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Hello everybody,

This is going to be a long post. It is about a discovery I made recently that is now affecting my whole life in a good way. So it will be a personal story, but I trust that those who are interested in the link between the etheric and 3D worlds (admittedly a limited point of view, as they are 'intricately interwoven and even more so than such a term suggests' quote FM Alexander). It illustrates how important grounding is, how down- to -earth solutions can be. I'm leaving that one to the last, to assure my readership Wink.

About two years ago I was still a very happy, enthusiastic person, that was able to stay put when the storm of life was raging around him. But in the middle of all this positivity somewhere there came a turning point, things started feeling less of a party. I had just passed the cape of two months raw-foodism, which I was very proud of and happy with. I then got an important skin eruption in the back of my neck, which caused great itching, scratching, and subsequently pain. My sleep was affected, I started feeling more fatigued, irritable by family members for no reason, and I became a steerless ship. I started lacking recognition from the people around me. I was forced to revert to my old eating habits, which was very frustrating, as I had just spent two years learning to avoid the traps in rawfoodism. I started to loose interest in juggling bit by bit, no longer making the rapid progress I made before. My job no longer was going well (a very cool job at that it was), and a few months later I ended up in my greatest nightmare again - classical medecine (I'm an MD). I discovered orgonite, boosting and enjoyed that a lot, recognised the amazing things it was able to achieve everywhere, except in my life it seemed. I got etheric healing in the chats, and with a few healers, to no avail. When I started zapping, the spots I put the zapper on became new skin eruptions, that did not disappear anymore. Zapping seemed to work for everyone, except for me... When I put Carol's HP (or any other pendant) around my neck, I got a red spot on the breastbone that started itching as well (I carried the HP in my pocket). I became extremely sensitive to atmospheres, climate changes, food.

Needless to say, I was thinking my brains out trying to find the reason, but it did come rather gradually after the first skin eruption occured. , so it was impossible to pin dow a reason. Naturally, in the beginning I looked upon it as an elimination crisis (that's what you get starting a raw food diet), but even rechanging my eating habits did not change anything. Seemed like all my knowledge had become worthless somehow...
We recently had moved from France to the Netherlands, which could have been a reason as well??? There had been short periods when I was doing better, but they were inexplicable (then).

In the last few months, things have been declining more and more, and something was taking its toll. Inexplicable fatigues forced me to sleep when not working, causing me and my girlfriend worries as how this was going to end (with an early funeral I suppose, no joke!).. I could hardly do any physical exercise anymore, as I overheated quickly, and got really sick when that happened. In the last few months, I only was able to stay put by taking two showers a day, eliminating all the DOR I was sucking up everywhere.

Was it the Twisted Evil psychic attacks? Was it my weirdness, failure to thrive in a mad world Crying or Very sad ? Or was there some spiritual lesson to be learned? Many a person suggested this to me, with an attitude that only made me feel worse about myself Crying or Very sad . After all that I had learned, after stepping out of my brainwashed state, I wasn't even able to help myself, I felt awful about it, and most people take energetic advantage of that, instead of comforting or genuinely trying to help. Others tried to help, but lost interest or became hostile after their help did not seem to make a difference.
Of course I continued to 'grow' in some ways during this difficult period, as people do once they start gifting and discovering the etheric worlds. Perhaps there was a reason for all the suffering I had to endure, but I have difficulty appreciating it at the moment....

Talked long enough now..... you get the horrible picture. Many were the times when I cried at the unjustice of it all....

Monday I returned from work because I was exhausted once more, stayed in bed, and did a bit of meditation and self-healing. I had recently started asking for help, a solution, trying to keep that one percent of hope when most in dispare. I was pondering on the initial period of skin trouble, and what could have changed at the same time....

I don't know HOW but the solution suddenly popped up... Idea so simple.... I'm crying as I write this, you will forgive me - this is a genuine story after all.
At the time, a friend of mine showed me his new shoes, called 'Barefoot'. They had a ultrathin sole, just like my then worn out shoes, which I had enjoyed a lot. They are designed to stimulate the contact with the floor, natural posture,... you get the picture. Being an Alexander Technique teacher, this interested me a great deal, and I bought myself a pair of these wonderfull shoes... Later followed two more pairs. I failed to make the link...... but you start to get it now perhaps... The sole was made in kevlar, the material bulletproof vests are made from, for better endurance. Even though I etherically check all my food, clothes before using it, I never did the same with my favourite shoes. The moment I did, all was clear, the periods of temporary improvement fitted perfectly with the times I used to wear my old skateboard shoes instead of my Vivo Barefoot shoes.

So these particular shoes kept me completely from grounding. No grounding at all, for a good part of the day (when most needed:upright).... because of my shoes.... Everyone kept telling me to do grounding exercises.... and I kept sending the energy down my legs, where it only found.... a closed door. The skin eruptions became the etheric emergency exits for all the etheric sludge I was accumulating. The zapper and the HP opened new ones.... My immune system went downhill fast... My mental functions declining... A living wreck.. because of a pair of shoes!

4 days now of other shoes, the results are astounding: my alimentary preferences have changed overnight, people have more respect, I feel myself again. Feet are tingling deliciously... The itching has not stopped yet, I wil need a few months to fully recover, empty the dust bins so to speak, but my skin has changed already quite a bit. Can you believe it? Yesterday a colleague of mine whom I told this, told me she had heard a similar story about a child with eczema, that had healed quickly after the dermatologist pointed out the solution (! wow ).- the shoes

I hope you will retain this story, perhaps I will post a follow-up later.

The lesson here is of course that when a person has no grounding there is little he can do to prevent illness... That's how important grounding is. Perhaps one day this knowledge will save someone you know. And walking barefoot (without shoes) is probably making a difference even more.

Please note that these particular shoes were bad for me. They might be more bad than other shoes also for others.. not for my aforementionned friend anyway... And shoes that don't hamper my grounding might be unsuited for someone else. It's like that with a lot of stuff you know, even changing in time for the same person. In no way I want to fingerpoint this particular shoe company, from what I can see there are even more genuine people behind it than your average commercial business.

I hope you can share my joy a bit having read this story, I can start my healing now. Special thanks for everyone that has helped me to pass this difficult period of life with their listening ear, boost, and love, especially Carolien, Nancy, Lena, Don Croft, and my girlfriend and son. Interestingly, Javi from recently sent me an anti-allergy pendant for evaluation. This story might be looked upon as a confirmation perhaps... I like it a lot, and it's beautifull as well, thanks Javi.

Bless and bliss.... Smile


PS anyone who is wondering wether their shoes are fit, can PM or email me (via my www below) to get a free psychic checkup.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 4:50 am    Post subject: foetus position  

During moments of extreme discomfort, the only thing I could do was get into bed, and crawling myself up in the foetus position. A healer I consulted informed me that this is a position that reestablishes the connection with mother earth. Someone mailed me with a similar story and observation, so there apparently is some truth in that.
Truth is something you recognize as you see it