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Summer with the Leprechauns

a book by Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed.

Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed.


Author of: Summer with the Leprechauns

Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed, is the founder of the International Institute for Transformation (IIT) which offers programs to assist individuals to become conscious creators to work with the spiritual laws which govern our world. IIT programs are offered in Canada, the United States, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Holland.

Tanis Helliwell is the author of Decoding Destiny: Keys to Mankindís Spiritual Evolution, and Take Your Soul to Work and is a student and teacher of the inner mysteries, living in Vancouver, Canada. For twenty years, she has led people on tours to sacred sites in Egypt, Israel, Peru, Bolivia, India, Nepal, France, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, the American Southwest, New Zealand, Japan, Kenya, and Greece.

Since childhood, she has seen and heard elementals, angels, spirit guides and master teachers on other planes. For sixteen years she conducted a therapy practice helping people with their own personal spiritual transformation.

In addition to her spiritual workshops, she is a sought after keynote speaker and has worked for almost thirty years, as a consultant to businesses, universities and government, both to create healthy organizations, and to help people develop their personal and professional potential. Her clients include IBM, International Institute of Chartered Accountants, World Business Academy, David Suzuki Foundation, Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, University of Toronto, The Banff Centre- Leadership Programs, Alberta Medical Association and World Future Society.

Both in her corporate and spiritual work, she is committed to helping people to develop right relationships with themselves, others and the Earth.

"Opening this book opens a door in the imagination. Whether you take it as fact or fiction, this book, like Mutant Message Downunder, carries a message of healing and planetary priorities." Julia Cameron, An Artist's Way and Vein of Gold

"Tanis is a spiritual evocateur and deep seer who opens us up to other voices ... other realms...." Jean Houston, Search for the Beloved and A Mythic Life

"This delightful book is not only great fun to read, but makes most interesting and intelligent suggestions about the reality and work of this particular branch of the nature world. It can help us open our minds to fascinating dimensions that do exist on the planet." Dorothy MacLean, co-founder of Findhorn and author, To Hear the Angels Sing

"A wonderful book! I couldn't put it down. Trust Tanis to bring the elemental world to us with such care and insight. The leprechaun's message is both startling and hopeful in this timely story that is beautifully told." Raffi, children's entertainer

He looked up, nodded, and then as elegantly as he could manage, walked over and sat down, folding his hands over his ample stomach. "Let's start from the beginning," he announced, much as Yahweh might have done when he said, "Let there be light."

"I'm what you humans call a leprechaun, and my study is humans," he commenced, with an Irish lilt in his voice. "I'm being tested on my knowledge of humans, and this summer is critical...."

"I've been studying humans for about a hundred of your years and I'm one of the first elementals to be engaged in this. Elementals are different from humans in that we're born into a caste and stay in it for our entire lives. But about a hundred years ago, and I can remember this, for a hundred years is the same as yesterday with us, elementals were asked if they would volunteer to study humans. I took it up. I was only young then, just coming out of my puphood...."

"You see, elementals, unlike humans, can never be creators on this planet. Humans have, from the beginning of their evolution, been training to become creators--gods-in-training if you will--and the Earth is your school. Humans have free will, which is necessary for all creators, and you're the only race on this planet, save the people of the water, that has this."

As he spoke of the people of the water, I saw an image of dolphins and, as he continued, I began to see all sorts of images relating to his words. I also began to feel things that reinforced both his words and the images. I realized that this three-dimensional communication of hearing, seeing, and feeling was giving me a much fuller and more rapid understanding than was normal for humans. As I listened, I also began to realize that in my everyday existence I received information from my environment on many dimensions and that how the leprechaun communicated was in some ways more familiar to me than the way I communicated with my fellow-humans. The leprechaun seemed to sense that his communication had triggered these thoughts and paused for a few moments before continuing....

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1997