Welcome, everyone – Trice Sheridan speaking for the UFO Global Focus Program.  It’s an honor to present as today’s guest Scottish ufologist, Andrew Hennessey.     Our program can be heard on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network, live 365, and the Paltalk forum.



Andrew Hennessey, our guest, has trained as an industrial biologist.  Andrew has been employed with several labs, including those of the British Geological Survey, the Central Microbiology Lab, the East of Scotland College of Agriculture, the National Museum of Antiquities, and the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology.   Through his personal research, Andrew has developed innovational findings in such areas as cosmology, physics, artificial intelligence, systems theory, free energy, and principles of gravity.   Further, from his studies, Andrew has conceptualized a Grand Unification Theory.

An articulate spokesman for an extraterrestrial presence impacting at global levels, Andrew presents a new paradigm which appreciates the value of human civilization and accomplishments while exploring the ET influence.  Through his books, essays and articles, Andrew offers insights as to the ramifications of an ET presence and its impact on social, commercial, government and other spheres.   

Andrew Hennessey’s website can be found at:   www.scottishpilgrims.com/ and  www.newstarparty.com .   The site for Andrew’s group featuring technology discussion is:    http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/grandunity9000/.     Andrew has authored two thought-provoking books:   his anthology --  The Turning of the Tide, Alien Intrusion in Scotland, and the Monkeys of Eden – the telepathic  Overlords and the Slaves of Earth.  Both works can be accessed and also ordered at www.whale.to/b/hennessey_h.html .  Also accessible at that site, Andrew’s work, The Ghost of Robert Burns – Scottish Exopolitical Protest, presents, in powerful verse, a human rights perspective on a timely subject.  

Andrew’s other endeavors include achievements in music and theatre.  A gifted professional musician, Andrew’s musical CDs can be ordered at such websites as:   http://stores.lulu.com/scottishmusic and http://www.myspace.com/electricthistle.  In addition, Andrew formed the Solan Group, a theatre company of talented individuals, which incorporates in its projects original Grail-quest themes. 

Andrew, welcome to the program!

TS - Andrew, you are an individual who uses his extensive knowledge of many subjects --  science, history, religion, political and social theory, and economics to explain past and present ET interface with humanity. 

Do you think more people are coming to appreciate the multi-aspectual focus that ET/UFO research should take?

AH – Once people see that we are interacting not only with lights in the sky but with all the issues of an organized offworld society we will see the need to ask all sorts of important questions that take a multi-disciplinary approach.

I think its down to the recognition that these UFO’s are ships with a home port and that the issues in extra terrestrial cities, infrastructure and social organizations are as diverse as our own. ET’s will converse on matters of exobiology, sciences, history, military, social science, medicine, recreation and exopolitics just like we do.

1. TS - Andrew, would you like to comment at the outset on your current research interests?  I note that your investigative research covers a wide spectrum of subjects.   For example, on the scientific and social aspects – what have been some of your findings that you consider most significant?

AH – I have put together ideas for free energy physics, executive robotics, a general systems theory and a new kind of game theory. Indeed at one point two years ago when helping a friend with research Hillary Clinton’s think tank looked over my game theory demo – she probably should have used it.

My current research focuses on issues around alien mind control and assimilation, and looks at its social history from the 1960’s from its birth in Radio Eugenics to its more advanced ideas as seen in the world Transhuman Movement that occur from the 1990’s. Transhumanism is a global organization of scientists who advocate uploads for all, and who give deference to the rise of the super intelligent machine.

Although they are anti-irrationalist and anti-religious and sound convincing there are currently no publications anywhere that would justify their own faith in the success of human technology to achieve their stated goals.

Drew Hempel notes that in 1975 Oliver Reiser and the World Institute editor Ervin Laszlo published the real Matrix plan called Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.

According to Hempel, the 1975 book calls the plan, The Matrix prominently and repeatedly many years before the  Hollywood film, and states that humans will be in Techno-Samadhi as the neuroblasts and Electronic tubes for the new World Mother. According to this plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like an egg, the humans and the environment are to be fed off as energy for the evolution of the Matrix. Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted by the World Institute – except now it is called orthosynthesis. In Techno-Samadhia a person does not breath or think words – they are hooked up to satellite systems and used as energy that controls and manipulates higher dimensional space-time.  This to me sounds like the inside of an alien hive. This is all detailed in Cosmic Humanism and World Unity – the actual plan for the Matrix.

The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion called cosmic humanism now called transhumanism – or in general techno-spirituality.

This matrix plan sounds like the language and ideology of grey and reptilian  hive creation and its consumption and harvesting of spirit as described is how I understand that the hive process works. I have spoken to people who are hooked up to or fighting the assimilation process of this collective. It is an empty and hungry hive that needs new people to feed from to keep its higher echelons in the manner to which they have become accustomed as they roll across this galaxy. I suspect that a large amount of human population has been handed over in trade to these beings.

