How it works on Mankind

by Andrew Hennessey 


Before we get to the disclaimer there is something that you should be aware of. If you are having any kind of psychological difficulty from an abusive situation then this article is probably not for you.

Because if that abusive situation has bad telepathic concourse then you would be even more aware of it and things could get worse because you see these things not better.

The human beings mind cannot process these events fast enough to keep up .. and if we start trying to systematically analyse it in the way I propose here – if you have no Christ or guardian angels – you will have a very hard time from these two sets of beings.

If you are in the middle of something unhappy just now therefore – I urge you not to read this article but pray to Christ instead which will lift your resonance to a higher frequency making it harder for you to be predated upon… and your very own guardian angel will then show up for you.

Sometimes its best to play dumb anyway.

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 Firstly before I set out my hypothesis I give notice that I uphold the right of the State to pursue and administer its diagnoses based on the best science it has available. We all assume though that the State wants to progress to better scientific excellence and truth. In light of the contradiction of the publicly unused free energy and electro-gravity theories available we should question State inertia inherent in paradigm change in the philosophy of science and mind.

What is presented here though is a hypothetical new paradigm for the misuse of alien telepathy amongst the human race. It may not be true.

 This paper, however, asks that we read it as if certain of its core assumptions are true.  These are as follows; 

  1. there are aliens e.g.  Prof J Mack, ‘Abduction’
  2. they use telepathy e.g. Lyall Watson, ‘Supernature’
  3. there is a magnetic life-force beyond the chemical at work within beings and other life-forms. E.g. W Kohler [1952]
  4. In an electromagnetic ecology of such kinds of life there will be various kinds of relationships between beings e.g. symbiotic, predatory. E.g. Odum, ‘the Fundamentals of Ecology’.
  5. By a commonly held universal law that applies to physical matter, energy flows by osmosis and diffusion between states of high energy [the victim] through a common medium negotiated by the predator, to the predator in a state of low energy. E.g. Ohm, Fajan, Kurt Lewin’s 1952, ‘Field Theory in Psychology’.
  6. Human’s possess biomagnetic energy invested in and triggered by psychological associations.
  7. In a predatory telepathic feeding strategy that seeks interaction with human life force, it will interact with the components of our psychological investments by distorting them and then feed off the energy required to re-iterate ones vision of personal integrity and thus cause us to be depleted.
  8. Some social situations we innocently find ourselves in are good and rational, some social situations are bad and irrational.
  9. Legally and medically the following can be construed as paranoid schizophrenia and a delusional architecture.
  10.  there are evil telepathic aliens and colonists amongst us.

 The presence of Reptilian races amongst mankind has been enshrined in many visual archaeological and contemporary artefacts and belief systems. From Sumeria, to India, to Scotland to Africa, from South and Central America, from Tibet to Scandinavia the museums, universities, industries, culture and myth are replete with Draconian items.

In keeping with our dualistic cosmos and its materials we can safely assume that there would be both socially dark and socially enlightened members of all species throughout the various Cosmii and the multiverse.

 Some beings might have a surplus of energy because they are less burdened by material attachments and processes, obtaining effortlessly the connections that enable them to be sustained by higher more life-filled energy than those who are downwards looking into the processes, pains and trials of matter.

For those darker beings therefore, who cannot or will not feed effortlessly from the highest source there is a jungle of opportunities in which to play at being somebody else’s god.

This painful chaos therefore becomes a jungle of opportunity for the ever-hungry intelligent or un-intelligent consumer who is bankrupt on extravagant ego-fuelled activities that naturally lead them further and further away from the realities of the gift of free life.

On planet Earth, the woes of humanity can be attributed primarily to two types of beings, the Greys and the dark Reptilians whose millennial and historic archaeological provenance has been abundantly established elsewhere.

 The dark Reptilians have a High Command driven by brute force – but its not in their natures to be bogged down with social responsibilities. They much prefer frolicking in the swamp of life eating whatever they can whenever they can get it.

The Greys – utilise ‘social constructionism’ and intelligent, co-operative behaviour doing evil to us for their communal good.

To that end they heavily and collectively co-operate and invest in a social process.

 It is hypothesised here that these two predators have a similar nihilistic agenda to feed and farm humanity and no doubt other star systems with but have two entirely different types of modus operandii.

 The dark Reptilians tend to be lone hunters with specific strategies but will align with and co-operate with a hierarchy.

Hierarchically directed dark Reptilian packs under a form of hive control have also been known to operate against people of Pleiadean persuasion on Earth utilising all manner of social infrastructure and assets in the process.

