by Andrew Hennessey

 On the evening of  Tuesday 21st August  2007 Jackie Gillies drove down his usual route to the portal area at the local Crichton Castle ruin, where the last week he had filmed a UFO taking off from that vicinity and had thereafter met two strange ladies on the path from the castle.

Tuesday night as Jackie rounded up his dogs to head home, a strange young man from a black car followed him round the castle walls.

Crichton castle reputedly haunted with ghosts and strange watchdogs reputedly werewolves and all sorts of monsters that could keep folks away on nights such as these.

Also adjacent to a massive cavern system. 

As Jackie drove down the narrow country road back to Gorebridge, he passed the farm and its lands that had previously moved a dairy herd adjacent to where some alien activity on the ground had been taking place.

As he stopped the car – he heard then saw three low flying military jets roar over the neighbourhood alerting individuals outdoors that some sort of military thing was happening or about to.

 Next up Jackie films two UFO’s … one a big cyclindrical vertically stacked device with a big tube coming out of it. It had a glass domed control room on the top.

He has some clear pictures of that.

Flying above it was a smaller escort craft.

Next into view – the sight of half of a bull – the top half rising up into the air.

Presumably being gathered into the container ship through the extended tube – like a combine harvester.

He has a clear photo of that.

The aliens perhaps showing their traditional interest in the cattle brain, its lymphatic system and its cerebro-spinal fluid.

 For some reason best known to the extra terrestrials, the scout patrol ship did not stop Jackie from filming this transaction.

Perhaps the local farm has a legitimate contract to supply a herd to a meat packing firm.

So what ? as long as its legitimate and humane.

For some reason, Jackie has been allowed to film many different things that show there is an alien social infrastructure embedded in and endorsed by pseudo-human interests on the planets surface.

 Local deep alien bases with simple sales contracts with human cattle farmers .. what could be wrong with that picture .. we see it all the time at walmart without the aid of levitational tools.

Let us hope that this harvester has no beef with us humans.

Certainly darth vaders young apprentice with the light sabre appears to make short work of the average herd.

I get the feeling that messing about with these aliens could be a big mis steak J




this is a picture of the grabbing and lifting device the aliens use to get the cattle with - in the embrace of the 2 pronged grabber is half a bull .. its top half was in one of the other phots I sent you.
the whole footage frame by frame is sensational ...
and the guys in the accompanying scoutship didn't mind ... looks like the ETs are disclosing stuff.