In order for the aliens to assimilate us into their matrix I have formed the theory that they act upon us by presenting the anti-thesis to every kind of aspiration and hope that we may possess. The aliens would engineer and present negative counter examples to our best personal and social hopes so that they can make us feel cut off and isolated and disorientated. By thus isolating us in a hopeless state we become easier to acquire and manipulate.

It’s true to state that I have an actual real time example of them trying to do that with me. I owned this beautiful, rich and empowering red raincoat. It was a classy item made in Germany with the best of German engineering etc etc it was disaster proof, rugged, made to last etc I was walking through the park when I saw two cars come along the park road. Both were red.

The first car was a beautiful new expensive small car the same colour red as my coat, and the other car following directly behind, driving illegally, was a dark, very old rusty red small car  and as the two cars passed by I immediately spotted that it appeared that someone had taken a pot of the beautiful fresh red expensive paint the same colour as the front car and of my coat and had arbitrarily splashed it as if thrown onto the hood of the following car.

It wasn’t some new artform … it was as if the fresh new red was being thrown downmarket and being transferred and downgraded onto something old and past it. The values of my red coat were being depressed. As soon as I recognized the total bizarre impossibility of there being anywhere a pot of paint that would ever be thrown on a car hood and the same colour of red as the car in front and my coat I just said … you’ve got to be kidding. As soon as I said that … the old car suddenly stopped in the road and sat there and put on its hazard warning lights – like I had just terminated a sub-routine in a computer program. In my opinion, the aliens had been presenting social theatre to counter and negate my feeling of integrity and social independence. If its happening to me – its also happening to many others too. Trying to get us to stop resisting the upload by making us feel hopeless. Whatever good things we have – these particular aliens want us to feel disappointed with.

2. TS Andrew, I also like your attitude toward the human tradition of achievements including the scientific breakthroughs of the past.  Here I am thinking of the comments from your anthology in the chapter, Scottish Andrew, as to human physics and cosmology resulting from human achievement.    I am thinking that you consider advanced scientific ability as not solely an attribute of the extraterrestrials.  But you also note from your work, The Monkeys of Eden, in the chapter, The Conspiracy of Science , that our human scientific endeavors need a more holistic, integrative approach – did I understand that chapter essay correctly? Could you go into detail on your thoughts on this…

AH – The problem with the human sciences is that they are all stuck in a deliberately engineered cul-de-sac. The scientific world view called Reductionism strips everything down to its microscopic parts and is responsible for all of our scientific problems in e.g. physics and computation.

Today’s science which has its roots in 18th and 19th century thinking does not seem to relate these microscopic objects to their bigger picture and context. The context of anything that science looks at tends to be totally stripped away producing the central paradox of quantum physics. Science cannot tell whether or not a particle is a particle or a wave. Hence the particle wave duality paradox at the heart of all our physics problems since the 1930’s.

In truth there is no paradox, just a bad model we use. In the bigger context of chaos and wave theory and the ocean of aether, a particle is a weather system or node or standing wave in a subatomic storm. It is both a particle and a wave at the same time. Like the red spot on Jupiter. The persistently ignored Cosmic Wave theory and aether are totally born out by scientific models and research that go as far back as Lord Kelvin in 1901, then Tesla in 1938 with his Theory of Environmental Energy and latterly by people like Rae Tomes who in 1992 produced astronomical data to show stars and galaxies red-shift in wave harmonics.

The exclusion of the reality of aether from physics is actually part of a bigger and more comprehensive suppression of chaos theory whose central law called emergence shows that we can dependably get things for free from the cosmos such as energy and the DNA of life. They are hiding the idea that we get a free lunch.

3. TS - Andrew, you mention in your work numerous examples of the wide spectrum of human achievements in the artistic, commercial, intellectual property, and other fields.    Do you think that human “know-how” and produced goods could play a part on a larger universal trading scale?

AH – Yes I do. Very much so. I’m certain that the rich and diverse melting pot that has been planet earth’s surface over the last 15,000 years has produced many different historic styles and idioms of; art and design, artefact and architecture, fabrics, furnishings, fashions, foodstuffs, bric a brac and recreation ideas, tools, software and hardware.

Although the universe might find our sciences humorous, our collective catalog of writings and produce in the Humanities which includes, philosophy, social science, psychology, music, artistic styles and media, literature etc would be a spectacular export. Indeed our modern music, film and fashion industry would probably be a great step forward from the culture of the one-piece silver suit.

I’m not so sure that highly regulated extra terrestrial civilization is used to such diversity or is aware how important such creative stimulus can be.  A lot of material sourced from earth is innately toxic. There is no doubt of that.

However, that does leave after appropriate deductions a massive treasure trove of social and recreational and spiritual innovations that could sustain the evolution of many.

4. TS - Andrew, one of my pet peeves is that Earth resources should belong to humans and that none of our resources, including biological, should be exploited at human expense.   I think that you also are a strong proponent of safeguarding earth resources for humans?