The dark Reptilian hierarchy is part of a bigger conglomerate with lots of hardware and also their own brand of soul capture technology, doubtless used in the many wars they have undoubtedly engaged in.

e.g. the Book of Enoch, or, The History of the Jews by Josephus Flavius.

 Also if the target human has no prayerful high frequency angelic connection present such that night time protection kicks in – then the human mind of the target is prone to reptilian mindscapes into which our naturally extensive minds want to extend into and occupy with energy investments. In those scenarios we are also prone to getting deliberately infected with a parasite – and this process is called hosting.

 Generally though in the human population the feeding behaviour of dark Reptilians can be thought of as entropic nihilism and one on one – a sort of destructive feeding frenzy of whatever goes and anything that works. Rather akin to the jungle red or green or blue in tooth and claw before the global extinction event and ice age that wiped them out. They would have just kept eating till they couldn’t physically manage it any more.

The dark Reptilians though hypothetically use several strategies of predatory essence stripping telepathy – some eight of which will be discussed here.

 The Greys on the contrary hypothetically practise a great amount of synthesis and investment in their nihilistic essence farming and tend to operate more in groups.

Theirs is more a social effort amongst humanity with a social priority of obtaining ‘how to’ manuals stripped from human experiences with which to feed their mutations.

The Greys practise in groups an organised and active synthetic nihilism and invest more than the Reptilians in the physical manifestation of the nihilist web that is to entrap their creative and mind-orientated prey.

They use elaborate social theatre that targets social tool use and other creative processes within the target society and its demography. To this end they will creatively invest in the social process that will engage their prey.

 The dark (reptilian) predator that predates on energy rich intelligent life does so utilising a process rather like the feeding mechanism of the jungle mosquito.

This latter creature alights on the exposed skin and its snout plunged into the vein injects an anti-coagulant (a false and persistent contradiction and distortion to the bodies natural integrity) so that the blood flow will continue unabated by natural clotting until the creature is satiated.

When this same process of predation is enacted with intelligent behaviour in terms of ideological constructs, the anti-coagulant that neutralises the minds defences appears much more sophisticated. Though it is not.

 When a human being is born on Earth, usually a soul with highly creative tendencies, therefore good farming stock, that person is deliberately traumatised by events beyond their control in their earlier years .. then archetypes of those dark situations or recombinations of these manifest regularly/periodically thereafter throughout life as psychological blockers or inhibitors of aspiration. This to drag us back down under controls.

It is as if there is a countercurrent or countersong to our creative aspirations locking us with its nihilistic counterpoint in linear time throughout our years.

Even some variation of the same events that trouble us manifest in a recurrent way. Arguably this could be called Karma.

Isaac Newton stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, though it may well be that the action of getting born and being traumatised by our farmers sets us into a pattern or theme we might find hard to shift out of without Angelic help.

Human society is bound up in a jungle of psychological investments in relationships, artefacts, infrastructures, beliefs, tools, creations and recreations, and relationships. All of these are maintained and enacted and re-enforced by the currency and psychic energy and social activities we generate out of our own personal creativity and investments, our psychological self-esteem and our vision of social integrity.

 Much of such people who are invested in the world also have their sex drive and all energies pertaining to its expression in many of these ‘investments’. E.g. sports car, house, status symbols etc

 The human mind though tends to be bound up in the details of our transactions and investments and it begins to externalise and recognise itself not in terms of its resonance with the highest source, but with a world populated by the fruits of its investments.

These assets therefore become the mirror of the soul or spirit rather than a fellowship of the highest love.

That kind of human being has become worldly and invests in the fellowship of the world. However in the semantic jungle of this world of energy investments, psychic, magnetic and aspirational investments in artefacts and other social tools and materials lurks an entirely different kind of being with a totally different set of priorities that have nothing whatsoever to do with the human agenda.

 In the jungle of human psychological and psychic energy investments lurks amongst other predators, the dark reptilian.

 The mechanism has a biological analogy in the bite of the mosquito, yet to the human mindset, immersed in intellectual human culture the problems posed by this encounter appear much more sophisticated than they actually are.

 A basic universal law is, that states of high energy discharge to states of low energy across a common medium.

However for the social vampire the skill of the feeding process is in the construction of a mutually agreeable interface, a bridge or conduit, like the aqueducts of ancient Rome down which the human waters of life can flow.

