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Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2005 10:18 am    Post subject: Godhead
I imagine that something or other in this essay will tread on every single gouty toe but I sense that humanity, even materialistic, jaded and pigheaded Westerners, are ready to start talking openly or at least hearing about God again without resorting to sycophancy, ostracism or tiresome cultish mummery.

Pekka Martinen, a young gifter in the Arctic Circle who loves and appreciates God very much, as I do, challenged me to write something about my personal beliefs (I’ve skirted around this subject since the beginning, four years ago, of this network) and I figure that it won’t do any harm to express them, since my basic belief is that no institution or ideology is capable of standing in between our Creator and ourselves.

I’ve referred now and then to ‘The Operators,’ because I’ve felt that mentioning God much would drive away the more faint hearted but well meaning. After this, I’ll probably go back to being circumspect about God and religion but, in fact, I believe that there are many hierarchies in the unseen realms who more directly serve God than we do and who have sometimes a vested interest and sometimes a selfless interest in helping us succeed in driving the occult/corporate world order into prison cells and potters’ fields in the near future, thereby paving the way for the long-promised Golden Age of dynamic human unity, freedom and prosperity. By volunteering for this work we become cogs in a machine, granted, but what a glorious machine it is! Wink I’m certainly convinced by now that if we don’t choose to be part of God’s machine we’ll just end up playing an unwitting part in the sickening machinations of the occult/corporate dung beetles, the part likely being either cannon fodder, couch potatoes or livestock.

No tyrant has ever given up power willingly, of course, so we’d be pretty neurotic to hold out for that massive, mostly unseen body of tyrants who make up the occult/corporate world order to hand us their sabers any time soon. At least we know by now that we can bring them to account without shooting physical bullets at them, or at least perhaps not many bullets Wink.

The traits that The Operators all share and demonstrate are commitment, humor, unconditional love, selfless service, wisdom, artful synchronicity, harmony, timeless knowledge and understanding, compassion, generosity, intelligence and resourcefulness and we’re gradually learning to be more like them and less like our fragmented, unhappy and rudderless old selves. Coincidentally, these are among the characteristics that all of the Manifestations of God have demonstrated and taught us, throughout the ages, how to achieve, so I think Their missions are all reaching fruition now.

Read this as just one fellow’s considered opinions and take what you like, then leave the rest in the ‘wait and see’ bin, okay? It feels to me like I can write about God without alienating you or ‘preaching to the choir.’ For one who pays attention all of the revealed religions are rich mines and anyone can come away with
priceless gems after approaching any of them without prejudice.

The hatred of religion and even of God in recent generations is a pretty weird phenomenon, I think, and it’s obvious to me that most of that happened by design. There seems to be some wiggle room, though, despite the finality with which so many people have condemned religion and the worship of God.

Have you noticed that everyone who parrots these formulaic condemnations of religion and/or God seems to honestly believe that he/she came to those convictions independently? It’s the lockstep, herding nature of this system of belief that shows that its army of proponents were artificially inseminated with it. Clearly, the intended goal was for these unwitting pseudo intellectuals to effectively silence all rational, open, candid public and even private discussions of religions and God.

Thanks to the internet, though, one can casually display one’s considered thoughts and views without interruption. It will be fun to see if there’s any backlash to this essay by the inebriated but well-targetted cruise missiles of the world order, those clamoring, deeply programmed and sociopathic Monarch saboteurs who are present on every single board where they haven’t yet been expelled on account of bad behavior, because I’m not arguing in favor of any particular ideology; I’m only stating my subjective view of reality.

The rebellious occult/corporate world order has taken its best shot at the Godhead and widely missed the target in recent years, hence the near-universal rejection of Maitreya, their Wizard of Oz styled, Theosophical/Masonic false prophet, along with the rest of their stable of charismatic fakers. This, to me, is another clear evidence that the occult/corporate order is not only hopelessly behind schedule and ultimately can’t understand humanity but have gotten entirely off track, in spite of perhaps millennia of careful plotting and exploitation, during which time they at least got almost complete control of the clergy of every major religion. This world order and its institutions are hopelessly centralized, so of course they needed to offer a monolithic ideological framework in order to get the rest of us to swallow their ill-prescribed medicine.

What will Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism look like, perhaps very soon, after people have finally decided that the role of clergy must be no more intrusive than the role of the unassuming people who keep the internet up and running? My sense is that everyone will then recognize the common Source of all these and other revealed religions and one’s religious preference will be no more or less significant than one’s nationality or ethnic origin in terms of relating to the rest of the world. It’s time to stop letting religion be rather a source of division and paranoia, serving only the clergy and their corporate sponsors by keeping us artificially divided along ideological lines.

It’s a simple fact that all human cultures are fashioned around the framework of one or another genuine, revealed religion so religion’s not something that will go away just because we click our heels three times and wish. So, why not look at it with new eyes, instead?

It’s typical of the world weird order’s dialectic approach to both undermine humanity’s religious institutions and, when possible, to pollute the Scriptures; and then put on another face and advise intellectuals that religion (and by extension, God) are essentially horrific and exploitive. This criminal class created Theosophy, atheism and the other popular cults in the last century and a half in order to sponge up the less discerning intellectuals among the people who had become disenchanted with the world’s revealed religions. Trapping people in these looped ideologies which explain everything but answer nothing essentially guarantees that they won’t pursue the higher path of intellectual integrity, of course, and by getting them to parrot these limiting formulae they are able to reinforce their old, meticulously built house of cards that’s based on Luciferic rebellion. To the untrained or lazy intellect reality is determined by what ‘the majority’ of their particular demographic believe and think, after all, and how many people, by now, have rejected clergy-canned religion along with its ‘alternatives:’ cults or canned intellectual cynicism? Not very many, which is one reason I’m writing this little essay.

In simpler, more graphic terms, the world order are like someone who silently stinks up a crowded elevator, then, drawing attention to himself first with histrionics, stage-turns to glare at the innocent person next to him.