AH – The big issue as I see it is that what we think of as Humanity does not control resources on planet Earth. Human Beings are really specially engineered and restricted spiritual workshop opportunities amongst a more robust and mixed interstellar population. In my opinion, planet Earth’s primitive surface civilization is a deliberately retarded social simulation an X-rated version of Galactic Disneyland to which souls come to work on their issues using the inbuilt handicaps and restrictions of the human form to help them focus on and better prioritise their real issues.

Sometimes complex souls amongst the galactic community that are laden down with memories, skills and experience must find it hard to identify their priorities with so much baggage and clutter, so becoming a restricted human with amnesia might give them some new ideas and perspectives. Earth’s culture is a product of the historic investment of rich and diverse soul life from all over the cosmos who became temporarily human.  If this is the status quo here on Earth then all the engineered and managed social and historic human activity both good and bad will have engineered numerous deals and trades without our permission. It will I’m sure be written somewhere as to who owns the rights to our own yesterdays and treasures, though these rights may yet need to be contested and asserted.

5a)  TS -  Andrew, am I correct that you believe that the groups of ETs now interfacing with the planet reflect both positive and negative-acting types? 

AH –  that’s true, yes.

TS - Let’s discuss your two very intriguing books which note a great diversity of information on the ETs.

5b) TS - First your anthology, The Turning of the Tide, Alien Intrusion in Scotland, provides a vast scope of information on the ET contact subject from the perspective of 36 accounts….  Your comments on inspiration for this work?

AH – The Turning of the Tide, alien intrusion in Scotland is an account of outrageous extra terrestrial behaviour, but despite being on the receiving end of surreal and hideous events I became acutely aware that I was being protected. It was the intercession of Angels that stopped the tide of alien evil in its tracks. As a result I stopped complaining about being a victim and wrote the book to commemorate the fact that there were many people, witnesses just like me, who had not been able to live long enough to testify.

5c) TS - Your work The Monkeys of Eden, – the telepathic  Overlords and the Slaves of Earth offers a lively discussion of theory and observations on the ET – human interface scenario…….      What motivated you to conduct this particular type of research of the present situation?

AH – Monkeys of Eden written in 1999 comes out of my reaction to being telepathically hacked over the years. Written nearly 10 years ago I make the mistake of blaming it all on the Reptiles having not at that time noticed the presence of the other shape-shifting species of Greys and their hybrids.

I had been the top student in the biology faculty and expecting to again do well during a microbiology exam we were told before hand that sometimes some people just sit during an exam and write their name over and over. When the exam started I tried to progress past writing my name and could barely put anything down on the paper for the whole hour and a half, and consequently because my mind had somehow been sabotaged I failed an exam that I should have got my usual A for.

Also, sometimes in a live music performance with my fiddle my mind would get hacked and interfered with and it started to become somewhat obvious that some people could do things to my mind.

Then I met a young lady called  Rita who invited me to her party in Edinburgh and she took me into a room and we both knelt on the carpet facing each other seven or so feet apart. She suddenly pushed the pleasure button in my mind. It was intense and almost unbearable – she did this three times with the exact same intensity.

I knew that if she had kept that up I might not be free here today. People with such a power can unnaturally persuade and influence ordinary humans in business or in the operation of their day to day existence by more gently stimulating this process, making friends and winning their confidence in an unnatural way.

It became obvious to me that some people who looked as human as I were not all they were making themselves out to be. Some of these people were clearly  hostile and anti-human – and that’s how I came to dig up the information on our Telepathic Overlords and their anti-human ideas.

I got some help too. There are obviously good and loving Reptilians on planet Earth. I was also allowed to notice a person glowing in the dark and this introduced me to the idea of the Shining Ones – the Reptilian Els. There are some very strong Reptilian overtones to be found amongst Scottish history and culture – which facilitated an introduction to a more global and interstellar perspective.

6a) Andrew, as someone very well versed in Scottish history, could you mention some of your observations as to a continued presence of extraterrestrials in Scottish culture across the centuries?

AH – archaeological evidence for non-humans in Scotland goes back thousands of years. Here are a few examples of ET activity in chronological order.

Robert Brydon, a famous researcher and Ethnologist was sent in the 1970’s by Home Office professor Keggie to investigate the stone built igloos of a small red-haired, hairy pygmy race that stayed in the isolated western islands of Scotland in ancient times.

There are legends and sightings of the Giants who stay in the Scottish Cairngorm mountains such as the grey man of Ben MacDhui who stays in a cavern in the mountains not far from Balmoral the Queen’s highland residence.

From the Bronze Age the ancient tribes of Scotland – including a tribe called the Orcs – who were also the bad guys in Lord of the Rings – carved emblems of snakes, greys and reptilians on their standing stones. E.g. the Pictish standing stone in Brechin cathedral has a Grey carved on it.

