Alien/Human Hybrids

by Michelle Guerin


I speak from the position of one who has undergone the physical, as well as emotional, pain and torment associated with the grey and reptilian alien "hybrid program" .  I contend  these programs exist in order to enhance their species with the addition of human emotions.  In my opinion, they are trying to instill individual "soul" into a race that currently exists with a shared single consciousness. However, their agenda is strictly to benefit themselves. They have no compassion nor are they visiting us in order to benevolently lead us down the road of cosmic redemption.  Simply, they are here to take what they need.

But in my estimation, this plan has a built in "auto-destruct" mechanism.

About three years ago, I had a very disturbing "dream".  I had dreamt I was holding a "baby monkey". The intense emotional upheaval I felt, by way of a strong maternal urge...a need to "mother" something...compelled me to go to an animal shelter the next morning to adopt a puppy.

But there was something about this "dream" that continued to bother me.  I knew that I had been holding something else, before the "monkey".  Under hypnosis, I was able to recall being presented with, and holding, a hybrid child that I knew to be mine.

When I held my son, Lyjor, and looked into his eyes, I found myself speaking telepathically to him. And I know he understood what I was saying. His mental capacity was far beyond what we expect from an infant.  I "felt" his unconditional love for me, his mother. And I know he felt mine. I told him that there would always be a part of me in him. And he felt my sadness at knowing we would not be together except in spirit...for yes, this child had a soul. I told him, he too, now had the choice of "Free Will".  He was an individual soul. He understood this completely. But this is what baffled the greys that were concept of  "Free Will".  So if their goal was just to add emotion to their species... they're in for a BIG SURPRISE.  These hybrid children are definitely going to "march to the beat of a different drummer".  And somehow I know, I WILL see him again.

I know how difficult this is to accept.  But of all my experiences, this is the one I'm most certain of.  The reason it can happen "right under everyone's nose" is because the majority of people will not accept something they can neither see, hear or feel.  The reason Washington seems to lack concern is that there is no involvement with our "governing body" per se.  All of the involvement points to the military and intelligence agencies, made possible by financial considerations of those controlling the powerful energy and defense industries.  And we have allowed a division to develop that removes them from actual governmental oversight. The Black Budget!  While I have NO doubt that the alien abduction phenomenon is REAL, I don't think we should throw out the theory that very terrestrial "mind control" may be behind some of the abductions.  This is a critical area of the phenomenon that needs to be investigated and addressed.

I try desperately not to cloud my mind with self-pity.  Playing the role of a "victim" is not going to solve this dilemma. That is why I believe it is up to us, those involved in this conspiracy by default, to pursue the answers. And make our voices heard.

The truth is out there and has been for a long time.  But no one is listening...