This bridging activity by the psychic Vampire targets several of the psychological and social investments and relationships that the victim uses to mirror his or her self-esteem.

It may take the form of an untruth or contradiction, or unjust contempt of some obvious thing that we take to be true, it may undermine the artefacts and things in our life that we use to make us feel good about ourselves and it may directly misrepresent or mislead our status quo.

We can be rubbed up the wrong way or wound up so that we vent our energies to set things right.

 For the Vampire, like the mosquito, having injected the anti-coagulant of  distortion into our self-image and esteem, the feed comes from the investment made by our will and our driving of biologically based psychic energy that seeks to clean our mirror of the self so that we can re-iterate our own vision of personal integrity.

Often many targeted people, not knowing to pray to enliven and lift their frequencies, could still feel depleted after they have eaten food as they cannot get enough of that finer energy returned to them from their foods as they try to recharge their batteries.

They may also eat too much.

 Generally both species, both dark Reptilian and Grey contest with us to usurp our life space our minds and our intentions and attention.

As humans we don’t have much of an inner life per se … having not been borne or configured as DNA in a very facilitative way. What we do instead, rather is extend ourselves into the world by the use of our senses. E.g. hearing, touch, taste, smell, sight and sometimes the odd urge from our deliberately dysfunctional 6th sense.

 Its easy for both these sets of beings because they can see what we are thinking, maybe even visually. There are books that suggest they can do that. [CW Leadbeater, ‘The Hidden Side of Things’, and, I Swedenborg]

 Our intentions are quite logical, and so is the predation.

IF X THEN Z – that is we want to obtain Z by doing X.

Z, though is maybe made out of 2 components A and B.

For the essence predator to successfully hack a chunk of our essence investment they would produce a refutation of Z, or what we wanted to achieve.

Their hijack Y, might be of the form Y = notB which was one of the components of the Z we originally wanted.

Instead of us getting Z therefore – we end up with Z minus Y, which is a distortion or negation of our social function and integrity.

Y is a confidence trick – but how does the essence predator pull it off.

 The answer lies in the way the human mind works for it extends in a linear way.

e.g. suppose that the human attention span can only take in a block of eight at a time from the following list:

 [A B C D E F G H] I J K L M N O P Q [R S T U V W X Y Z]

 When the predator presents us with Y = notB at time 1, we can only look back as far as R in that block around Y. By the time we get round to time 5, we may then discover that B is equals to Y .. but we couldn’t spot it at the time. But by then we have been essence robbed and our lotus has been plucked by a lotus eater.

 The attacks tend to target the creative, recreative, facilitative and nurturing aspects of the creative soul. It is by a process of farming, a war on our nurturing way of being.

For these predators, pleasure is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The idea that someone would come for you to engage in life filled and pleasurable and creative activity; either religiously, socially, facilitatively, in friendship or even sexually is to the self made and self sustained tyrant an act and mindset of weakness.

 There are a few examples of predatory Reptilian vampiric strategies that employ entropic nihilism. 


I would call this a direct attack on my empathic processes and my natural tendencies.

I am a Scottish fiddle player by profession and on the night of the Lammas tide full moon, a Celtic and pagan ritual evening which had fallen on a mundane looking weekend day I had been innocently engaged to play session music in a Scottish dance band which had been missing one of its members. The young dark haired lady fiddle player showed me something which at the time I did not recognise to be totally impossible. She was here to play this gig with her violin, happily part of this band, a long way from home, no hospital or doctors nearby or really very accessible and she had the tip of the middle finger of her left hand completely missing. At least as far as my human mind could understand or recognise.

This is the hand she would use to finger her notes for several hours on the steel strings of her violin.

What I saw was that the thick layer of skin on her fingertip had been completely cut off revealing a blue and pulpy, soft innervated layer underneath. It was as if a thick layer of peel had been taken off an orange to expose the segments of fruit underneath.

That had to be hurting very very badly.

There was no blood, no clotting, no fluids, no seeping just blue pulpy stuff.

She said that she had cut her fingertip off in a recent kitchen accident.

Recent Scientific and Industrial press coverage of a similar incident 5 years later only just announced that someone had miraculously regrown their finger tip using a new sort of chemical dubbed ‘pixie dust’ .. i.e. A compound of metabolic enhancers.

This however was a ceilidh, hours of lively Scottish dance music  during some full moon festival and this lady proceeded to play her violin without missing too many notes.

As I was playing the same notes as her, I was acutely aware that every time I fingered my middle finger on the fingerboard that I was bleeding waves of nervous and psychic sympathy to this unusually gifted lady. I could feel the tugs on my solar plexus. It was an unusually depleting event for me.

