Lost Was the Key

a book by Leah A. Haley

A true, first-person account of Leah Haley's memories of abductions by what appear to be both alien beings and military and government personnel interested in what happened to her when she was with alien beings.  Includes her experiences of being kidnapped, threatened, and tortured.  A CPA with two masters’ degrees, Leah shares the emotional trauma she experienced when her balanced, safe, "normal" world was shattered.  Her story has been featured many times in the media, including The Joan Rivers Show and Cosmopolitan and Omni.

 1993, 10-digit ISBN 1-883729-03-3, 13-digit ISBN 978-1-883729-03-5

One researcher told me that he believed every case of human collusion could be explained as illusions perpetrated by an exclusively alien group. But all it takes to dispel this view is one confirmed case of military or human involvement, and from information that has been shared with me in confidence, I am satisfied that at least one such case exists, that of Leah Haley, whose ordeal of military intrusions and threats is told in LOST WAS THE KEY. [c.1994] Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda by Dr. Karla Turner