When I was twelve I was advised that I needed to choose between the Biblical presentation in Genesis and Darwin’s theory, strange to tell, and at the time I believed that this was a valid choice—boy, was I depressed and it turned me into a little atheist! That was in 1961, before genetic science had disproven Darwin’s basic thesis and pointed toward a purposeful organization of flora and fauna, though of course Darwinism is still being presented as the ‘correct’ paradigm in funded schools and universities because his theories are just as spiritually enervating as Marx’s dribble is. Because I was brought up under fascism/materialism and religious hypocrisy it took several more years before I finally figured out that the truth in this issue is to be found somewhere else.

Note that fundamentalist Christian ‘scientists’ are presenting ‘Creationism’ as a viable alternative to Darwinism and the strange part of that is that some folks who ought to know better have bought into that. Honestly, though, mainstream scientists are just as superstitious because they aggressively ignore the etheric aspects of reality in favor of infantile materialism. I think it’s long past time to knock that plagiaraist, Newton, off his pedestal and pay more attention to Tesla and Reich, genuine scientists, than to Einstein, the mere speculator.

I think that devotion to priestly fakers is just evidence of the schizoid nature of western civilization in its receding paradigm, though, and no matter how intricately they might explain away the obvious, such as the fact that the earth is billions of years old and that matter and energy are manifestations of hyperdimensional ether/orgone, the vast body of good scientific evidence that supports these simple truths will not go away.

According to IN QUEST OF EDEN, which is a speculative but well-documented book about the origins of the Bible, the version of GENESIS that’s used in Jewish theological seminaries in Israel, at least, is a huge volume carried over into Judaism (eventually) by Abraham, Himself, from the Chaldeans. His father was a high priest in that older religion, of course, and it was on account of the older religion having been corrupted that Abram was initially inspired to destroy the idols in the main temple, for which he was cast into the desert—a fate worse than death in those days, we’re told.

Muhammad later did that in a shrine in Arabia which Abraham had established, by the way.

GENESIS was whittled down to the slim, hard-to-swallow bit of the Bible that we’ve all seen. In the unedited version, Adam was apparently a great scientist; a Prophet who survived a global cataclysm and re-established civilization in the world. Also, in that book the author (I can’t remember her name) quoted evidence in the Bible that Israel was trading with Eden in the days of Solomon and that Eden was by then called, ‘Dilmun,’ and was located at the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, near or including Mount Ararat. Also, a favored import from Dilmun at the time was apparently dried apricots.

Another wonderful book which I no longer have and which name I’ve forgotten argues that each time Religion is renewed by a new Prophet institutional usury is destroyed and that the (at least temporary) destruction of usury as a formal, legally supported practice is largely responsible for the periodic advance of human civilization. It’s said that the ultimately parasitic City of London still enforces old Babylonian land rent policies on the rest of the planet, by the way.

No matter how much the programmed cynics carp about the nature of civilization, by the way, it’s a fact that one can now travel freely throughout most of the world without risking being murdered by bandits, plundered by pirates, starving, dying of exposure or being tossed into a dungeon by tyrants and that’s real human progress, nor are we anywhere near the fulfillment of that depressing Orwellian paradigm that’s been force fed to us in our schools and media since America became a fascist country in the 30s, despite the presence of the new but (for now) impotent Homeland Security Abominations, many of whom are Russians, by the way. I think we’re now witnessing the demise of the current usurious world order, in fact.

I feel kind of like the guy on the mountain top who can see the dawn a little bit sooner than the folks in the valley can. You might think I’m crazy for saying that this old world order is collapsing around us but I see the evidence and I’ve been trying to convey that for a few years.

Many of us in the informal, global orgonite network have been witnessing genuine miracles, sometimes caused by our own efforts, and it’s been a window on another realm that religionists have mostly been afraid to explore due to the interference of self-serving clergy: genuine self-empowerment. The less disciplined and rebellious among us become kind of egotistical when these things happen and the ones among us who have more integrity are rather humbled by it and even driven to explore the true source of these wonderful manifestations.

I think it’s convenient and appropriate to refer to the few rebellious, vociferous, self-seeking and omnipresent folks on our planet as ‘Luciferic,’ though I have never seen any indication that ‘pure evil’ exists or has an archetypical representative. If we are willing to consider that allegory, parables and allusions are more effective spiritual teachers than literal description can be we’re not put off by the presentations in religious Scriptures that would be an affront to our rational minds if we were expected to believe them literally, any more than a painted picture would put us off by being two dimensional.

In real terms, the only way to convey spiritual truths is through allegory. James Clerk Maxwell, for instance, who used mathematics and poetry to describe the etheric realm’s parameters, apparently knew that his mathematical equations would later be corrupted beyond recognition by the dung beetles of academia, so he also published his findings as poetry, which the dung beetles simply lack the intelligence to corrupt.

I think that rational people have always realized that these descriptive elements in old Scriptures were not to be accepted as literal truths but clergy have corrupted that simple process--and ostracized & silenced (murdered in many cases) rational folks--and, whenever possible, have even changed religious Scriptures in order to diminish the light of the creative nature of the Works. The older the religion, the more chicanery has been accomplished by clergy, I think, but the priesthood have always been aware that to completely obscure the life-giving principle of Scriptures would ensure their own downfall because people are essentially spiritual enough to be fundamentally attracted to whatever remains of the Creative principle. If that were gone from religions people would stop subscribing and I think the fear of losing a following is more horrific than the fear of death for most clergymen.

Clergy are kind of like medical doctors. Many folks who regularly visit MDs say, ‘My doctor is SOOO nice!’ but they’re obviously being murdered by expensive installments, even so. In other words, charisma is more important to these fools than discernment.

