by Andrew Hennessey


Newbattle Abbey at Eskbank near Edinburgh has been long known as an area of strange activity.

Local Monks in medieval times, and Druids and Templars, Magicians and Wiccans had been said to congregate in the older underground chambers and caves that the later Christians had built over.

From certain vents and air holes above these in the 1970’s could be heard the sound of machinery chugging away from some deep place and certain people that one would associate with an army camp had it been open for business were frequently seen in the local woods.


Shuggy and his two other friends were playing, as children in the Gorebridge area often did, at Newbattle Abbey. They were looking for apples from the trees at the old army camp, which in the late 1960’s had been long abandoned and overgrown.

Through the tall wire mesh fences, their barbed wire, now rusted and a bit dangerous looking for a shaky climb, could be seen the old barrack huts with their dark broken windows and unsecured doors.

Undaunted by this scene, the three went over with the help of a tree and landed in the old compound amongst the weeds and the bushes.

Suddenly they froze.


No more than twenty yards away was a tall thin man in a dark suit.

He seemed to be looking away.

The boys immediately dropped down behind the bushes.

The man in the dark suit slowly turned round and his strange unseeing eyes began searching the bushes where they hid.

Run Shuggy, run said his friend.


When Shuggy got home, his Mother was sick with worry.

Where have you been ?

He had left home late morning with the intention of going to his Grandma for 2pm.

When he looked at the clock it was half past four in the afternoon and he had never arrived at Grandmas.

The situation was about to be relayed to the local constabulary.

Shuggy had no answer.

He had gone missing for several hours and he had no memory of where he had been or what had happened in that time.


His Mother served up tea, and after the meal they sat down on the couch to watch television.

It was about 9pm at night when there was a knock on the door.

The Mother got up to answer and when she opened the door, there were two men in black suits on her doorstep.

Shuggy started in fear when he realised that he recognised one of them.

It was the strange man from Newbattle army camp.

They were showing his Mother some sort of ID and she asked them in.

Terrified, Shuggy hid behind the couch .. a traditional place for children in those days who often watched the Sci Fi show called Dr Who.


The two men in black sat down and explained that they were looking for a runaway lunatic from a mental hospital that had recently escaped.

It was thought that he was in this area.

His Mother shook her head, she had heard or seen nothing.

Shuggy looked round the couch and his Man in Black friend was looking right at him.


The two men in black suits got up and left.


Shuggy though as he was growing up would play in the local fields around Gorebridge and Mayfield.

One night, he saw a silver dome land close by in a field adjacent to his house and it seemed to be glowing with a strange light,

Every night he looked over at that field for the next week … it was still there.

The local area seemed to be full of such strange activity.


On one of Shuggy’s rambles through the woods at Newbattle near the Abbey … he saw a strange little man in a silver suit lying down in a patch of wild garlic.

Shuggy was surprised, so he stopped and blinked and then suddenly the being was gone.

Walking over to where he had seen this vision because he could not believe his eyes .. He found a large crystal.

A strange gift.

Today Shuggy believes this to be a powerful alien artefact.


Another day whilst out on a walk at Gorebridge, Shuggy was on a forest path and was looking down the trail through the pine trees when he noticed a tall grey being walking towards him up the narrow stony path.

He was six feet tall and as he drew closer Shuggy could make out the detail of his wrinkly grey elephantine skin, noticing that this guy was just coming closer and closer.

He had a rounded grey pear-shaped head tapering to a pointed jaw with little mouth and as he looked into his bright blue almond eyes, Shuggs felt his soul light up.

He could feel the aliens intense knowledge and intelligence.

The Grey being was only a couple of feet away and then Shuggs saw a clan tattoo in this beings upper torso that he seemed to recognise from somewhere.

He had seen that design somewhere before and it had belonged to an important Alien war hero.


It seemed to Shuggy that he had been someone else and somewhere else before he was human.

Some strange group called the Federation on Earth got in contact with him asking him where the ships were going to land.

They were from Europe and seemed to have disposable wealth, quality academic qualifications and a need to hitch a lift out before the coming ice age when the Atlantic conveyor belt stops and we get a flash freeze in the Northern Hemisphere.

Shuggy is planning an expedition to a Federation pyramid in South America and the ships plan to fly the refugees to the alien city on mars that he has already been enabled to identify at Ianna Chaos plains.