I was so psychologically invested as a being into the psychology and energy of violin playing that my flowing river of life could be hijacked by a mind control trick.

She had created for me and my sympathetic nature an energy black hole in the music that we were both playing.

My heart and life went out to her every time I used my middle finger on the violin at the same time that she would be using hers.

She thereafter proceeded with a lively career in Scottish music either finding new uses for rubbery and shreddable sub-cutaneous tissues on steel cheese wires or magically regrew the thick skin on her finger tip without the aid of the millennial antiquated pharmaceutical industry – perhaps using a totally different kind of ‘pixie dust’.  


This is a form of predation that is indirect and very hard to pick out from the background of our ongoing spiritual commitments to a very needy and chaotic world and also God’s will for us as beings.

For me, as a Christian, it is very clear that Christ said that we should be prepared to lay down our lives for our friends, give them the coats off our backs and if they want more clothes or food give them those things too, also that we should disperse our possessions and turn the other cheek. Therefore if a relationship is actually predatory, Vampiric and abusive we must each make our own assessment of what is right and wrong in each unique context according to our conscience and the teachings and advice of the Church.

However, as a guide, there are actually not one but two obligations and realities laid upon ourselves by our new Covenant with Christ.

One is that, loving God, we give to our Brothers and Sisters, the other though is that we look after our own integrity by love of that small part of our self too.

Our call to self-sacrifice is a test of our Faith and also God’s will for us as individuals.

No plant cell in the vine that made a natural career out of giving and passing on the water of life to its peers still operates as such if it was totally depleted and empty. Its body would disintegrate. In terms of life force predation though we as cells in the vine can hope for the guidance and intercession of the rest of the vine lest our soul would be caused to disintegrate as in Psalm 139.

Losing the body in the world is not the same issue as the future and calling of our heavenly body with which we would become re-instated. Evil would have us totally and absolutely die in body, mind and spirit.

The Holy Spirit would have otherwise.

 For example it was not given to Paul in the Book of Acts to immediately surrender himself to the children of the world on several occasions as he was always guided out of trouble and not into an opportunity to pass over prematurely.

His integrity was therefore maintained by all concerned.

As loving beings that nurture and facilitate therefore when faced with life-threatening and soul-threatening abuse it seems subjective where we may if we choose draw the line.

We are all given by God to do many different things, but we must also love ourselves as we love God, and also love our needy brothers and sisters.

In big nihilistic internet debates, sometimes from people claiming to be of a Naga (Reptilian) soul group from Tibet that use versions of mysticism we are asked to mindlessly surrender and empty ourselves and to let go of any necessity to maintain our integrity.

 We should know though that only in the pits of planet Earth is there a thought of depletion that prevails – for in the realms abundantly supplied by God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, that high energy, high frequency life from the Kingdom of God can do anything it pleases with and to material objects in this dark and lowly universe.

For God nothing is impossible – thus we may be put to the test in this way, and we then put our Faith in things beyond any lowly thing we could have invested in or lost in this world. This kind of predation therefore becomes unimportant to us. At that point the Saints and Angels have come to our aid to lift us up like lost sheep beyond the reach of the evil that so plagues us.

Or indeed re-equip us to carry on the works of God. 


In our mental architecture are the embedded regrets and omissions that have given shape to our psychological and psychic energy resonance with accepted visions of success and failure.

This is a somewhat unique superstructure and the effects of such investments of life may be visible in our body energy centres called chakras in Eastern Mysticism.

There is a belief system called Theosophy and a 19th Century writer called C W Leadbeater who wrote and painted his observations and images from his enhanced perceptions of coloured lights around people pertaining to their moods and state of mind or health.

Clearly any predator that was using this information would be able to observe and interrogate our aspirations and responses and mood swings in terms of flashes or changes of colour. These could reveal weaknesses in our self-image as we respond to imposed tribulations in lots of colourful and juicy ways.

Some of those flawed assumptions and beliefs are rather like a visible house of energy cards made out of our hopes and relative failures and might be visible to the predator in an environment where they are being challenged, contrasted and contradicted by a paragon of relative excellence.

The predator may unfavourably compare us to some paragon of excellence, by imposing a false and unjust comparison and we, not being centred attempt to level ourselves with this caricature.

When we level with and negotiate with the caricature of excellence posing as a paragon of excellence we are pouring our waters of life down a conduit and supplying a meal to a predator.

