Offshore HAARP cables
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 11:08 am    Post subject: Offshore HAARP cables
I got the following from our friend, Stan, who has been busting stuff up in British Columbia on a big scale. I've mentioned him before: he's the guy who finally achieved blue sky over Vancouver, which was the most severely HAARP-whited out city on the continent before that, in spite of a dozen or more cloudbusters and a whole LOT of towerbusting by Vancouver STeve over the previous couple of years.

STeve's the guy who takes a stepladder on a bicycle to reach the tops of the sign and fence posts in order to drop toilet-paper-core earthpipe plugs in. No doubt this has taken out most of theundergound horrors by now.

By the way, Cesco posted some observations about ocean gifting and is concerned that nobody's responded to that yet but I want to stress that there are only a few hundred people reading this board right now, none of whom apparently have ocean-going vessels, ready to go.

When our readership has reached more respectable proportions we'll get faster action with the information offered and please remember to put your contact info in your personal profiles here so that people who read your posts will be able to respond to you directly, okay?

What I'm posting below relates to DBs previous recommendation to gift the ocean in the Canadian Maritime in order to erase the permanent whiteout over much of Ontario. The ocean gifting done along the SoCal coast, by the way, is apparently largely responsible for erasing the whiteout over Southern California a couple of years ago.

STan's got a 25 meter long steel schooner, by the way Wink



Hi, Don,.....
This just came in from a friend of mine.....the part about the underwater power CABLE lines off the West Coast of Vancouver Island  kinda ties in with one of your earlier e-mails to me regarding your INTUITION on "gifting" the waters off the West Coast to shut down the DOR and madness control freaks......
 "There is a weather modification Grid System along our shores but it's  not as described in the article, and it's NOT Russian. It's controlled  by our own Secret Rulers.

This Grid System consists of three (3)  tremendous underwater cables laid along the Continental Shelf of our  East, West, and [US and Mexican] Gulf Coasts.

The West Coast cable runs from Cape Cook on  northwest Vancouver Island down the West Coast past Baja, California, to  a point opposite Tuxpan, Mexico.

The East Coast cable runs from the tip of a peninsula at the northeast end of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia,  southward to a point near Jacksonville, Florida.

The Gulf cable runs from a point northwest of Tampa near Buena Vista, Florida, westward to a  point 77 miles due east of Corpus Christi, Texas. Each cable is powered [ring a bell, folks? Why not gift the nukes' cooling ponds while we're at it, if possible? ~Don] by an underground nuclear power plant.

These three underground nuclear  power plants are located at Cape Cook, at the peninsula I described in  Nova Scotia, and near Buena Vista, Florida."

Light & Luv,
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