In his dreams at night Shuggy would go flying … he would fly to the dark side of the moon or fly upwards to a sunny meadow and a grassy hill on which sat five swordsmen.

They would day to him … ‘we’re waiting for you .. are you coming ?’ … and he would say .. ‘No ! I’ve still got something to do …’

As a tarot reader Shuggy seemed to have strange and uncanny powers being able to predict deaths in people’s families .. a rather morbid gift that is actually traditional in Scotland with people who have the Second Sight according to the Reverend Robert Kirk in his collected Highland tales of 1697AD.


One day he told his Auntie that he could fly out of his body about the local neighbourhood and she had laughed.

The local neighbourhood was a post-industrial mining town constructed mainly of old red brick miners cottages and other tenements.

Yet there seemed to be rather a lot of strange talents in the peoples of  any of these local places around Edinburgh’s hinterlands.

Shuggs then said .. ‘I’ll pay you a visit and I’ll do something to let you know that I’m there ..’

He had returned that night flying as his resonant astral ghost to his Aunties house and it being near Christmas, there was a row of Christmas cards on a string pinned to the wall.

The ghostly Shuggs pulled one of the pins out of the little line and the cards fell to the floor.

The next day he met his Auntie and asked her if she had noticed anything .. She said ‘no she hadn’t.’

‘What about the Christmas cards falling from the wall’ he said.

She started then and looked at him .. And he smiled.


In later years on the Internet he would talk with American remote viewers and suddenly would find two of the people he had been chatting with on the net in his living room as balls of light.

They told him that they had been scanning his local neighbourhood by email and described his car and his locality.

Also strange magical people from magic sites would attempt to do battle with him using words and adjectives that would conjure the elements.

Fire they said … and Shuggs said back to them on the Internet .. Lightning and torrential rain.

He was contacted shortly after that by the Western Witch from Texas claiming that there had been a deluge of rain where she was staying and it had caused massive flooding. She called him the ‘Wicked Witch of the North’.

Despite this however, he was troubled by strange dreams of aliens digging and burying powerful stones in the local fields.


It was then that Shuggs started filming with his camcorder and it seemed to him that he was called outdoors at night to film an amazing array of small and big ships flying over.

He has those in high detail for the most part and has now several years of footage filming.

One of his most interesting encounters on film was a high resolution film of a glowing black triangle fly up through the stars of Orion’s belt above Rosslyn and head up into the stratosphere … and as it does so a small armada of several strange looking ferris wheel ships materialise for it to dock with. This on film.


They had about a dozen glowing gondolas on the end of spokes coming out from around a bigger central ship.

Similar to, though not as many as that were seen over Yucatan in Mexico.

Shuggs claims that aliens weave images or portals in the sky for him to look at and he even has some of this on film. Such as the faerie party over the grave of Merlin on the river tweed at Norham.


Glowing faerie figures woven out of glowing clouds dance like a puppet theatre before two tumbling UFO’s fly through to break the party up.

That camping expedition was additionally lit up by lightning strikes around the camper van.


In a recent escapade he claims to be able to see the city on Mars he discovered from NASA footage at Ianna Chaos in high detail in the clouds in front of him as if he were looking horizontally into another desert land that had imposed itself on the local green fields. His friend who was with him could see this highly detailed landscape too.

He said about this Empire that the people there were more human looking than alien and that they had a huge fleet.

From the NASA pictures, Ianna Chaos has three obvious pyramids and an undeniable mining complex and city towers.

He also claims that one night the distance between where he was, at Gorebridge, and Mayfield had been folded like space had been folded and that Mayfield which was several miles away was in fact seen only a few yards away.

Whilst this was going on, in the sky overhead he claimed that a large lenticular star destroyer was offloading items to an underground base in that area.

Such huge craft with three huge circular drive lights at the back have been filmed before from the other side of the Forth river estuary in Kirkcaldy by Steve X.  He has two hours of little glowing podships flying out of all the many decks and swarming in the sky around it like a cloud of flies.

Corroborated somewhat by yet another local from Mayfield reporting small orange ships flying overhead after launching off from the local Pentland Hills.
Shuggs has footage of Pentland Hill takeoffs too, as indeed does Ron Halliday of Stirling.


Shuggs was suggesting that some kind of Stargate apparatus was being employed to ferry invaders and their spoils and to import military hardware.