From the 5th century Dark Ages, the Scottish Saint St Cuthbert beheld a large glowing orange ball over Edinburgh and Soutra hill that inspired him to do good works and create a pilgrimage center there. Similar huge orange ball ships are being filmed in the same locality today.

In St Giles cathedral in Edinburgh is a carved heart shaped head of a typical Steven Spielberg Grey from the 13th Century – I have recently taken photographs of a similar being in the woods at Crichton castle and similar alien face was also photographed near there at Gorebridge piloting a very low flying black helicopter.

In the 15th Century, Thomas the Rhymer, the minstrel from the Scottish Borders was abducted by the Faerie Queen at Earlston in the Eildon hills, to return with a set of prophesies.

Dr Karen Ralls Macleod tells of the 17 century parish records from the Isle of Skye that records the ballot vote of the faerie people in a village dispute. In 1697 the Reverend Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle published his ‘Secret Commonwealth of Elves fauns and faeries.’ In which he describes beings very much like the modern day Greys who could materialize bodies out of the essences of air and who drink nutrition through their pores. Also many of the place names in Scotland bear witness to otherworldly beings and their activities. For example Elphinstone village and Goblin Halls caves. Blackridge village is named after a Black Rigg – which is an area of agricultural land set aside exclusively to pacify and placate evil beings who would harm the villages in the Middle Ages. This practice is mentioned in the book called British Calendar Customs by Ian Macleod Banks, from 1931.

The town of Blackridge is still plagued by UFO’s today. 

6b) i. Rosslyn Castle and Chapel are celebrated for their architecture and history.  Could you give us some of the details of an extraterrestrial influence around and near that site including its underground tunnels? 

Rosslyn Castle and chapel are sited on a cavern system that extends many miles north and east to Cousland and to Goblin Halls at Gifford. Indeed the Earl of Rosslyn is also Baron of Cousland. Below the famous blueblood castle and chapel by the river is a so-called Spirit rock used as a site of worship and sacrifice since the Bronze Age. On this rock is the stone effigy of a Reptilian head that is of similar form to the statues of Sumeria and modern day Iraq. The tunnels that run from the castle are well known about and indeed there is a letter in Edinburgh city archives from Mary Queen of Scots vowing to keep secret what she was shown there.

Rosslyn river valley also has an unfortunate prowler noted over the centuries as the Black Dog of Rosslyn glen. The transcripts of the Royal Society of Antiquaries from the early 1930’s note the discovery of dark stone lined chambers full of bones in the hill side at Borthwick castle and also further down the river Esk above Dalkeith.

Scottish abductee and researcher Garry Woods interviewed three men who in 1992 had gone to the warehouse district of Loanhead near Rosslyn village late on Sunday night to stock up on paint for a paint job on Monday morning. It was a full moon and as they entered the yard they saw the night watchman on the roof of one of the warehouses, presumably effecting a repair. One of the men left the car to attract his attention and to his horror when the watchman spun around it was in fact a huge hairy werewolf which then leaped off the roof and into the yard. Terrified the man leapt back into his car and they then reversed at high speed out of the yard being pursued by a beast with the wrong sort of undercoat.

6c) There are some great details from your anthology’s Spooky Edinburgh – and the Lothians on that topic.  Indeed, you mention that Edinburgh and vicinity have numerous tunnels?

AH – Edinburgh and the Lothians appear to be situated on a tunnel and cavern network and ancient underground constructions that were built in another epoch of this planet.

The new Scottish parliament that looks somewhat like an alien ant hive is built on top of the tunnels, as is Holyrood palace and Edinburgh castle and this underworld can be accessed in various parts of the town. Next to the site of the Palace and the new parliament building is an old 19th century architectural folly or ornament of a miniature faerie palace to honour and placate the beings that traditionally stay in the immediately adjacent Calton and Abbey hills.

An entrance to the tunnel and cavern system formerly used by 19th century witches in Edinburgh’s central hill, the extinct volcano called Arthur’s Seat was sealed up by order of the town council nearly 200 years ago to stop people entering these places never to return.

Two construction tradesmen in 1980 witnessed and were chased by a green and glowing reptilian apparition whilst conducting repairs inside the caverns of the castle rock. A Scottish Tour Guide who was employed to show tourists the three levels underneath the Royal Mile between the castle and the palace took the night off and went exploring. Finding himself off the map at level 4, he went down to a sixth level with what looked like many more to find, when he decided to turn back.

He quit shortly afterwards.   

7a)  TS - Your book,  Monkeys of Eden – the telepathic  Overlords and the Slaves of Earth, presents some very interesting concepts.   Could you give some details on why you use the term -  Stargate Edinburgh -- and the ET presence that factors into this term?

AH – It is my belief that the UK used to be part of the island group of Atlantis and may have been regarded as the island of Thule, where legend has it the dark sorcerers stayed. Even Hitler with his occult dreams of a coming race had made plans to buy a mansion in Edinburgh that is now Donaldsons School for the Deaf near the town center.