The predator has introduced distortions of self-image into our mirror of self-esteem and the energy rich re-investment in actions we then take to then clean our mirror of self is then assimilated by the predator.


In whole textbooks written by beings such as Emmanuel Swedenborg and C W Leadbeater in the 19th century schools of Theosophy thoughts and thought-forms and other energy processes within the human being are easily readable and classifiable.

Individual thoughts themselves and their external manifestation that is hidden or occult to the human being are given grand and beautiful names such as the ‘Rose of X’. The inference is that to a certain order of human looking beings these thoughts are visible and classifiable and identifiable and part of a very hidden library of scholarly work that does not open its doors to humanity.

Given that the energy flowers on our bodies and the thoughts we emit and create are visible it becomes very easy to assume that some beings amongst us can isolate them and remove them.

Our lotus, the flower looking energy centres also called chakras on our human bodies can be picked and eaten by the lotus eaters.

I was once working for some musicians and we were all in the room together for band practise and we were composing some songs and tunes. Now I have a penchant for medieval composition and was just starting to arrive at formulating a new melody, but before I could articulate it by playing it – somebody else in the room who had absolutely no history of composition let alone medieval composition was playing the tune I was about to play as if it were her own.

She had effectively stolen it from me.

My newly emerged and easily identifiable musical flower had been plucked by someone who later called herself Morduki and who also was caught making clicking and phonetically hard K sounds of the type known to be part of Reptilian dialects.

Picking or negating the thoughts as they emerge in the human mind can be used in all sorts of situations to panic the human when he/she needs to be able to use judgement.

This in conjunction with a presentation of abnormal and unreasonable behaviour to the victim and then alleging that the victim has caused this display by being irrational whilst the human is dumbfounded and disturbed by their lack of ability to explain their absence of mind or recognise the change of social context can enable the victim to be prosecuted for being in a schizophrenic state.

Under other circumstances, blanking can be used to cause motor accidents e.g. at critical turns or other manoeuvres an interception of attention could be disastrous.


This essence stripping attack begins with a reasonable but fake looking proposition that the natural consequences of ones chaotic worldly context can mean sudden danger or emergency and hardship at any time. Ie. The sudden presentation of a social threat of imminent harm. Then a series of re-enforcing encounters occur as if that proposition were true.

It is in fact a confidence trick but employs our fear based fight or flight reaction to stampede us into reactive use of life essences.


The predatory Reptilian puts a little bit into this attack, thinking it’s a safe bet for a bigger return. The victim is driven and slightly augmented and then encouraged to invest more self belief and psychic energy and is tricked into an augmented mindset by flattery, then the rug is suddenly pulled out from under the human by some very exaggerated betrayal.  The enhanced spiritual anguish of the betrayal and disintegration of psychic energy is a rich pay off for the predatory Reptilian.


Sympathetic overbear works by social levelling where relative friendship and sympathy is misused and comprises the deliberate introduction of an unexplainable perhaps aberrant thought that is alien to and misrepresentative of the victim. This secondary process requires a rare investment by the dark Reptilian but can be used as part of the disorientation process in the Landmine and Stampede feeding strategy described above.


In the Theosophical belief systems of the 19th century there are textbooks written for people who can read human electromagnetic fields called auras and who can see thought forms and the processes of the mind within our energy envelope.

The human mind though cannot recognise such things as it tends to be on lower frequencies and often driven by more basic urges other than to look up and pray.

To some beings therefore – it is possible to suggest – aspects of our mentality are entirely visible and transparent.

I propose therefore that in a telepathic encounter some aspects of our beliefs and unsubstantiated assumptions and contradictions that we tend to disregard to focus on other issues are visible to the predator.

In this predatory exchange the dark Reptilian focuses on enhancing the positive side of our allegedly secret contradiction – similar to the sympathetic driving strategy except this is covert, then the dark Reptilian demolishes the victims cherished psychic investment releasing energy for consumption.


In the work by Kurt Lewin called Field Theory in Psychology, 1952 there is described a process where the person can be; anti-social and there is field independence and sharpening, or social, where there is field dependence on the input of others. In this system transfers and transactions between people take place when they level the playing field between one another. This is called levelling, and it is a relationship or relativity that may take an investment of work on the part of one or both parties.

Indeed Wolfgang Kohler a contemporary of Lewin also published in 1952 a work based on the idea that electromagnetism also flowed between people on a similar field law to the group behaviour model.