Let’s face it, if these characters weren’t charismatic how could they get so much money and devotion from the incredulous Pajama People who will probably always be the majority? Sure, it’s relative; the PJ man of today probably knows more and is more socially advanced and less prejudiced than the savvy man of ancient Rome.

In other words, clergy mostly behave as any other kind of parasites do: they will delay the death of the host (in this case, the creative Core of the religion) for as long as possible because the host’s survival ensures the parasite’s vitality.

Hinduism is a special case because it wasn’t a homogenous religion before the British set up ‘Hindu Theological Seminaries’ in Calcutta in the late 1700s in their insidious effort to subvert, then bleed the subcontinent dry. That mass mind control effort was the root of Theosophy, by the way, which is the pseudo-Hindu/Buddhist religion through which this occult/corporate world order tried to subvert the entire planet.

A friend of mine took a tour in India of a vast cave in which hundreds of intricate statues were carved from the rock. The Hindu guide was explaining the significance of the art and one of the tourists asked, ‘Why do Hindus worship so many gods?’ The guide said, ‘There’s only one God, of course—we just like to call God by many Names. For instance, Shiva the Destroyer, alone, is capable of destroying our bad qualities.’

I think the artificial ‘world religion’ effort was doomed to fail from the beginning because the light of creativity is entirely absent from Theosophy and the other occult/corporate artifices. I think that Marjorie White, who publishes under Franklin Press, has done the most to uncover and document British neo-aristocracy’s role in undermining the world’s religions for the past two centuries. By the way, Lord Thomas Huxley, who was the head of Britain’s spy network at the time, directly employed Marx and Darwin to write their ideas down and it’s been reported that he paid so little that one of Marx’s kids starved to death. I guess ‘the dialectic of materialism’ dictated that only the strongest in Karl Marx’s family (i.e., Karl) should eat in that situation Wink

The logical outcome of Huxley’s Marxism was Pol Pot’s regime, I think, which preyed on children on a massive scale in its depopulation agenda.

Karl Marx, who had been a Lutheran Seminarian as a young man, later stated, ‘I will strike the face of God in his high heaven!’ Aren’t commies supposed to be atheists?

Along with these two, some of the founders of the Western cults, including Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Scientology, Church Universal and Triumphant (!) and Mormonism were also directed and financed by British Intelligence and/or their Masonic (later, CIA/NSA) American subgroups. The newage movement (regurgitated Theosophy) is another one, of course, as is the latest form of Christian fundamentalism, which is a thinly disguised cargo cult.

A fellow once told me he wanted to make up this bumper sticker: What Would John Frumm Do? I don’t think most folks would get it, though. If you examine the cargo cult of the New Hebrides Islands (I once shared a home with some of those Melanesian vine jumpers from Tanna when I worked in Western Samoa) during and after WWII you will find some interesting parallels to what’s happening in your local, massively attended, ostentatious, usually ‘non denominational’ fundamentalist church, though.

Televangelism, the ultimate cargo cult, is set up that way, generously financed by mostly nice folks who just can’t tell the difference ‘between knealing down and bending over.’ Here’s a case where a little bit of intellectual self development might have saved these devotees from penury and having to sit on an inflated donut cushion.

Most of what’s called Chritianity is actually just regurgitated Mithraism (the bloody, Roman soldiers’ cult) and much of Tibetan Buddhism is obviously just a refurbished version of whatever was being practiced in Tibet before Buddhism came along. That’s not to say that Mithraism and the other were not originally, at least partially, derived from revealed religions, of course, and there’s plenty of genuine wisdom in Asia that’s not particularly religion-derived.

Lao Tsu, for instance, had written down some very ancient and accessible teachings about the empowering nature of humility that I’d never found so explicitly explained in religious scriptures. I think this just points up the fact that we need to diversify our investigation of reality and not just try to get all of our information from one Source.

It’s worth mentioning that a group of Tibetan Buddhists have been aggressively blasting the Bush Administration cadre on a regular basis, as some of the network’s intel/blasting cells also have been doing here and abroad. A fellow who visits them sent us a lovely orgonite casting of an icon of one of the fierce ‘deities’ whom these fellows subscribe to. I think that entity (thoughtform; elemental?) was around a very long time before Buddha was but we sense that these Tibetans are our close, cordial allies in making this world better now and we look forward to meeting them one day and learning more, first hand, about their beliefs and practices.

Lao Tsu also notes that , ‘When the foolish man hears about the Tao, he laughs out loud,’ and how many people do you know who turn into obtuse village idiots whenever anything important or timely is mentioned in their presence?

Muhammad said of the rebellious that, ‘Whenever they hear the truth, they thrust their fingers in their ears,’ and ‘They perceive the straight to be crooked and the crooked to be straight.’

Most of Mithraism came from Persia. Zoroaster was a Persian Prophet descended from Abraham through his third wife, Khatura, who was an Aryan by the way. The Magi who showed up in Palestine to be present when their Messiah was born were Zoroastrian priests, as everyone knows. I have a theory that Buddha, a Brahmin (Aryan, so not characteristic of the population of Ceylon in those days) also descended from Abraham through Khatura but I haven’t come across any evidence that this is so. Abram was not Semitic, of course, though some of his descendants, including Jesus Christ, the Prophet Muhammad and the Jewish Prophets, perhaps mostly were. Most western Jews, for that matter, are much more Aryan than Semitic so an ‘anti-Semite’ would apply more to one who hates Muslims rather than Jews Wink since so many Muslims are Semitic.

All of humanity are like the varied flowers of a garden, though, so it’s impossible to support racial prejudice.

There are more Satanists, per capita, in America’s Bible Belt than anywhere else in the world, apparently. Since there are also quite a few documented cases in which Christian ministers in some prominent churches in that region double as satanic priests, using the same altars, it’s not hard to see how the overlaid blood cult of the Romans just sort of blended into the more overt satanic organizations in the West later on. If one were to take the ‘red letter’ quotes (Jesus’ recorded statements) out of the New Testament and compare that to the larger body of writing by a few of the Apostles the schizoid nature of fundamentalism is more obvious. That’s even more evident when you read the alleged writings of some of the more honest Apostles who didn’t get published, by the way. If you compare Jesus’ own sayings with the recorded sayings and writings of the other Prophets, on the other hand, you’ll easily see that all of this is from the same authoritative Source.