Edinburgh appears to be one of the most important places for the global illuminati as it is full of secret societies and their HQ’s. Indeed Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkein has many references to Edinburgh, Scotland, its bloodlines and places and peoples around Edinburgh. For example Aragorn, the returning King was called Elessar, [historically an EL or Reptilian] and he was of the Rangers of Dunedain [and Dunedain is the Celtic name of Edinburgh]. In Tolkein’s book, the black stone of Erech at which Aragorn summons the oathbreakers before the last battle is actually the same name as the Scottish stone of Destiny which was called the stone of Erec after King Erec of the Dalriadan line.

Lothlorien the magical woods of the elves appears to refer to the Lothians of King Lot immediately around Edinburgh, whose daughter princess Thanew was rescued by the elves when her people tried to execute her for marrying a Reptilian.

The Orcs were actually a real Pictish tribe that stayed in Fife to the North.

Given that so much is made of the geopolitics and Masonic ideology of Scotland plus the many witnessed reports of ships launching themselves from the surrounding hills on an ongoing basis I surmised therefore that there might still be some big interstellar equipment from the days of Atlantis that could open an operational Stargate at a moments notice. Also the 17th Century prophesy of the Brahan Seer stated that ‘as Rome was, London is, and Edinburgh shall be ..’ – Things did seem to add up to there being incredible events on the cards in Edinburgh.

8) TS -  Andrew, I noted in your Spooky Edinburgh – and The Lothians,  that you mention the numerous sightings around Gorebridge and  its neighboring localities?   Has there been an increase in reports of Scottish UFO activity by your fellow Scot ufologists and the public at large?

AH – Gorebridge is a small ex-coalmining town 15 miles south of Edinburgh that appears to be over run with alien activity at this time. There are low flying ships at rooftop height, and one filmed buzzing a car on the nearby road the A7 whilst strange beings are being seen around the old mine workings at Blinkbonny. Stories reported about the old mine workings above Gorebridge  include; 1. a man on a walk sees a tall grey being with grey wrinkled grey skin like an elephant walk towards him. He has a tattoo of sorts on his shoulder and his almond shaped eyes are shining bright blue. 2. Another man sees a big tall mad max type bare chested skinhead  suddenly appear and walk past him. 3. two men in a car witness two shape-shifting men in black in a 4x4 car near the pit workings. 4. a lady and others report seeing lights descend from the sky there.

Near Middleton a small portal system has been witnessed in operation – the gateway about 10 feet in diameter emits a blue-white light which does not illuminate the surrounding vegetation. The witness suggests that this portal would take him to Zeta Reticulii or a city on Mars he has identified in the Ianna Chaos mountains.

There is important footage of cattle mutilation on film where the alien equipment consists of a three-fingered cattle-grabber and platform at which the steer is slaughtered – and the top half of the cow flies up through the air to one of the three large silo-type vessels – one equipped with some sort of suction funnel.

On film is also an oblong van-sized ship at rooftop height sitting over a roof and then filmed firing something off into the neighbourhood. The next morning a very low flying dark helicopter at 150 feet – which is illegal under 500 feet in urban settings – was filmed facing up the cameraman on his doorstep. Analysis of the footage clearly shows a grey pilot.

There are reports of heightened UFO activity from all over the UK recently, but it seems that central Scotland has had more than its fair share over a period of 20 years or so. Brian Macphee of Stirling has some amazing footage of huge ships – one large triangular ship that looked like an Imperial battleship could have come out of a star wars movie. From the region of Fife a big 2 mile long lenticular ship with three big circular drive lights like big car headlights was filmed for two hours over the ocean near Edinburgh whilst disgorging hundreds of little glowing podships from its various decks like a cloud of fireflies that then headed off over the area known as Goblin halls.

The many hundreds of sightings in Scotland are not making it into the Ministry of Defence Statistics though – a typical MoD cover-up for Scotland relates an alleged Scottish UFO report by a drunk man who saw lights swirling round and round outside a public bar late on a Friday night.

A regional stereotype.

A recent early morning abduction by a massive ship south of Gorebridge at Dalhousie castle was experienced and corroborated by two independent witnesses who happen to work in the Industrial estate next to Rosslyn Cloning lab. The industrial estate and the lab are on land that on a local 19th century map used to be called Paradise. The name got changed in the past and today it is called Dryden – a dry den instead of paradise upon which a Tower called Dryden tower has been built – which is next to the Rosslyn cloning lab. I hope that this is not meant to be Tolkien’s dark tower ! ? 

9) TS -  Andrew, from your very intriguing book, “ The Turning of the Tide, Alien Intrusion in Scotland,” I made several notations on the various chapters.  For example, I noticed that in Spooky Edinburgh – and the Lothians  text you mentioned the vitrified rock at Burntisland.  In an interesting reference to the Hindi Mahabarat text you mentioned the warfare raged from the Vimana craft.  You also mentioned a “vitrified fort in the Dark Isle, Cromarty.”   Do you think, as does Michael Cremo and other experts, that there were other great civilizations in distant eras?