There is also a valley at an ancient site on Soutra Hill to the east of Edinburgh and north east of Gorebridge where alien activity is at a peak.

So much so that even the Midlothian local council has erected a plaque to commemorate the vision of the orange ball there by St Cuthbert in the Dark Ages of Scotland circa 500AD.

The ancient pilgrimage site and medieval hospital may well be adjacent to medical facilities rather superior to the National Health in Scotland

More like the National Elf Service.

Shugg’s has a massive orange spherical UFO on film recently and was badly ridiculed by people impersonating UFO investigators who publicly denounced and dismissed every bit of his footage as ‘total rubbish’.


Things would have gone well for Shugg’s if he had played along though .. but one night not to be outdone he claimed that he was going to do the Christmas card trick he did with his Auntie to the orbiting NASA space station.

Horribly enough … something did then go badly wrong with the space station though the damage was repairable.

Somebody had been flicking switches.


At that point therefore, enter Her Majesties finest special troops.

Various Internet dialogues start up and strange things start happening to Shugg’s Internet. Indeed it became very difficult to know what kind of Internet Shugg’s was on.

Some guy from Glasgow with a relatively insignificant bit of ‘lights in the sky footage’ was getting hundreds of thousands of hits on his site, but Shugg’s could only see a few hundred on his despite massive attempts to publicise his remarkable high definition images.

Special forces started telling him by email ‘that you can’t tell the people, mate’.


‘You can’t tell the people’ is a famous quote from UK, 1980’s, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in response to a situation in England at the time.

Shortly after that one of Shuggs’ ex-army colleagues died young.

It was a strange co-incidence and timely reminder that his life and his own family commitments were under scrutiny.


Shuggs took his family on a camper van holiday to Dumfries and Galloway.

Things though seemed to have been busy. A big forest fire amongst hectares of Scottish forest and wilderness that is largely inaccessible by roads and tourism was alleged to have been started by ‘careless campers’. This in late April.


A Dumfries and Galloway Fire and Rescue spokesman said: "We had to withdraw crews from the hillsides at night and we have not been asked to go back. The commission have brought in a specialist team."


So sixty plus experienced personnel were asked to stand down … and an ‘elite specialist team was brought in …’  It gets more like the X files thereafter because subsequent to the fire there has been a spate of UFO activity and sightings all over that area.

Then Shuggs with his camcorder Sunday may 6th 8.30pm in the Moffat (fire) area films what looks like a classic Adamski saucer type ship with what is generally acknowledged on important net forums as one of the worlds best bits of contemporary UFO footage. 

UFO recovery might realistically take place within 5-10 square miles of the fire but what or whom are the ET’s sweeping for 20 miles north …

Is captain goog and his first officer zarg still on the run … the problem for authorities is probably that neither weirdo in the silver suit  would make it past the nightclub exit in one of those Scottish borders towns on a Saturday night.

The night after Shuggs filmed that footage when the family woke up .. the camper van door was wide open … and Shuggs got up from where they had all been sleeping and went to look outside and noticed a glowing UFO taking off from the local woods.


In the stars overhead lay the answer to Shuggy’s quest.


Back home, the local UFO traffic came and went in regular and extraordinary ways .. with quite a lot of this movement going onto video tape.

Locally Crichton castle was known to be a portal area where faeries and werewolves, ghosts and demons came and went.

People heard strange growls and howls in the night air around there and it was as if some very strange watchdog lay in wait to guard the entrance way into the cavern system.

One night Shuggy took his dogs with his friend on that walk around the castle that led to ‘Dinosaur valley’ so called because of all the bleached and chewed big bones lying about.

In the Castle car park was another car, and in it an older lady.

As Jackie walked around the castle he saw a UFO taking off from the locality in the hillside beyond and forty minutes later when he was on his way back … he noted that the older lady was now not alone and was walking along the same path as he.

She was accompanied by another lady.

This being in the middle of nowhere it was hard to figure out where the extra lady had come from.

Shuggs started though when he saw that a very unique looking silver camper van had also parked up there. Being into this holiday making genre Shuggy new that it was a rare van … and that he remembers seeing an identical one in background shot on television news as part of the flooding in England stories then running on TV.

It stood out that he should remember it and there it or something identical to it was right in the middle of a close encounter scenario.

