ROYAL LATHER at Scotlands Black Hole of Calcutta

by Andrew Hennessey

Wed Nov 22, 2000

The beginning of the Millenium in the UK was marked by the rugby football contest for the serpent covered calcutta cup at Murrayfield stadium, edinburgh, scotland. symbol of the Empire and the days of the Raj.

England - massive, and easily the favourites were supposed to exterminate the weak scottish opposition, and Princess Anne of the House of Windsor was there to personally oversee a crushing defeat of the upstart scots.

The Scots won that game with a bloody and memorable victory over the lumbering titans of england - and the red haired aryan scottish captain was asked to come up to meet HRH princess anne to receive the victors trophy.

The Scottish Captain, his throat red with blood running from his mouth and nose, red haired and intoxicating aryan that he was shook the Princesses hand - and to our unbelievable surprise, the Princesses eyes went all black - with no whites, and her upper and lower jaw started to protrude as if she was wearing half coconuts - her skull grew reptoid in shape as the exciting smell of juicy red starfire alive with life essences triggered her to shift.

The scottish captain then lifted the serpent covered symbol of english supremacy, held it aloft and headed straight downstairs to the waiting TV camera - where he proceeded to judder and shiver in shock, his teeth chattering as he felt weak at the knees. The short TV interview left the guy to stagger off completely drained of vitality.

The English team however could not come to the podium to face the wrath of the windsors - an incredible demonstration of angst and fear.

A bad start to the third millenium for the House of Windsor

andrew hennessey