer part, although I do not know has anyone gifted Moscow before. Let us hope so. I guess the land is now ripe for more creative currents. Praying for that would not harm anyone at least.

During the whole mission, we felt extremely blessed and carried by invisible forces of light. As for myself, I can say for sure God was there supervising the whole project. At no point could I feel any kind of distraction that really would matter. I certainly was a bit alert because of all the surveillance, not knowing much about Moscow in general. But what has to be repeated is, IT IS TIME TO EMPOWER OURSELVES AND THE EARTH FOR HIGHER UNDERSTANDING, no shadow may stand against pure light and love for life. This is what I want to proof with going to Moscow just like that and gifting the very center of what can be concidered a source of power for destructive forces. Good bye spirit of Soviet Union.

The journey was a test of faith, as we had no place to go on the previous day we were supposed to leave, and neither of us could speak Russia. One day before, our friend called Anna, my girl friend, because he had felt like he should, after many months. It happened so that he has a friend in Moscow and so we had much better a starting point when getting there. Getting a hostel was the first thing to do. With a guide it was much easier for us. So our arrival was much smoothened.

Here some photos from the mission:

some of the healing instruments

The main target of cleansing

Introducing the Lemurian Seed Crystal Earth Pipe to Mother Russia's sacred soil close to the main Cathedral.

The site itself.

The amount of churches is truly amasing concidering the USSR was maybe the first and biggest atheist state on Earth. This one we gifted before attending a mass which was very uplifting, the chanting and colours and aromas, although we could not understand a word from what they were saying. Orthodox Christianity is very rich in its visual presentation, but a small dose perhaps was enough for this time. We had a work to do. During the second day the weather changed completely and now it was raining sleet and so. A practice of little self-sacrifice is necessary at times like this. I just enjoy field working too much to miss gifting just because of the weather.

This church is on the Red Squeere, looked quite old too. The Red Squeere is next to the site of Kremlin, some sort of political center, at least official.

Alright folks, here's what you've been waiting for; the mausoleum of Lenin. No entrance. We put devices around the Red Squeere though. There is a star of David around the site now. We did not enter the area itself, after it turned out there are metal detectors at the gates. I know orgonite can get pass them without alarm but this time the situation just was too sensitive for trying that. In England though, I could get through metal detector wearing orgonite two years ago. Next time maybe?

The huge complex also was worth some extra stuff. I hope they enjoy EP's long lasting healing effect too  Cool

The building above sure ain't pet shop as you might first think, if I am not mistaken, it was some kind of diplomatic place.

Although you might say it is not objective to say it on a board such as this, this sign still smells like free masonry. Hopefully, I am wrong, of course. That would mean we have less crap to be cleansed on Earth.

This face shouldn't belong to any Tzaar that I know. It still puzzles me why I keep finding these demonic figures on all old architechture. Wasn't that concidered satanic and evil before the glory of modern times, after which they publicly ridiculed statements like that, still believing in the very same power of death and destruction themselves?

Some more architechture.

During the third day, I sensed from the sky some huge old energies were moving, darkness no longer having the same hold on the city as before. Otherwise, I was so concentrated on successfully carrying out the mission that I did not so much stay to feel the effect of orgonite. You may check that for yourself. However I am sure this was a fruitful visit, a new beginning.

As we headed back to Finland last night, I had a dream in which there were certain people wearing uniforms, high ranking army officers, Vladimir Putin and some children. It had happened so, that I had saved someone's life, would not exclude the possibility that one being Mr. Putin. However, I had been made a life guard of that person and I was talking to the children, not remembering though what.

Unfortunately, because of pretty severe state of surveillance, I did not focus on the confirmations so much. I hope you understand the conditions, confirmations being the actual proof of the effects of orgonite. Let us hope to hear from benevolent progress in Russia soon. We all can contribute to that and we really should. So whatever terms you want to use to send them your best energy, do it. Now the worst obstacles should have been cleansed.

My last wish would be, that people attending the chat session could check if the situation can now be healed for good, after the gifting. For sure, a lot more needs to be done, we only undertook the very core of Moscow. Don't know exactly how many kilometers we walked during these three days. We both had pain in knee so it sure was an act of self sacrifice. But the fruit of such is always worth so much more. It is an honor to serve like this.

You have my blessings,


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Post Re: Gifting Moscow 
Hi Pekka

Your gifting is to be congratulated ! Thank you for taking the photos and reporting on it too.

I can see the headlines, Moscow goes blue with Orgone Energy  Confused

Coincidently I am in our capital, Washington DC this week gifting as well.  Great job !!!



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Post Re: Gifting Moscow 
It just dawned to me the actual size of my special EPs may not be seen from the photo above so from audience's special request Orgonita Unita Borealis presents: Tooth of Truth!

PS. I just HAD to add some extra gems to these fine pieces. It was my special gift to Moscow after all.

~All Life is Sacred~
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New post Re: Gifting Moscow 
An interesting thing happened some weeks before the journey, when the whole thing was still very much an idea. I had talked about going to Russia on the phone with my friends, but never mentioned it on the internet. Now, we do have a program on our site through which we can monitor the traffic.

One day we found out the site had been visited from Kremlin, the very spot I was planning to gift. Of course, we do collect our data when we have it. So please be a witness yourself:

This shows in no uncertain terms, that gifting gets noticed to such an extent as by Russian governmental levels. Are we famous or what? From all that I can tell, it almost seems they wanted us to get there, the level of interference was so non existent during the journey.

The spot we are referring to is that red arrow in the center of the photo.