AH – Yes, very much so. I also think that many of the great and ancient works are yet fully functional underground in a network of huge cities. We heard recently of Boriska the Russian boy who can remember life in the times of Lemuria and also of working in the cities on Mars. Indeed we can see satellite imagery of temples and other ancient and modern constructions still in evidence there today.

The evidence for Atlantis and other such epochs is not only seen in folk-myth such as the Mahabarata or native Indian myth but in a large number of incongruent artifacts and constructions. Although Michael Cremo’s Forbidden Archaeology points us to the presence of high technology in past epochs, I have to ask the question based on what I know of aliens – is it possible that energy to matter aliens can fabricate, age and materialize any kind of artefact they want at any depth of soil or rock ? If so we might find ourselves being misled.

There are pointers to Atlantis all over the world. The water marking on the Sphinx for example puts it out of the domain of current Egyptology and coastline as we know it back to about 20,000 years earlier. We can also see from Sumerian clay tablets and ancient Hindu Sanskrit texts of beings and technologies surrounding the reported issues of the wars of the fall of Atlantis. These things are also mentioned in Josephus’ History of the Jews and also the Ethiopic Book of Enoch.

10) TS -   Andrew, the Spooky Edinburgh – and the Lothians chapter also mentioned an increase in “orbs” – do you think “orbs” could represent a variety of phenomena?

AH – What we think of as an Orb is a  natural spherical shape that could be typical of the energies of not one but numerous types of being. I have taken photographs of what seems like a whole hierarchy of disembodied creatures ranging from those a few inches in diameter seemingly grazing on energies from plants and grasses, to several little orbs taking off from the ground in V-formation like a flock of disincarnate pigeons – to orbs six feet in diameter that have structural rupturing and scarring which may have been caused by the deterioration and aging of their own life cycle or predation by other orb types. I have a picture of a very bright orb ten feet in diameter that has very sophisticated and geometric energy patterns that look like the occult drawings for sunflowers and the flower of life. Those could be human spirits.

I also have pictures of capsular green and turquoise spirits about a foot in diameter who might represent a totally different order of intelligent being from the Greys, whose blue white soul lights I have seen enter and leave their UFO’s or indeed follow me down the road at night !!

11)               TS - You know, I am often chided that I ascribe human ethics to aliens.   Yet my opinion is that it doesn’t matter the provenance of the particular alien group but whether their actions contribute to the public benefit or at least do not cause harm to the public welfare.   What would be your comments on this view?

AH – I think that regardless of form and features, our brothers and sisters can be identified by their loving actions. Indeed sufficient for them to be of Christian calling is to love one another and do the good works of God. I’m sure that in that respect, love can take many forms.

12a) TS -  Andrew, the exopolitics movement is growing rapidly.  I note your wonderful verses in The Ghost of Robert Burns – Scottish Exopolitical Protest.  There seems to be a strong human rights perspective there.   Could you tell us why you wrote that poem?

AH – I had wandered into the Scottish National Museum in Edinburgh and went to look at the Art and Industry since 1850 exhibit and to my horror was able to take cellphone pictures of an exhibit that featured; an alien holy grail made out of a gold green alien looking half  egg-shell called the cup of communion, I saw a grey with human tastes wrapped around a coffee jar, a small fitting lycra jacket covered in multinational logos for the well traveled shopper, a clock made out of found and salvaged materials which no doubt symbolized their culture, I saw a vase that looked like a praying mantis insectoid warrior, and I saw a creatively ripped and slashed human denim jacket that represents humanity in its dark-ages ‘punk phase’.

Here in front of my very eyes the Scottish establishment was advertising the fact that it was proud to have sold out the ordinary Scot to be creatively ripped and shredded because they were quote ‘punks’.

This mindset of profound contempt by the elite for the ordinary human in the street must be so prevalent and accepted as normal that it did not occur to them that their exhibit would appear insane to anyone.

I then realized that the secret societies that author and whitewash such junk were abusing the memories, efforts and lives of ordinary men in the street and that no doubt had the much touted Masonic humanist icon Robert Burns been alive today in Scotland he would have taken exception to such Tyranny and had nothing to do with anti-human organizations.

TS - 12b) Are you concerned that human interests might not be properly safeguarded if precautions as to preserving human interests aren’t taken in any negotiations with aliens?

AH – It is a disconcerting thing to witness anti-human contempt at so many levels of society on Earth, but I do know that there are good beings here with us on the ground and Angels in higher frequencies directly above us that are highly organized at a Social level. I’m sure therefore that the good people who think of Earth as an important learning center and soul hospital will speak for us if we cannot.

13)  TS - In your work, the Monkeys of Eden , in the chapter, Question on Light beyond the Darkness  – I read your reflection after an interview with Linda Moulton Howe.  Incidentally, she is a ufologist whose work I and many so greatly admire – she’s a lady of great capability and courage.  Well, in your reflection I noticed interesting concepts on ET races.  Also, you write of how humanity has fared and will fare in its own development and in its interaction with ET races?