Who or what had told him to look out for that camper and how did they know it would be there at Crichton with Shuggs 400 miles North in a couple of days after its TV appearance.

Somebody had been looking at strange Space Traffic Control data.


On the evening of  Tuesday 21st August  2007 Jackie Gillies drove down his usual route to the portal area at the local Crichton Castle ruin, where the last week he had filmed a UFO taking off from that vicinity and had thereafter met two strange ladies on the path from the castle.


As Jackie drove down the narrow country road back to Gorebridge, he passed the farm and its lands that had previously moved a dairy herd adjacent to where some alien activity on the ground had been taking place.

There had been evidence of UFO landings in that field from flattened crops and landing furrows ploughed by some craft gliding to a stop. He had filmed some strange locals conducting some sort of magical ceremony there too.

It involved burying stones.

When he went back to look at the field the next day .. it became suddenly stormy and forked lighting flashed down to the ground around the field.


There is usually some off-putting strangeness around this cattle farm, and herds always seem to disappear out of sight down little valleys or so it seems.

Tonight as he stopped the car – he heard then saw three low flying military jets roar over the neighbourhood alerting individuals outdoors that some sort of military thing was happening or about to.

In all likelihood the extra terrestrials had created holograms of human technology and were belting out engine noise recordings to create the excuse to plausibly deny anything unusual that was next seen as a human military exercise.


Next up Jackie films two UFO’s … one a big cylindrical vertical detergent bottle shaped device with a big hoover-like tube coming out of it. It had a glass domed control room on the top.

He has some clear pictures of that.

Flying above it was a smaller escort craft.

Next into view – the sight of half of a bull – its severed top half rising up into the air.

Presumably being gathered into the container ship through the extended tube – like a combine harvester.

He has a clear photo of that.

The aliens perhaps showing their traditional interest in the cattle brain, its lymphatic system and its cerebro-spinal fluid.

They seem to be taking the top half of the animal - which contains the lymph glands brain and spinal fluids .. I strongly suspect that they conduct biological research and put all sorts of stuff into that dairy herd.

They are maybe interested in the immune system and central nervous system – perhaps implanting all sorts of maybe special alien tissues in these cattle. Or perhaps they just put them into a big liquidiser and bathe in the juices.

This latter has been noted by Scottish abductee Garry Woods taken on board from his local A70 roadside abduction near Tarbrax, in the 1990’s when he saw ET’s bathing in green juices.

There were cylindrical tanks of translucent green fluid in which were also swimming a few genetically engineered organisms like tapeworms whose functional role was to clean up the rubbish that was being excreted during bathing sessions.

This was also recorded in 1697AD by the Reverend Kirk of Aberfoyle Perthshire of these faerie beings feeding on essences through their pores.

It must be noted though that Kirk’s essences were of a non-biological nature unlike what we are hearing about these invaders.


For some reason best known to the extra terrestrials, the scout patrol ship did not stop Jackie from filming this transaction.

His car headlights only 400 yards away had to have been visible a long way off.

Perhaps the local farm has a legitimate contract on paper to supply a herd to a meat-packing firm.

What would the paper work show to the Inland Revenue .. a bill of sale to some Government cattle slush fund ?

It may be that the aliens bathe in liquidised cattle slush.

So what ? as long as its legitimate and humane.

For some reason, Jackie has been allowed to film many different things that show there is an alien social infrastructure embedded in and endorsed by pseudo-human interests on the planets surface.


Next on camera is a big two pronged cattle lifting device and platform with half a bull in its embrace and clear pictures of that.


Local deep alien bases with simple sales contracts with human cattle farmers .. what could be wrong with that picture .. we see it all the time at Wal-Mart without the aid of levitational tools.

Let us hope that this harvester has no beef with us humans.

Certainly Darth Vaders young apprentice with the light sabre appears to make short work of the average herd, though didn’t appear to leave much if any mess.

Such sights of cattle rendering, though a bit less wasteful, could be regularly seen in human terms in livestock situations in meat packing American stockyards at Chicago and Texas.

The sight of alien combine harvesters user-designed in size to take planet Earth bovine cattle does rather bring it home that the government definitely has not been telling the people for a long long time.


Shuggy at night relies on a hive network for his support and his essences. He feeds on the ideas that he feels he needs and that inside some dark hive full of television screens there is this seemingly endless larder of essence channels that he can acquire when he swims about.