I grew up in the South and a lot of gifters are Southerners and genuine Christians. I don’t mean to disparage anyone’s faith and the satanic/fundamentalist churches in that region are surely the exception. Religious prejudice, though, is still as rife in that area as racial prejudice had been and I think I’m performing a public service by pointing that out.

When people argue about religion, they’re mainly focused on the artificial trappings and conditional social teachings. It was conditional for Moses and Muhammad to be particularly decisive with punishments for crimes, for instance, because the world in those days was pretty vile, socially, and the early Jews and Muslims needed to overcome that social tendency just to survive as besieged communities. Both cultures went on to spread peace, education, hygiene and prosperity in their part of the world and beyond, of course. Others who are better writers than me have written extensively about this. As history progressed, religious laws got more lenient and progressive. Muhammad was the first to support the right of women to own and inherit property, for instance, and He also made it harder for men to divorce women. He also forbade forced conversions and protected the Christians and Jews, whom He called, ‘the people of the Book.’ The majority of Muslims (Sunni) are eagerly expecting for ‘the Return of Christ,’ by the way, as are many Christians.

We’ve been led to believe that ‘rebellion’ is to go against the established order but, in fact, the established order is founded in rebellion and by opposing it we’re solidly on the side of the rule of law. To rebel against universal law is ultimately like rebelling against gravity by leaping from the top of a tall building. The old order apparently confuses falling with flying.

One who is rebellious against the notion of an All-Powerful, All-Loving but essentially Incomprehensible Creator doesn’t like to consider terms, like ‘The Creative Word,’ because that doesn’t fit in his essentially Luciferic paradigm but in fact it’s the creative principle that ties all of the genuine religions together and marks them as being in a higher category than mere human philosophy, institutionalized self-aggrandizement or cultism. There are common features in genuine religions and in luciferic cults that are amazingly consistent for each, in fact.


1) All religious Scriptures indicate that divine grace and forgiveness can overturn one’s self-inflicted limitations and that spiritual attainment is asked for and freely given by
God to a genuinely humble person; luciferic doctrine states that spiritual advancement
comes only through one’s own efforts and that ‘karmic law’ can’t be overturned . They also put no premium at all on genuine humility, though some fakers give it lip service ad nauseum in order to rope in the unwitting. The story of Cain and Abel illustrates the distinction between salvation by grace and attempted salvation by ‘works.’ I favor the second definition in my dictionary of ‘salvation:’ The saving from danger, difficulty or evil. That’s a practical consideration, not an ideological one per se.

2) Religions indicate that the Godhead is easily accessible through the human heart (by sincere asking) but is otherwise unapproachable and incomprehensible; rebellious
doctrine states that we’re all at least part of God and that we are potentially able to encompass ‘God’ through effort and knowledge. The principle of ‘selfless asking’ is contrary to their paradigm, though of course they talk this up, too, as though they know.

3) A genuinely spiritual person who embraces religion considers virtue to be its own reward and is easily capable of showing selfless love and self sacrifice; luciferic folks won’t give you the sweat off their privates unless there’s something to be personally gained from it, and although they talk endlessly about love and service in order to gain your trust they’re not capable of demonstrating much or any of that.

4) The spiritual adept who gets inspiration from religious Scriptures considers the ego to be something that has to be reined in. That one is well informed of principles like personal sovereignty, the worth of one’s character, and accountability. People who seek integrity vie with each other to be the most genuinely humble. The most apparent feature of one who has embraced a luciferic attitude is the prominent ego and in any group of them all you’re likely to see is a parade of egoists and sycophants, all of whom avoid personal accountability and integrity like genital warts. Each is either constantly looking for an advantage over the rest or seeks to find charismatic others who will take responsibility for their own lives.

5) Religionists know that right and wrong are real principles and that one’s own heart and instincts are designed to guide us through life; cultists are not genuinely empowered, so they are incapable of embracing simple truths like these. Instead, they subscribe to a lot of ‘conditional’ paradigms and so are easily capable of rationalizing and justifying even the most heinous acts and practices.

6) I don’t rightly know what specifically happens to the human soul after the death of the body, perhaps because the finite mind is incapable of grasping it, but I’m quite sure that the stilted, linear view of reincarnation is just as inaccurate as the literal belief in heaven and hell. For some reason I can’t figure out rebellious folks are passionately devoted to the notion of linear reincarnation and all of them, of course, were someone very important or notorious in their past lives. I haven’t yet met any who had been Chinese peasants or African hucksters. I remember that in the hippie days any time I openly questioned linear reincarnation or the belief that we are God I was instantly shunned by individual hippes and groups of them. I think hippies were prototypical newagers. In re: faux-Biblical immortality paradigms, LaRouche states that ‘Christians have traded eternity for a bad infinity.’

Are you getting the picture? I’m sure that I could come up with other clear examples but the point is that I encourage you to think critically. Nothing that’s irrational is worthy of the human mind or heart and whatever we can know can be explained in our own terms or at least described in allegory.

The best that the old world order and their clergy have ever been able to recommend is blind acceptance of irrational principles. Did you know that the early Theosophists called their belief system, ‘Irrationalism?’ I think they eventually were forced through embarrassment to drop that silly label, just as they were later eager to change the name of their book company from ‘Lucifer Trust’ to “Lucis Trust’ in the 1940s when they were featured as the United Nations’ official publishing house.

