by Andrew Hennessey

We have all known that the establishment is collaborating with the extra terrestrial presence.

There’s evidence for that that goes back to 1047BC never mind 1947 AD.

Maybe though its not quite so simple for the powers that be in the face of rabid and overwhelming technological and logistical superiority. Perhaps, though, more realistically the Reptilian Overlords who run the planet have made certain social and economic decisions as to what to do with the remainder of humanity, their livestock, before the Earth changes eliminate the production infrastructure of their farm.

 We have all seen the movies … little boys ‘being Good’ with nice spacebrothers, and we all watch in wonder as little ETs conduct miracles of medical technology, and Hollywood rolls out the PR job.

We’ve seen leading exopolitical PhD’s abandon reason to whitewash reports of Greys criminality.

It has to be said though by folks like e.g. Paul Schroeder, and indeed myself, that those glamorous things we are being led to project on our all conquering space brothers seem to be more than a little misguided.

The Greys and some Reptilians appear to some witnesses to be stripping our souls our minds and our bodies. [Streiber, Schroeder, Hennessey]

Indeed many experiencers, including myself, know some of them to be rather evil in their agenda.

 Perhaps we are simply making an emotional mistake by trying to interpret more civilised and advanced motives … or perhaps those of us who have been subject to the darkness that some of them can produce have really identified a bunch of spiritual thugs that we should never aspire to be near and expect to continue to live safely.

 Cold logic, hive minds, software downloads, skills uploads … where do all these modules come from. How many beings have been stripped out to supply those ? A seeming legion of assimilated and possessed assets with dark demonic agendas and some relatively heavyweight interstellar technology.

Some of their 21st Century victims identify biblical phenomenon being deployed against them.

 Given though that our planet is the property of the Reptilian Annunaki who have far more heavyweight technologies even from the time of Atlantis still deployed here … then the status quo for humanity however enforced is ultimately Reptilian, not Grey.

If this were not so … then we would all have seen the most disturbing things as energy to matter minds and technologies melted and contorted our infrastructure and social assets and indeed ourselves into a living nightmare.

Like huge tree roots of a big tree out of the ground like an octopus for example.

I have personally seen a demonstration of this … so arguably its why I’m told ‘you can’t tell the people .. (mate)’ or why I’m shouted at by a Fortean illuminati at the top of his lungs and vocal capacity ‘I don’t believe in aliens’.

Maybe he just believes that beings to beings the universe o’er are brithers for a that … which isn’t really what most Et species believe if you listen to their histories e.g. Alex Collier

My own take on this is that the people cannot be told in case they want a piece of the pie.

Someones getting big pieces of pie from our universal space brothers though.

Maybe folks meant that you can’t tell the people that they are not brothers ?

We need not necessarily be grateful to our Reptilian overlords for their policing of the status quo .. as their interest is more in terms of productivity and livestock management rather than any spiritual or aesthetic social consideration.

There are though an obvious contingent of good Elohim or Watchers who do police the social simulations on planet Earth.

We are after all a working spiritual hospital here on the planets surface.

 I’ve written at length about my own survival of extra terrestrial torture conducted by the Greys as indeed has Paul Schroeder written about his, but it rather took me by surprise to discover what I’m about to tell you.

 One afternoon when I was in the National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh in January 2005  I was looking at the huge wallhanging of the insectoid beehive that reminded me of the design of the new Scottish Parliament building. It was hanging in a new hall constructed from money that came from an estate near Blueblood Rosslyn, the Hawthorn Den estate [the Hawthorn tree is a faerie symbol].

I then strayed into the adjacent ‘Art and Industry Since 1850’ exhibit next to the café on the ground floor.

 The Scottish establishment has a long and unfortunate history of selling its own people down the river.

Even Masonic superhero Robert Burns in the late 18th Century wrote of a Parcel of Rogues buying and selling us all for English gold.

Indeed Edinburgh has a long anti-Christian tradition that it goes to great lengths to promote in public view.

 I can confirm that that same Parcel of Rogues in the 21st century at 18/01/05 appear from the official exhibition called ‘Art and Industry Since 1850’ at the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, Edinburgh – to be celebrating the fact that they have bought and sold the Scottish population for Genetic Gold to Alien Invaders.

 You’ll get the message as soon as I describe the exhibit, but let me tell you that I have cellphone pictures of this exhibit that for legal reasons cannot be directly shared. I drew an artistic interpretation that conveys the essence of what is there though which I include.

When I made enquiries about taking better photographs of this stuff they withdrew the exhibit and officially ‘rotated’ it.

Subsequent checking, December 2007, in their archives in the museum itself shows that the items in the exhibit appear with only one exception to have been totally ‘rotated’ into a parallel universe and made to disappear without a trace.

 Ok, then, what did I see … ‘I saw a green gold B movie large half egg, like the egg of some alien that Sigourney Weaver might have torched .. made into a .. ‘cup of communion’ … Perchance akin to the Communion described by Whitely Streiber and the soul stripping of personnel described in his ‘log cabin encounters’.  I saw a big long vase like a stick insect that was somewhat jagged and could have been seen in the context of an abduction enforcer … maybe a mantis.

I saw a coffee jar with a Grey wrapped around it … no doubt with a taste for things human … I saw a petite lycra jacket covered in and patronising famous and some obscure Multinational Industrial logos for that ‘well travelled shopper’ … I saw a curious clock made out of salvaged scrap material … ‘found materials’ .. for the ultimate rag and bone merchants … and I (I paraphrase and construe) saw a special medieval style jacket ripped artistically and made ragged in a fashionable way for us humans in our Punk style.

It to me was an identification of the punk style of archaic mediaevalism with the human condition.

The humans that came into contact with these beings  got a hard tearing time of it, seemed to be a given .. but that they were really punks that were of an older phase needing a hard lesson and evolutionary distressing.

It seemed to me to suggest that human punks needed to be torn up and that the establishment fully endorsed and encouraged the tearing and distressing.

This exhibit was really an illustration of a bill of sale of the rights of humanity to evil alien rag and bone merchants.

In context of the exhibited alien pastiche, the punk phase being referred to is not merely a phase in the designers career.

The aches and pains and sorrows of trauma and abduction were being symbolised as a methodical and evolutionary stressing and tearing of punks bodies by some well travelled shoppers and more evolved beings.

It seemed to me that the establishment were using the monies of the Scottish taxpayer to celebrate the betrayal of the average Scottish taxpayer or ‘punk’  to a bunch of evil aliens. 

I can see why the museum authorities subsequently buried that exhibit as their supreme arrogance and delusional mindset was more than apparent to anyone who could see it.

 As one of the ‘punks’ that got sold down the river I might take this opportunity to point out that I am a professional musician and artist, writer and poet and I have developed several ideas and specifications for interstellar technologies ranging from;  particle physics, stardrives, artificial intelligence, new game theory, new cosmology, new systems theory and a new architectural vision for human society.

 Definitions of Punk can include;  antisocial behaviour and dress, aggression, prostitution but obviously the establishment have added

the word ‘whatever’ to that list to enhance their economic prospects.

 Of course in the interests of interstellar race relations I am willing to either apologise or be apologised to if that will enable these Beings to cease their ongoing hostilities towards our  ‘punk humanity’ that are perhaps encouraged or were instigated by the Reptilian establishment.

 As a mere human punk though it was somewhat refreshing to see the disappearance of the intellectual and spiritual sh*t on display and am pleased to see that it went back upstairs where it came from.