Social levelling between dark Reptilians and their prey though can be used to form an empathic link at which simple or more complex forms of energy movements and investments can take place.


Often, many hours or days after some social event there will be recall of an irksome dialogue where we appear to be reliving the conversation that went wrong in some way. These scenarios can be very essence draining as we try to re-iterate and justify ourselves. These are not idle dreams though – these are real time encounters. These mindscape encounters will employ as if in real time the same kinds of essence grabbing strategies.

The after hours replays might become degradative to extract maximum efforts from our reassertions.


Human beings are not really that configured to remote view and do the occult stuff that we all hear about from people with more memories than they are letting on about. I.e. Several millennia worth of memories to be more accurate.

The blank-slate mind and being of the human being therefore might visualise a journey that he/she is about to make especially into familiar places. It might be though that these landmarks that we can remember because they are food shops or arty or intellectual places or places of learning or power etc appear in our minds already with a somewhat argumentative encounter that should not be happening in such a place already taking place in our minds before we even set off.

This is predatory vampirism which may actually manifest in some way in real time around one of these landmarks when we pass it.

Basically this is sympathetic or unsympathetic driving.


During some dark Reptilian social encounter – these beings may wish to target us at some later point in our day or our life. They will pick an activity that we are habitually engaged in from our surface thoughts and create a link to it in some real time conversation.

The association they create with our activity then kicks in later as we do our thing and their being and mindscape manifest in our attentions.

 Typical dark Reptilian accounting given that they may see in pictures might see us as an egg shaped cloud of light and in this aura of energy – they can pick out our strengths and our weaknesses.

e.g. a happy strong vibrant picture of a Scottish violin at a strength of 6 suggests that there is a juicy feed there … but how to get close … well there is a darker and weaker picture of a tennis racket at minus 1.

So if we get close and feed the tennis racket image plus 1, a small investment to obtain sympathy and resonance and empathy and levelling … one of the stripping techniques outlined above will relieve the fiddle player of 4 juicy vibrant violin energy points because they can’t play Mozart on the little grey matter processor that they have.

Thus – a net gain of 3 energy points for the dark Reptilian predator after deducations of outlay. 


In one of the many transactions for foods and services in human society, one may sometimes encounter a person – arguably not enjoying their job, behaving inappropriately. In the sale of food or services we somehow feel that we have overspent or underspent for more or less value than we had intended to receive. This strangely unsettling fact of an inappropriate transaction e.g. being obviously sold short measure means that we have bought a not Cup of something as opposed to a cup of something. We therefore expend mental energy cleaning our mirror of self-esteem. Somehow our spiritual energies then become depleted, perhaps because of the world being so chaotic.

Indeed we may dedicate our time out with our cup of coffee and its energy to processing our hard time and the bad time someone just created for us.


In social situations many people go by empirical social indicators and other non-verbal signs, such as posture, composure, appearance, use of language to inform them of the nature of the person. Sometimes though, no matter how high class all of our cues and behaviour are – we are treated unreasonably and misrepresented.

e.g.1 High Street record store … with expensive clothes and haircut and a new carrier bag with goods from another adjacent store … ‘what are you doing here, you don’t look like a customer.’

 e.g. 2  High Street Bank … with good clothes and haircut and calm demeanour and without engaging in any prior conversation .. help to leave the bank queue ‘with these people’. [that were standing in it] What was wrong with being like other people and standing in a queue ?  the nature of the language and the intercession itself disassociates my presence from the parade of the people of normal humanity. How therefore was it that Myself and People were mutually exclusive in her mind ?

 e.g. 3 Previously unknown Police in a Yuppie District of Leith with townhouses, condos and various other kinds of less well off properties mixed into an artisan type social district that was open late. ‘what are YOU  doing here ?’. In context at that time of the night any number of pedestrians might have been making their way home. Why also would it be an extraordinary event to see someone as educated looking as myself during late bar times in that district ?

 e.g. 4   DIY Store on a cold day. Looking for some gardening supplies went to reception to ask for a pen. Pen was refused because I didn’t look like a customer, but someone taking warm shelter from the cold. I suggested that that wasn’t fair at all and that I was looking for gardening supplies. Then a group of six people who had been standing there went into an outrageous song and dance routine that totally misrepresented  what I had been saying and the manner in which I had said it.

‘never heard anything like it .. etc’ and while I stood there listening to a horrid soap opera sketch my spirit body seemed to be getting buffeted and torn at as if their cruel words were somehow landing physical blows and tears.

That whole event was unbelievable and outrageous and totally misrepresented my social skills and character.