AH – I think something of that new era of co-operation will come about but that it will not be with beings that we now call the Greys or Zeta. It has taken me a long time to understand the process of friend and foe having been assailed and presented with such a diversity of interactions. There are beings formerly of insectoid lineage like the Zeta who have made progress beyond the restrictions and structures of the hive. These beings have evolved into sexually orientated identities and independent individuals and are organized on a parallel human model. I can now see that there are good and bad reptilia and indeed there are most likely to be those amongst all species who embrace either a loving way of life or the way of death and predation. I’m certain that all that is life giving and good about the long running human experiment will be utilized for the greater good.

14)  TS - Andrew, as noted in your writings, you consider the Reptilian race as one not acting in the human interest.  Am I correctly assuming here?  Could you explain that opinion for us?

AH – Ten years ago, it was a reactive mistake on my part to blame all Reptilians for everything bad. As can be seen from the bizarre Reptilian Overlord statues in Oslo, Norway that depict Reptilians over-powering both men and women and also someone fighting off a hosting process by a reptilian larvae – they clearly have something to answer for. I am absolutely certain though that I have been helped many times in my life by great and good Reptilian people.

Also I had not at the time of writing Monkeys of Eden in 1999 identified Shapeshifting Greys and Grey hybrids as the main source of my woes. It hadn’t at the time clicked that I being a monkey out of my league was somewhat beneath the contempt  of the Overlords – and that I had been left to their assistants the Greys to get processed.

15)  TS - Andrew, your writings on telepathy have several intriguing points.  What is your opinion as to how human telepathy might relate to an alien presence?  

AH – I think that the alien presence will produce two effects on human telepathy. Either a quickening and life-giving boost of creativity, clarity and intelligence or, it will produce a deadening, numbing, depressing effect, depending on whether the beings we interact with are life-filled high frequency or, essence hungry service to self predators. There is also a pre-existing model in the Catholic church for divine revelations that adds that such telepathic interactions must not only be life giving or enabling but also clearly memorable – and that they are works of darkness if amnesia is involved.

16)  TS - Andrew , I know that you are a Catholic, and I can confirm just how much I appreciated your prayers during a recent very difficult time with my mother’s illness and passing.  I have a theory as to the importance of one’s faith in these matters.  I find that whatever the scenario of an experience, a strong faith in a Creator can tremendously help with providing both courage and resilience in these matters.   Would you have any comments as to my personal theory ?

AH – Yes, I believe that to be true, that a strong faith in the Creator helps us, but also, further to that, I believe that we also resonate with and are connected to a whole loving family of Saints and Angels that extend all the Way up to the Source like the branch of a vine – and that our love and our faith joins us to a greater society of love than we can imagine or see.

17)  TS - Andrew, your music reflects a wonderful dynamism and appreciation of the Scottish influence.  Could you tell us more of your music, performances in Scotland and Europe, and ongoing music projects of both you and your group?

AH – I play fiddle for Scottish dances called Ceilidhs and also call the steps – and we will play at various events from public dances to weddings and corporate entertainment. I had two wonderful tours in Europe playing folk rock concerts and in 1999 supported the rock group Status Quo in Holland. I’m currently working on a new book of Celtic and world compositions.

I have recorded several CD’s with various groups over the years

I am very lucky to have some very gifted associates such as Steve Tyler on guitar and vocals, sitar and electric pipes, the political scientist Dr Gavin Pringle on bass guitar and vocals, and famous International Stage Photographer Marc Marnie on Drums.

My goal is to play some solo concerts as an electric violinist and am currently working towards the most appropriate setting for such a thing.

18a) TS -  Andrew your theatre group, the Solan Company, is noted as incorporating in its projects original Grail-quest themes.   Would the reasons for such a focus be a search theme on seeking the highest good as humans that our civilization can develop? 

AH – My ideal for the Solan theatre Company which I started in 1984 was to develop stories that reflected on the history and future of the human Grail quest. The quest to recognise the love within ourselves. The faerie stories are centered around the choices that the encumbered human spirit has had to make at various times in human history. I was hoping to illustrate that our enduring spirit only lives on at its best if we make commitments to love.

18b) TS - Also, I hadn’t realized that there is a tradition of Arthur with the Scottish area? Did I understand that correctly?

AH -  Yes, King Arthur, Merlin and the stories of Camelot are very big in Scotland almost in direct competition with the new age industry of Glastonbury in the south of England !! There is archaeological evidence for a large post Roman cavalry fort and encampment in a river bend near the Scottish borders town of Roxburgh which can be tied to the Arthur legend.

Also the big hollow dormant volcano in Edinburgh’s town center is called Arthur’s Seat, and whilst there was more than one Merlin – the Scottish Merlin’s grave according to local tradition is a Norham on the river tweed in the eastern Scottish borders. Another author has an account that the Isle of May in the sea off Edinburgh and the south east Scottish coast was also known as the Isle of Maidens or Avalon – which is yet another tie in to the Arthurian cycle.