All he needs do is grab onto any visible light channel that he can perceive in any one of the available TV screens and live and relive the bottled experience with the being or the genie in the bottle.

It may be that every life he has ever lived is so bottled and packaged and relatively inaccessible, or it may also be that these are the essences, memories and experiences of others.

It may be that in such hive collectives, such TV screens or packet meals get expended and their lights go out forever.

The need for energy and TV meals and predatory transactions though is endless for without them there is only dust, unless you are plugged into the True Vine of John 15 and fed on the free essences of Love.


Shuggy’s philosophy of universal empowerment is to live in a cycle of endless downscaling as a free consciousness that is part of a useful collective that can migrate between dimensions and scales of magnitude, exploring the fractal cosmos that resides in the spaces between each of our molecules.

He would have; the hearing of a bat or the sight of an eagle, or the sensitivities of a bluebottle or the power of a bear .. though not all at once for some reason.

What understanding can the philosophy of mind give us of such a being ?

‘What is it like to be a bat?’,  Thomas Nagel  [From The Philosophical Review LXXXIII, 4 (October 1974): 435-50.]

‘I have said that the essence of the belief that bats have experience is that there is something that it is like to be a bat. Now we know that most bats (the microchiroptera, to be precise) perceive the external world primarily by sonar, or echolocation, detecting the reflections, from objects within range, of their own rapid, subtly modulated, high-frequency shrieks. Their brains are designed to correlate the outgoing impulses with the subsequent echoes, and the information thus acquired enables bats to make precise discriminations of distance, size, shape, motion, and texture comparable to those we make by vision. But bat sonar, though clearly a form of perception, is not similar in its operation to any sense that we possess, and there is no reason to suppose that it is subjectively like anything we can experience or imagine. This appears to create difficulties for the notion of what it is like to be a bat. We must consider whether any method will permit us to extrapolate to the inner life of the bat from our own case, and if not, what alternative methods there may be for understanding the notion.’

‘If anyone is inclined to deny that we can believe in the existence of facts like this whose exact nature we cannot possibly conceive, he should reflect that in contemplating the bats we are in much the same position that intelligent bats or Martians would occupy if they tried to form a conception of what it was like to be us. The structure of their own minds might make it impossible for them to succeed, but we know they would be wrong to conclude that there is not anything precise that it is like to be us: that only certain general types of mental state could be ascribed to us (perhaps perception and appetite would be concepts common to us both; perhaps not).’

Nagel though is tied into materialism and biology, his analysis limited. Clearly ‘Martians’ gather data from outwith the realm of mere biology though they operate in tandem with it. Limited biological input and output does not necessarily define them or restrict them in some cases, for a high energy para-biology appears to take over.

Much like a driver would use various forms of transport, from; bicycles, to scooters, to vans, good cars and bad cars, jet aircraft etc the social commune of the advanced insectoid hive takes place above and beyond such limited infrastructure.

The question is, are these drivers operating with agreed social rules and contracts if they are hiring their vehicles from us.


Shuggy’s plan is to fly between the cosmic planes downloading any needed software and abilities from his support network in a Universe with no God or no evil and no Christ.


He envisages endlessly drifting on the seas of time without root or form.


Long ago in the times before Christ who came to show us how to Live, in ancient times the Way of Death, indeed the way of soul death and disintegration was known of.


Psalms 138:3  In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.


7  Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.

8  The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.


Psalms 139:1  O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known me.

2  Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.

3  Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.

4  For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O LORD, thou knowest it altogether.

5  Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

6  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.

7  Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?

8  If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.

9  If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;

10  Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.

11  If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.

12  Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.

13  For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.

14  I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

15. My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.


Soul Death is not an alien thing, it is a cessation of love and the will to love and be loved. No alien has exclusivity on it. Indeed some may have a franchise on it bought from the father of lies. In all the endless seas of a multiverse, in all its shores at any scale and any form the choice to embrace life is a choice to grow and evolve. Like a mustard seed putting out its roots into the soil and moisture it is a simple and instinctive act.

By what will therefore could that process be reversed and by what technology could it be inflicted upon the citizens of planet Earth.

Perhaps it’s time that the seeming endless supply of  TV meals, basically bottled beings from planet Earth was put on hold and the criminals responsible for soul crimes were brought to Book.