Human beings tend to think what they see or hear in a linear way and if we can see a bit of road and we intend to walk up to a certain small landmark on it .. we have paid our energy investment to obtain our goal. Then somebody comes from nowhere to walk into our path and cross our path at the last moment. Our energy outlay for destination W was X, but now to achieve W we must cater for X-Y, where Y is a juicy vampire hijack.


Sometimes people seem to get in our faces at times we need to be alone and then we recall them later on because they have stuck in our minds and then we may get involved in a negative conversation with them.

The Greys on the other hand have one basic feeding and mining strategy generally different to the needs and uses of the Reptilians.

Their mining and negation and human soul disintegration serves a communal purpose and not the immediate needs of a more solo and  selfish Reptilian predator.

 The Greys and their nihilism are a synthesis of misused social values presented to the people that they are stripping that they may re-supply what they harvest from us to their hungry and needy new hybrids.

Their social diligence and commitment makes the dark Reptilians by contrast look like real wasters.

 They appear to have ambitions to harvest the human populations.

 From the birth of Radio Eugenics in the 1960’s  to its more advanced ideas as seen in the world Transhuman Movement that occur from the 1990’s, Transhumanism has become a global organization of scientists who advocate uploads for all, and who give deference to the rise of the super intelligent machine.

Although they are anti-irrationalist and anti-religious and sound convincing there are currently no publications anywhere that would justify their own faith in the success of human technology to achieve their stated goals.

Drew Hempel notes that in 1975 Oliver Reiser and the World Institute editor Ervin Laszlo published the real Matrix plan called Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.

According to Hempel, the 1975 book calls the plan, The Matrix prominently and repeatedly many years before the  Hollywood film, and states that humans will be in Techno-Samadhi as the neuroblasts and Electronic tubes for the new World Mother. According to this plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like an egg, the humans and the environment are to be fed off as energy for the evolution of the Matrix. Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted by the World Institute – except now it is called orthosynthesis. In Techno-Samadhia a person does not breath or think words – they are hooked up to satellite systems and used as energy that controls and manipulates higher dimensional space-time.  This to me sounds like the inside of an alien hive. This is all detailed in Cosmic Humanism and World Unity – the actual plan for the Matrix.

The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion called cosmic humanism now called transhumanism – or in general techno-spirituality.

This matrix plan sounds like the language and ideology of grey and reptilian  hive creation and its consumption and harvesting of spirit as described is how I understand that the hive process works. I have spoken to people who are hooked up to or fighting the assimilation process of this collective. It is an empty and hungry hive that needs new people to feed from to keep its higher echelons in the manner to which they have become accustomed as they roll across this galaxy. I suspect that a large amount of human population has been handed over in trade to these beings.

In order for the aliens to assimilate us into their matrix I have formed the theory that they act upon us by presenting the anti-thesis to every kind of aspiration and hope that we may possess. The aliens would engineer and present negative counter examples to our best personal and social hopes so that they can make us feel cut off and isolated and disorientated. By thus isolating us in a hopeless state we become easier to acquire and manipulate.

It’s true to state that I have an actual real time example of them trying to do that with me. I owned this beautiful, rich and empowering red raincoat. It was a classy item made in Germany with the best of German engineering etc etc it was disaster proof, rugged, made to last etc I was walking through the park when I saw two cars come along the park road. Both were red.

The first car was a beautiful new expensive small car the same colour red as my coat, and the other car following directly behind, driving illegally, was a dark, very old rusty red small car  and as the two cars passed by I immediately spotted that it appeared that someone had taken a pot of the beautiful fresh red expensive paint the same colour as the front car and of my coat and had arbitrarily splashed it as if thrown onto the hood of the following car.

It wasn’t some new artform … it was as if the fresh new red was being thrown downmarket and being transferred and downgraded onto something old and past it. The values of my red coat were being depressed. As soon as I recognized the total bizarre impossibility of there being anywhere a pot of paint that would ever be thrown on a car hood and the same colour of red as the car in front and my coat I just said … you’ve got to be kidding. As soon as I said that … the old car suddenly stopped in the road and sat there and put on its hazard warning lights – like I had just terminated a sub-routine in a computer program. In my opinion, the aliens had been presenting social theatre to counter and negate my feeling of integrity and social independence. If its happening to me – its also happening to many others too. Trying to get us to stop resisting the upload by making us feel hopeless. Whatever good things we have – these particular aliens want us to feel disappointed with.