You might marvel that something as ingtellectually and spiritually bankrupt as Theosophy could ever have gained so much prominence in the West but bear in mind that the people who created this fake religion also own most of the media, gold mines, diamond mines, oil fields, universities, hospitals, seminaries, corporations, armies, navies and air forces on the planet. I’m telling it openly but they’re at least prudent enough, by now, not to stick the outmoded name, ‘Theosophy’ on any of their many banners.

Mark Twain wrote, toward the end of his life, a speculative work in which he questioned the paradigm of a Biblical heaven. He noted that most people in this life have no musical talent to speak of, so giving them all musical instruments in the next life would create a cacophony in heaven. Also, he wondered how heavenly the next life might really be without sex. He wasn’t able to publish that book; it wasn’t published until fifty years after he died.

I’ve heard that astral sex is awfully good. The fellow I heard it from was unable to maintain an earthly love relationship, in fact, because 3D females couldn’t measure up to his expectations. He wasn’t happy, by the way.

I bet you know people who fit in both of these categories (spiritual and rebellious) and if you’re fairly objective you can assess your own orientation, assuming that you consider these and similar observations accurate or valid.

Since the occult/corporate dung beetles have essentially destroyed the vitality of just about all religious institutions in the past few generations the external constraints on human behavior that these represented have been removed. The downside of this is that human degradation has reached an all time low, sometimes on a massive scale, as happened in previously Buddhist and peaceful Cambodia; the upside is that what’s left, which is internal restraint and decisive, informed action based on conscience, sort of gets highlighted and this, by contrast with how the world has become, takes on a renewed force of example. That’s the form of empowerment to which I’m hoping the gifting and predator blasting effort will help lead humanity.

Spirituality was never an institutional prerogative. It may be that humanity’s growth and development required the role of clergy for a period of time and it may be that when this time was over and humanity reached the next stage of development clergy itself became more aggressive, insidious and corrupt in an attempt to retain the power it was losing. Popes were not considered infallible, for instance, until Pope Pius IX had lost his political/economic influence in Europe by the 1860s and became known as ‘The Prisoner of the Vatican.’ He’s the one who then issued the Papal Bull, declaring himself infallible. One of the genuine miracles of Catholicism, perhaps, is that Catholics swallowed that Wink

Padre Pio was just made a saint. Carol tells me that he had stigmata on his wrists rather than on his palms and this was one evidence that he was a genuinely saintly man. She says that the main evidence is that he boldly advised Catholics not to accept the idea that the Church somehow represents Jesus Christ Wink and for that reason he was apparently shunted around to the more remote areas of Christendom. We plan to visit the place in Barto, Pennsylvania, where this Italian was a pastor for a little while. I absolutely honor people of integrity in any religion and of no particular religion..

It’s been said that the universe is holographic and that everything that’s outside of us is also inside of us. Lately, some gifted scientists have been telling us that but the Prophets have always told us that, of course, none more eloquently than Muhammad: Dost thou reckon thyself a puny form whilst within thee the universe is enfolded? (Rodwell’s exquisite translation).

I think that was more explicit than Jesus’ statement: In my Father’s house are many mansions. A mansion is bigger than a house, of course, but the Creative Word has many, many meanings and synergistic levels of meaning.

It’s perhaps because humanity’s in a period of dynamic transition that I’ve noticed that some of our network’s more selfless and powerful contributors who are not particularly religious are exhibiting traits that I had always assumed only came through one’s love for and knowledge of God. Mostly, anyone who drops God’s Name much without demonstrating that unmistakable, selfless love creeps me out and I avoid them. In their case I think the world would be a better place if they didn’t have religion. Those are the ones who smack you on the head with their ideologies when your back is turned Wink

Any religionist acknowledges that one’s acts are more significant than one’s words or even beliefs and I think we’re witnessing the rise of a new, vital demographic: genuinely spiritual, self-empowered, discerning and humble people who are not religious. I’m actually not writing this for their sake because they’re already on the right track. I’m rather writing this to encourage people to stop allowing religious prejudice to be a spiritual handicap and social menace.

If you think your own religion is better than someone else’s or if you assume religion is worthless or vile, you’re suffering from religious prejudice, in my opinion.

Consider this: If Muhammad, Jesus, Buddah, Krishna, Zoroaster and Moses are in a room and there’s only one chair, Which One will sit in the chair? Answer: None of Them, because They are all the Essence of humility. You can bet that if any of the London dung beetles’ infantile gurus were let into that room they’d knock Anyone down Who stood in his path to the chair Wink

Arrogance always cost something, as in the following old joke:

An African pagan died and went to heaven, where he was met by the African pagan equivalent of St Peter, who told him, ‘Welcome to paradise! You lived a life of personal integrity, selfless service, and of benefit to others and paradise is your reward. Come on, I’ll give you a guided tour!

They floated along through a verdant, fruitful and flowering valley under a brilliant blue sky and along the way were beautiful villages and towns full of strange and wonderful things. The guide introduced him to some Hindus, some Buddhists, some Taoists, some Muslims, Sabeans, Sikhs and Zoroastrians, all of whom lovingly greeted the new arrival, visited and traded with each other and appreciated the diversity of their rich, progressive, vital and peaceful community in paradise. All this time, though, the African kept glancing at a grey fortress on a ridge of one of the mountains. He finally asked the guide, ‘Who’s in that fortress? It looks like it doesn’t belong here!’

The guide, after some hesitation, said, ‘Okay, come on and I’ll show you, but be very quiet when we get there, okay?/

The African agreed, so they floated up to the fortress and peeked over one of the parapets to see a group of unhappy people huddled around a fire in the courtyard, muttering to each other and glancing furtively over their shoulders now and then.

The guide said, ‘These are the Christians; they like to believe that they’re the only ones in paradise.’

I’ve mainly focused on Christian subjects because the Christians, generally, are the most prejudiced and their clergy have done the most to give religion a bad reputation in the world.

