Gifting Yellowsone Lake

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 Gifting Yellowsone Lake, August 2007 
Dooney, STevo, Carol and I went there and dropped a couple hundred TBs and a mini-CB in the lake because it was the center of new seismic activity that threatened, again, to turn the planet into hell by darkening the sky with a massive eruption.  This big lake, a huge volcanic crater, is a smaller caldera than the one, right next to it, which Carol and I had successfully soothed with a couple dozen earthpipes, three years ago.   The previous seismic threat ended, then, and it was a lot more severe, causing a lot of anxiety among the local population.

We camped for a couple of nights, before and after the gifting run, in the Yellowstone River valley some distance north of the Park entrance and on the first night, STevo and I smoked victory cigars:


Is that confidence, or what?

We dropped the 'Go-fast Raft' in the water at an upwind boat ramp, hoping to beat the elements a bit with a little timing





As we left the river and entered the big lake a buffalo kept tabs on us







There were DOR-laden (HAARP-injected) storm clouds already forming over the lake when we got there but the combination of the boat's little cloudbuster and the orgonite we were tossing in the lake erased it pretty fast.   The rangers at the dock warned us that the lake experiences storms every afternoon and boaters can get in a lot of trouble, then. These are nasty thunderstorms with a whole lot of wind and lightning.  We sort of expected the  HAARPies to jack up nature's inclination to make storms on summer afternoons over that huge lake and here's what the HAARPies did to try to negate our wonderful orgone assault:


The feds knew that if they could generate big waves we would have to slow down so much that we wouldn't have been able to finish the job. The capper for this mission was to drop the little CB into the middle of the deepest part of the lake, which was near the end of the route.  Not far from that deep spot there were steam vents nearby on shore, by the way, which was a nice confirmation for the psychics, who decided on the CB's target.

The federal HAARP white-coats' stinky, world-odor efforts to prevent us from fixing the volcanic threat were so underwhelming that Lemurian ships showed up to help and observe.


Do you remember when it was a lot harder to achieve results like this? Years ago, we still had the feeling that the sewer rats might win their war on humanity and we had to literally wade through federal agents and would-be assassins just to get our 'littering' done.  On this trip, we hardly got a whiff of federal sewer rats, which was awfully refreshing. I think they're feeling kind of dispirited by now. On our previous gifting trip to Yellowstone there were assassins in Park Ranger vehicles and The Operators apparently took us out of time right after one of them showed up, hunting for us ( I had intuitively just pulled off the highway onto a side road and parked).  As we left the Park and went to a restaurant, that afternoon in October, 2004, we wondered why it was getting dark so early, then Carol and I looked at a clock and saw that we couldn't account for a couple of hours  Cool

Dooney took pics from the bow, where she rode with  Jack and Charley, the dog people. These stalwart fellows are not big fans of boating but they're great sports.


From her position, looking astern, Dooney briefly saw a huge, shiny spaceship around the time she took that photo but it appeared and disappeared so fast that she didn't have time to  take a photo.   That happened to me, once, on a mountain top during a solo gifting exposition.  It was hard to imagine something as huge as that flying.  If you keep your eyes open when gifting you might have the same opportunity. These are apparently little gifts from The Operators; personal confirmations that are quite encouraging.

This is what she mostly saw, though, and I'm holding a can of tea, not beer  Rolling Eyes :


The HAARPies tried a couple of times to generate storms in our path but the more orgonite we tossed into the lake, the faster those serrated, multi-directional stratus formations disappeared.  Lake gifting is the most potent way to disappear chemtrail remnants, by the way, if you're one of those folks who find the harmless remnants disturbing.  Also, lake gifting seems to keep increasing the orgone content of the atmosphere for quite a distance all around. AFter a year, we're finding in this region that the atmosphere continues to improve and the improved area is still expanding.  We haven't seen any whiteouts in several months, even though we're very close to a major city.

We didn't get a pic of the Church of the Living Dead (Church Universal and Triumphant--the CIA's premier Monarch chump farm) that's in the river valley north  of Yellowstone Park.. but I noticed that they'd planted a lot of poplar trees on the highway side of the big, cheap church building in an apparent effort to hide it and they had also removed that huge, silly-looking Celtic cross.  I consider it a sign of progress when any murderous CIA or MI6 cult falls on  hard times.   We didn't see any log trucks coming out of their property, this time, so I assume they had already sold off all the thousands of incredible old-growth trees that they had promised to preserve when they bought all that land. Aren't old hippies like these supposed to take care of nature instead of exploit it for profit?

On a more positive note, the disarray of this cult is just another positive sign that this ancient, parasitic global regime that's built on deception is falling apart and even running for cover now.  The psychics have lately been exploring new alliances and realizations that are incredibly encouraging and empowering, by the way. We haven't written much about all that, yet, because we're waiting to see how some of it plays out and we're gathering feedback. If I were to mention any of it, here, you might find that you've had feelings an intimations about all this on your own. This is positive feedback, too, of course.  Nearly all of what we collectively achieve is considered to be empirical evidence, after all, and it's as good or better than anything that funded scientists might come up with in their labs, though at some point there will be a lot of that, too--after there are finally some genuine people providing research funds instead of discorporate (creepy-corporate) fascist agencies.  That happy day is apparently fast approaching.