 What I had just observed was social theatre that had created disturbing recombinations around familiar patterns, objects and symmetries such that it produces a devaluation of and transfer of our aspirations and  attitudes towards something good onto lesser quality social objects and social investments. In this case overt degradation.

The Greys, however, use covert tactics too to gather their soul bits and pieces or soul-dust as per the recent movie ‘The Golden Compass’.

You could ask if it were humanly possible to recognise the difference between Grey and Reptilian telepathy and the answer would be that even if we could process this information at human speeds, whatever was happening would be all over before we could identify the perpetrators. We do know that the end effect in both cases is an annulment of something of ours that is good.

I do propose though that there is a more general way to tell the difference between Grey and Reptilian soul stripping activities.

The selfish magus type dark Reptilian predator is more into smash and grab tactics and instant meals whereas the Greys are more into highly detailed investments with an eye for the long haul and the bigger picture.

Gradual and slow and insidious negation strategies that slowly and comprehensively negate based on the sensory outlooks of their targets as defined in NLP, neural linguistic programming personality types such as; touch centered person, taste, visual, audio centered person etc are probably deployed.

E.g. the victim is encouraged to embrace self-destruction through the sensory processes by which they extend into the world. If that is taste for example – then expect a sugar overload.

These are slow long-term exits and comprehensive negations by complex social processes in a broader context. i.e. synthetic nihilism as opposed to the selfishly motivated entropic nihilism of the solo dark Reptilians.


A symptom of Grey assault in humans is a person who for some reason talks loudly in public places. [The psychiatric industry has other diagnoses for this kind of behaviour obviously]

In the natural universe, natural telepathy e.g. in hive behaviour in the bees, ants and wasps is a given and the interconnectedness of many lower animals was documented in Lyall Watson’s famous book ‘Supernature’.

Telepathic aliens have been discussed academically by people such as Professor John Mack, Dr Jacobs, Dr Salla and we can generally be agreed upon the fact that humans don’t tend to feel the same kind of connections to the inner and higher source of life as the more telepathic beings seem to enjoy.

Consequently the average untelepathic and disconnected human being is not inward looking but outward looking, searching for expression in and investment in the external social context in terms of e.g. status symbols or other social credence.

When the Greys attack a human being by blanking, unlike the (usually) solo dark Reptilian, they make a concerted and comprehensive effort to totally negate and suffocate and entirely stop the mind.

When the human eventually struggles to reboot – they will forcefully externalise and outpour their mental process to aid them reconnecting with their external worldly context.

It might be therefore that the Greys can predict the order of what comes up in our minds when we reboot and during our re-iteration and vindication phase before the time we regain our composure – they may insert other obstacles into our path that help to negate our reason for being.

Human beings predated on in this manner whether by dark Reptilians or Greys or some other inner planes based monster – if such predation actually exists for real may feel that they are being drained but don’t know how to detach the vampire.

We on our own can do nothing … but Saints and Angels love us, thus we should raise our mindset and our spiritual vibration to tune up to a higher resonance.

However, if we are alone and in the dark we may start to feel abused and somewhat desperate if we lose our Faith.

Often these parasitic links although metaphysically attached are focussed around the attention to certain kinds of object that pertain to our unsatisfactory choices in the material world.

These objects could be domestic or cultural ingredients of the parasitic link and therefore serve as a focal point for the central themes of the anti-coagulant that our mosquito/vampire is injecting.

It might be seen by some people that destroying that object or part of it might break them free and destroy or disintegrate the process of the psychic predatory link.

The strategy of overt physical breakage isn’t socially desirable – it is psychotic and it may actually wring more juice out of the nervous system for the predator.

Prayer is the key here in my opinion.

 To conclude therefore, there might be a great many more strategies than I have illustrated in use on this planet – amongst a cleverly designed millennial old soul farm that has been processing humans and their infrastructure for millennia.

Arguably all the social systems this planet has evolved in the last 12000 years since Atlan and the Wars of the Fall so evident in infrastructure on Earth, the moon and mars, have been controlled cul de sac charades.

If such vampiric processes do exist, they cannot be seen by the human eye or touched by the human hand … but perhaps if we are guided by our hearts in this matter rather than by our easily fascinated and distracted mind .. we will come to terms more quickly with the fact that we as human beings are not the most telepathic beings around and that with so many wrong turnings and dark cul de sacs on offer even within the alleged sanctuary of our own minds – that unless Christ and the Holy Spirit makes its home there – we will be open to betrayal and abuse.