Jesus had said, when He was asked whether He were the promised Prince of Peace, ‘I bring not peace but a sword,’ and He made it very clear that He sanctioned no formal religious organizations so we mustn’t ever blame Him for what has been done in His Name. It seems obvious to me that His main Message, which revolutionized the fortunes of humanity, was about individual salvation, accountability, and empowerment through faith and in spite of what clergy have done over the millennia to obscure His simple, powerful message with hideous trappings anyone can still go to the Gospel and ‘get it.’

Observing the transformation taking place in so many gifters’ hearts has proven to me that faith itself has very little to do with rational thought and has almost entirely to do with the heart, which is ‘an organ of fire,’ by the way, and can easily burn away the mental dross of dogma and enervating ideologies. Faith, which is only ever a gift from God, is something that nobody can steal or fake. The only way one will lose faith is to allow fakers into one’s confidence (heart). God seems pretty particular about that and if we allow any ringers in there, He exits. Wouldn’t you? I can barely stand to be in the same parlor with a manipulative, saccharine newage nazi or a religious fanatic, for instance.

People who genuinely, selflessly love, though, seem to share one big heart and that’s very pleasant and refreshing companionship which pleases God, too. Contrast that with how you feel dragged down, uncertain and discouraged whenever you’re associating with the rebellious, okay? We learn best from personal experience.

Something about tossing orgonite out into the environment intelligently and regularly seems to generate genuine faith in some people. Maybe the heartfelt desire to heal the world and help humanity was their request to God for personal faith. I never get tired of hearing that gifting has given an individual a sense of purpose, better discernment, a bigger sense of accountability and a feeling that this activity even has come to represent something which we were born to do. It’s the complete absence of ideology from this process that shows how little the finite mind needs to be involved in genuine spirituality.

As my good energy teacher, James Hughes, is fond of saying, ‘The embalmers in Egypt couldn’t figure out what the brain was for, so they threw it away and preserved the other
organs, instead.’

I guess that in a similar way we all meet on the internet but we don’t consider our computers to be the stars of the show; they’re fine tools and necessary but only a means, not an end.

Cultists consider ‘the mind’ all important; spiritual knowers consider the heart to be the main focus. One of the Persian poets wrote, ‘Heart to heart speaks the language of the mystic knowers; no missive can contain it and no pen can bear it,’ and the more one loves, the less one is able to relate to the world. In a balanced, worldly person the mind and heart are best friends and help each other out of jams daily. If we want to keep and grow our faith we need to develop our intellects, too, of course, and not least because the dung beetles are sleepless in their efforts to destroy everyone’s personal faith.

Hafiz felt that one’s love for God, ( the ‘barroom love’ version in this case Wink should be just like ‘grabbing the sore balls of an elephant and hanging on even though one is deprived of the sweet relief of death’ Wink The metaphors used by poets are good signposts, I think. Love is never rational but to live without it is pointless, I think—spiritual starvation. This kind of love is not at all susceptible to intellectual sniping, of course, so it’s best to lay this foundation before erecting our personal sanctuaries.

I love my wife, Carol, with white-knuckle devotion and blind commitment and vice versa. We’ve imagined, during times of trial, that there are many reasons why we should have broken up (none of them come to mind at the moment Wink but you can say that of any other happily married couple, of course. Fortunately, we also have a good working relationship and our senses of humor are similar. We had both been married to conscience-free mates before, too. The occult/corporate dung beetles have made sure that there are more obstacles in the Crofts’ married path than usual due to our activities, of course, but this has only made us love and appreciate each other more, ultimately.

I forgot to mention that rebellious folks don’t comprehend commitment, by the way. They consider commitment to be a sort of mental illness. Poor, sick bastards—notice that they generally move in and out of love relationships almost as regularly as they change their socks and that they consider it a lifestyle. Notice, also, how empty their lives actually are in spite of having all the answers Wink

How much love can you stand? The ocean of God’s love is boundless and only a heartbeat away. We all have our inborn capacities for experiencing love and knowledge and yours might be a bucket and mine a thimble but that’s all in order and is part of the marvelous way the universe is made and monitored.

According to the deluded, luciferic self seeker capacity is not a valid consideration but in real terms everyone who wanders into a concert hall is not a Beethoven; Gomer Pyle won’t be given any honorary doctorates at Harvard and Elephant Man won’t ever be cast in a role that’s more suitable for Brad Pitt. That’s not to say that the guy who cleans toilets in the opera house, Pa Kettle and Quasimoto aren’t reflecting (in their capacity) the light of God, of course, or that they don’t have unique, peerless personal gifts to develop and then offer to the world. They could all be crackerjack gifters right now, at least Wink

When Reverend Jesse Jackson tells assembled gangster crack addicts that they ‘ARE… SOMEBODY!’ it seems disingenuous to me but I’ve noticed that even the most degraded human being is capable, in any moment, of demonstrating personal integrity and thus being an example to others. Carol and I have gone gifting with a few active Monarch assets who made the grade while we were with them, for instance, and contributed significantly to some viable gifting campaigns. When I think of these folks it’s their good acts that come to mind, not the crap they threw at us later on when the programming kicked in again.

We’re not responsible for others’ spiritual progress but we are accountable for how often we’ve taken the opportunity to encourage and empower others along the way. It’s a practical approach, too, because when we’re willing to ignore ten bad traits and complement that one good quality in someone we help that person to identify more with his good trait. How different and more effective is that than the old-paradigm approach of drawing attention to the bad traits in an effort to correct them? The old way was just another habit of taking responsibility for others’ development, of course, and that’s a trap for both parties. It reminds me of the way fundamentalists constantly talk about the devil. I sometimes tell them that they’re devil worshippers but I do that in jest and only when I don’t think I’ll catch a beating on all four of my cheeks.

