Don & Carol Croft

The Story of The Harmonic Protector

by Carol Croft

August 1st, 2009
Iím glad you like the pendant. It was literally divinely inspired. Iím intensely energy sensitive. When Don and I got together I had to do something. You see, he loves to travel. And I was never able to travel much due to all the EMF out there, via high power lines, cell towers, etc. So I said a prayer to the universe and askedthat if I was to do the work, that I be given something that could protect me so that I could do the orgonite work efficiently. And with in 2-3 weeks I was literally given the metals and the specific gemstones that I needed.

And then I was visiting a friend of mine in Walnut Creek and the night before we arrived she had a vivid dream about this particular coil, hence the coil on the back of the pendant. As for the gemstones I use, I usually donít tell people what they specifically are. The small black stones in the front are magnetic hematite. To intensify the qualities of the other stones, and also to help draw in the negative energy out of the auric field, so the orgonite matrix can transmute it to healthy, balanced energy. And the stone in the center grows in the same matrix as ruby does. Ruby is the master gem of the heart chakra. So it intensifies the heart chakra, also the soul seat of the body. In turn this magnifies the auric field. Makes it bigger and stronger so the negative things can not penetrate.

My goal in this was to strengthen the auric field in a natural way. This has accomplished that. If we are protected from outside interferance we can grow at a lot quicker rate.  The coil on the back is the same coil that is in the mound at ďNew GrangeĒ in Ireland. I was there after my friend had the dream and I saw it inside the tomb. Very cool. On the top of the coil I have placed a stone of great protection and it also magifies the intuitive abilities. The metals are copper and titanium. Very high resonance metals. 

Then in 2005 I was in Hawaii swimming with the wild dolphins and they told me that my pendant was wonderful but that it was time to amp it up. They want humans to wake up. On a grand level. They told me my pendant could do that for humanity but that it needed one more stone. The diamond in the rough so to speak. So I added this last stone. Then I had 2 of my dowsing friends check my auric field. With the old pendant it was very strong out to about 8 feet. It was twice that with the new pendant.

I was told from the very beginning, not to tell people the specific gemstones, my guides told me that if I were to do that, that someone would come along and steal it and then try to misuse it. That they would try to make it appear to be something bad, something negative. I have designed this with universal help and then made it as available as I possibly could. I keep my price down so just about anyone can afford it. I can keep my prices down because I make these all by hand, myself. There are so many products out there on the market. I know I tried alot of them to no avail or relief. And they are so expensive. In the beginning I was asking for something that could help me but after I put all the ingredients together and saw what it could do for me, I wanted to share it. So there it is. The whole story.