19)  TS -  Andrew, from your blog writings, I sense an admiration for the work of Dr. David Jacobs of the Intruders Foundation and also for the work of Paul Schroeder.  Am I correct in this assumption and, if so, could you mention why you appreciate their findings and work? 

AH – Dr David Jacobs seems to be one of the few prominent exo-PhD’s that are in touch with the anti-human badness that is being inflicted on ordinary people by the alien presence here. There are others as academically credible who should know better but are in a state of denial for one reason or another. Dr Jacobs evidence for the colonization program, alien assimilation and other kinds of grievous abuse doesn’t sit well with the Overlords PR machine, and I am inspired by his honesty and courage.

I have a couple of suggestions for Dr Jacobs that may add to his findings:

Dr Jacobs notes

Abductees report that alien emotional range seems to be greatly circumscribed. Why this emotional stunting is so is not known.

In answer to that my explanation is that these hive beings are controlled and regulated by Information Technology.

In nature the hives of the bees, ants and wasps, have a caste system where specialisation and compartmentalisation takes place for the good of the hive and the regal caste. It might well be that the alien and advanced high technology version of this kind of compartmentalisation is rigorously imposed by a machine interface.

Also, Dr Jacobs develops the theory of a blandness and concludes that: With a restricted range of emotions--coupled with their lack of ears, noses, or mouths--their society would be more “colorless” than ours.

In this dull world, the texture of alien society would be “flatter” and emptier than that of human society and hence far less stimulating.

Here I find myself disagreeing with Dr Jacobs, for I think that their world is a chaotic riot of external stimulus flooding them from without, and that they have not evolved the need to invent any new recreational stimulus because of this. They themselves may be bereft of personal output, personal heart centered behaviour or any other personal or original vision of self because they have developed a dependency on this overwhelming input.

I think that their world is a riot of stimulus that makes use of sensory apparatus that human biological sciences do not fully understand. There is a model in both insect based and aquatic life on Earth for a consciousness based on interacting with a whole invisible landscape of  electromagnetic flux. For example the ant and the moth and the shark appear to smell the smell (a physical contradiction) of one molecule of an attractant where the molecule they appear to smell is physically removed great distances from their biochemical sensors. If their lives were solely dependent on chemical transmission they would be lost . There must be other sensory attributes of physical chemistry that are apparent to these creatures and these processes must reside within the electromagnetic spectrum.

These Earth based lesser creatures have natural ways to visualise and interpret with clarity very sophisticated electromagnetic displays in the natural world.

I propose therefore that the lives of these Grey beings are in fact a chaotic riot of electromagnetic displays from all sorts of objects, at all scales living or dead and other natural forces and environments, and that their sterile living environments are an aesthetic choice in complete contrast to their day to day interactions with the universe at large.

Further, having interviewed someone who has alleged to have joined their collective, and presented evidence of his alien sponsors, and is looking forward to the transmigration of his soul, I believe their entertainment is derived from flitting or temporarily relocalising their consciousness into other lesser natural life forms and utilising the filtering effect provided by these lesser or specialised sensory arrays in e.g. birds, flies, mammals, fish etc to derive new perspectives on personal research and enquiry.

i.e. He was looking forward to being a fly on the wall or having the hearing of a bat or the sight of an eagle, presumably in his down time from tours of duty in the alien military he is currently associated with.

This though would be a loveless and empty way to live.

His aspirations fully fit conversations from 17th Century folklore in Scotland where people have spoken with faerie beings who spoke of shifting into other forms and creatures.

Paul Schroeder is an unmet internet friend who is at the sharp end of hateful alien exploitation that persistently demonstrates intentions to harm his soul.

He finds himself amongst Grey ships and laboratories fighting for his life to retain his spiritual freedom. He shows great bravery.

The tactics the aliens are using on him are consistent with my theory that the Greys are attempting to strip out the remaining human race in some sort of recycling program using trauma as a tool. I am though greatly encouraged by Paul’s certainty that the Angels that intercede for him to keep him safe will make sure that he surpasses and supercedes the activities of these negative beings.

Paul relates that the Greys recycle captives between shells and lives incessantly farming them, but I am absolutely certain though that his future is assured and safe, even if one day I have to do the job myself.

AH -


Andrew, thank you for an informative interview – we appreciate your being our guest today.  Would you like to note any further works-in-progress in these fields or, as to your other interests, upcoming music tours, or theatre productions?   Again, I would like to note your informative website at:   www.scottishpilgrims.com/ and www.newstarparty.com

(Station Break:     At this time for station break, we must interrupt our discussion for about 8 minutes.   We’ll then be right back to continue our interview with today’s guest, Scot ufologist, Andrew Hennessey.  Again, our guest’s informative website can be found at www.scottishpilgrims.com / and www.newstarparty.com. )