I personally believe that only a few people have consciences and the rest rely on peer pressure, fashion or external constraint to regulate their behavior. Having a conscience is more a burden than a distinction, of course, and I’ve known folks who have consciences and wish they didn’t. If one doesn’t have a conscience, why would we feel a need to judge that person as though he/she did? Why not just stay out of crosshairs, instead? That’s to say, why would you ever allow a conscience-free person into your confidence? It’s a fact that people who have embraced rebellious doctrines have done so mainly because they lack a conscience and personal integrity, which is another way of saying that they have little or no genuine discernment. Notice how many of these claim to be able to fix all your problems, by the way, and to know all the answers you’re seeking. They’re often charismatic, lovely, witty, fun to be with, perhaps psychic and even informative, sometimes, but when we trust them we get betrayed sooner or later and that hurts in a way that one won’t ever experience by confiding in God or in people who value integrity.

If any of us evaluate our own lives objectively we’ll see plenty of gaping holes in our own personal integrity at times. It’s helpful to look at these holes and think about how we can avoid creating them in the present and future, which is partly what’s meant by the tradition, ‘An hour’s reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship.’

When we respectfully draw attention to flaws in a spiritual person’s character that person thanks us and takes steps to correct it; when we respectfully and even lovingly draw attention to a person’s rebellion, that one attacks our character, usually as publicly as possible.

The simple fact that none of us know what our own end in this life will be is one reason I shy away from labeling folks as ‘agents,’ or ‘reptoids.’ I know an awful lot of people and I”ve only known a few folks who seem to be intractable, in fact. I can’t honestly say that they won’t figure it out at some point and start working for the good side. These usually seem to be enthusiastically locked in an infantile behavior pattern based on dissociative programming and that programming only ever takes hold in people who have weak characters, which means it works on most people, of course Wink

But most people, even most of those many millions of active Monarch assets, don’t actually wish to harm others, so what will the world (at least the West) be like when millions of Monarch handlers are exposed and held accountable (punished)? Only a few people wish to harm others and they’re that way by choice, alone. Ultimately, this is the only real choice we ever have.

By now, the Monarch Program is so vast in the West that I’d be surprised to encounter an imbalanced or parasitic person who doesn’t have this personal history. The kids who have consciences are spit out of these various mind control programs (if they survive) by the time they reach adolescence, apparently. I guess these few are considered at Langley and Tavistock Institute to be ‘intractable.’ Wink and I run into an awful lot of these in personal correspondence who are finding ways up out of the overwhelming self-sabotage programming and dead-end, destructive love relationships with active Monarch assets which is the invariable parting gift of their handlers. I’m constantly amazed at this world order’s ability to so intimately and thoroughly screw so many individuals’ lives up and use them to pollute society further. It’s not hard to see how the intellectually lazy so readily assume that a devil’s doing all of that.

A Hindu acquaintance in Tonga once said to me, ‘The only devils are flesh and blood.’

Waking up to personal accountability is painful these days, though maybe it was always like that. I feel sorry for anyone who becomes aware, as I did, of how comprehensive and insidious the occult/corporate world order is without first becoming aware of how one may easily empower him/herself with orgonite and the timely art of predator blasting. I’m also pained to know folks who are coming to this awareness without having had any personal experience of God (conscious or otherwise). They seem to suffer the most. The best shortcut to reaching some certitude in those circumstances that I can advise is firewalking.

I did some firewalks while I was in the middle of a long period of personal torment relating to the loss of my children. That happened on account of having been married to an active Monarch asset for 22 years and then being betrayed and cast out of my home under the auspices of the City of London’s control of the American courts and police.. That grief experience made me a little crazy and nearly suicidal and I was unable to settle down for about ten years. If you’ve lost your beloved children to an unbalanced, unfaithful and abusive mate who was backed up by an unlawful government, you realize that it perhaps feels worse than if your children had died, instead. The hardest part for me to bear was seeing that my children were the main targets of this horrid global system and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do at the time except impotently witness it.

Walking on fire showed me that the ‘insurmountable obstacles’ of the contingent world, like my family situation, are only conditional and just a matter of one’s point of view. You should try it! Find a proper teacher, though Wink

It wasn’t very long after firewalking that I decided that destroying this occult/corporate world order was the only practical way to begin to fix the problems in the world. For another year and a half I didn’t have a clue how this might be accomplished, then Carol and I started experimenting with orgonite on a large scale Wink

Since then, too, the American government has become so openly treasonous, murderous and otherwise menacing that it feels to me like they’re inviting all of humanity to hold them accountable. This fake, London-appointed government in Washington is the keystone of the entire world order, of course. The downfall of the City of London and their other subsidiary regimes in Russia and China will surely soon follow the demise of this lawless American government and its unspeakably vast but hidden swarm of Monarch handlers.

The curious thing is that I came to love and appreciate God more during that decade, even though I recognized that these tests were from Him as preparation for what would perhaps come later on. That torment was my sacrifice, in other words, and His gifts/rewards to me for passing those tests were to finally have a loving, committed and very interesting wife (like most folks, I hate being lonely), the creation of this astounding, vital and diverse but informal global network and finally meeting a few people of conscience, certitude and faith who are truly trustworthy.

This essay is a teaser, of course—one guy’s story. The only valuable information is whatever you can gain from your own inspired experience and unprejudiced examination of reality. If I were to lay out my feelings about God and spirituality without offering some dislaimers, please understand, the sleepless Monarch vultures would be able to pick this essay clean and make me look like a mouth-breathing simpleton, inebriated by the opiate of religion Wink

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich

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Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:50 am    Post subject: boombox
I read this post while travelling through Europe a few weeks back and it touched something very deep in me and it made me understand my friend Don just a little bit better.
I feel a little bit ashamed for not responding to it until I sent Don an email expressing my appreciation for what he has written here...
I consider what he has said here to be one of the finest writings he has put on this board and to who ever might stumble across it and I do hope that many do and that more than myself takes the time of day to express some of their own feelings about God, The Big Boss:)

I would first like to thank Don for being who he is, thank you Don!
I feel very honoured to have met and befriended him during this lifetime.

I probably dont know as many difficult words as Don does but I still have a very special relationship to The Big Boss:)
And my education is not as extensive into religion as Mr.Croftsky's is but I feel very proud of myself and appreciative coming closer to and experiencing the Truths of this life in this huge myriad of confusion created around us so that we dont get to experience the True glory of Life.
Don has touched on these confusion factors pretty good so I feel no need to further add much to it.

During my trip through Europe with Laozu we had a few talks abouth Jesus The Christ.
I have never read the bible and my personal knowledge regarding Him has mainly come from what others have written about Him.
One night we were discussing him in the tent somewhere in Germany and I told Laozu that I have had some personal experiences when it comes to Jesus and he asked me what they were.
I have met Him in feeling and have felt small fragments of what(I believe) he felt during his time here on earth, I made a metaphorical explanation for Laozu that went something like this:

Imagine that Jesus is tuned to the perfect radio station, his frequency is IT and we as people all are like walking radio stations splurting out noise and sometimes when we do selfless things, beautyfull things, wonderfull melodies come out of our speakers.
Imagine being Jesus: you can hear all the peoples radio stations around you, mainly noise, loud noise(perhaps constant death metal) and that you are among this noise that almost explodes your head and that you try to help the people find their way back to the right frequency...

Sometimes I feel like that, I am not saying that my frequency is IT, but at times I understand and really feel what He must have felt, the good and the bad.

And if I were to even to try to explain what God is it would be the One that the radio stations is playing through and Jesus The Christ was and is our tuning fork:)

I have learned alot during my rather short life and I partly credit that to having the courage to question things and also to making alot of mistakes.
As I have said to Don earlier and what i consider to be a great truth is that the greatest gift you can give Life is appreciation for it.
And I dont mean the kind of appreciation that comes with an expectation attached to it because if that is where you are coming from The Big Boss will surely sooner or later wake you up with a big kick in the ass:)
I also consider expectations to be to biggest killer of Life and it only limits one from living life fully.

I am far from reaching that pure frequency but blessed enough to have my own little radio station that God always listens to and for that i am forever thankfull.

Thank you for letting me share.

Take care of you and be true

Don Croft  
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Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2005 4:04 pm    Post subject:
The reason I wrote the essay was to encourage people to approach spirituality from a direction that feels appropriate and familiar because the rational faculty (our discernment) is an essential part of each of us and whatever doesn't make sense should be abandoned.

I think you embody the essence of this process, Cesco, and even if you had been molested by religious dogma as a toddler I doubt that your fire would have been dimmed by it.. To be in the process is life's lesson and it would be ludicrous for anyone to claim to have reached the goal of union with the Divine, of course.

Another spiritual principle you exemplify for me, Cesco, is economic freedom. Having grown up under National Socialism in Norway you remain free of the entanglements that go along with that noxious and semi-voluntary contract. You gifted the city of Oslo while you were living in a tent in the woods and when it suits you to do so you earn a livlihood by either employment or as an artist.

So many people I've known who grew up within the calamitous paradigm of National Socialism, including Americans and Canadians, will talk endlessly of freedom and responsibility but would cut off their right arms rather than hold our massively centralized, bloated governments accountable for this crime because they now believe that the government and, by extension, large subsidized corporations, rather than God and their own intelligent effort, is the source of all earthly benefits in the long run. Maybe the New Orleans debacle and similar gross failures will shake people's ill-advised faith in National Socialism more than any rational argument could.

Every Westerner is now being challenged to choose between 'Freedom' and 'Talking About Freedom' as this socialist paradigm's degradation accelerates.

Political freedom is impossible without economic freedom and freedom has always been essentially a spiritual issue. Socialist states embody the destruction of economic freedom, of course.

A very nice aspect of the Creative Word, of which Jesus is an Embodiment, is that one need not choose one Source over another because I'm quite sure They don't distinguish Themselves over each other. In this new paradigm we simply have to be genuinely and essentially tolerant of others' sincerely held beliefs or we'll be left behind and will grow bitter. I don't think it's necessary to be tolerant of parasitic and even predatory fakers who wear religion or Theosophical mummery as a pious, smiling mask, though.

Mining 'gems of inestimable value' from only one Source is similar to how one can win all of life's spiritual battles and reach death with contentment and vindication without ever ever having left one's village and 'an hour's reflection is [indeed] better than seventy years of pious workship.'

In the past, if one was a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist it was taken for granted thast he would not ever mix or compare notes open-mindedly outside of his own religious paradigm but now that the future is here we need to take opportunities to do that in order to speed up the arrival of genuine world peace, prosperity and unity, which is certainly a goal that humanity can and must reach. That's a genuine, healing, pioneering effort and public service, just like busting death towers and dung beetles is.

I'm quite heartened that the venom being directed by the occult/corporate dung beetles at Islam through their prostituted media is not poisoning the body politic of the West effectively.

See how far we've come since the initial nazification of Europe and North America in the 20s and 30s with the gulags for Jews, enterpreneurs (Russian), and Japanese? I haven't heard of a case of Muslims in America being molested on account of their culture or religion since the feds initiated their 'War on Terror' with a bang four years ago, and I'm sure it hasn't been for lack of the dung beetles' trying their best to stir up hatred and paranoia among the Pajama People who have always been susceptible to that sort of manipulation before.

The only time Jews are targetted any more is when ever-elusive skinheads (the Homeland Security Abomination's little garden of Europoid human distortions and just another sponsored terror franchise) toss a molotov cocktail into an empty synogogue every year or two. Hatred of Jews in America was just as intense as it was in Europe in the 30s, of course, and is almost non-existent now in America, at least, so here's another case where even the Pajama People are advancing spiritually whether they know it or not.

The trend toward human refinement and unity started long before we came along but orgonite speeds up the process considerably and smooths the path, as does our and other folks' regular predator-busting efforts.


"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich