by Andrew Hennessey 

The evidence for a global and ancient presence of several species of Reptilian, some good, some bad, amongst humanity is written in our archaeological artefacts, mythology and also in contemporary anecdotes from the UFO community that are reporting negative and domineering behaviour.

The Sumerian clay tablets from circa. 2000BC that depict reptilian shapeshifters, the contact tales of the Dogon tribe in Africa and their discovery of Sirius B prior to hi tech astronomy and the shapeshifting Naga and Rakshasha and their underground cities in Tibet, plus a huge global catalog of art that spans the millennia let us know of a Reptilian or Draconian sub-culture and under-currents that may be pulling the strings of human governance behind the scenes.

 In Scotland, the historic evidence for Reptilian bluebloods amongst us can be found in the accounts by the Reverend Robert Kirk who in 1697AD in his ‘Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries’ spoke of the aquatic species called the Blue Men of the Minch. In another account by Campbell in his ‘Superstitions of the Scottish Highlands’, .. ‘there is a sept in North Uist known as the MacCodrums of the Seal’ for the descendants of the aquatic Reptilian shapeshifters.

 Closer to my home in Edinburgh at the blueblood chapel in Rosslyn and in the adjacent glen by the river is a carving from the Bronze Age of a reptilian head similar in form and character to the heads of the Sumerian statues of the Annunaki.

When these beings were reputed to land in Celtic lands their name was changed from the Annunaki to the Anu and thence to the De Dannan.

The spirit rock may have been used for blood sacrifice and fertility rites at various times, ancient and modern.

 Indeed the human and tribal belief in Scotland that painting oneself with blue woad endowed godlike powers in battle, and the veneration of  serpents carved on ancient standing stones by tribes of Picts such as the Orcs in Fife, and latterly the Celts, may be indicative of a knowledge of a more powerful reptilian species that stays amongst human kind. 

Contemporary lore has it that dark Reptilians make predatory investments in their captives or those that they wish to enslave and one aspect  of that in-house cultural process is the infestation of e.g. a human with a reptilian larval state such that the parasitic being can enjoy a protected period of gestation in the energies of this dimension before opting for more material and independent incarnations.

 The Reptilians are anciently reputed to use technology and also artificially constructed dreamscapes to entangle their victims with so that the larvae can be enmeshed at the highest possible resonance of the life of its human host – which is more easily accomplished in high energy dream states where the human victim can be specifically and more easily focussed and steered rather than amongst the distractions and demands of the chaotic daily material world.

 What follows is a description of two Reptilian hosting attempts on my person on two consecutive nights.

The first potential entanglement is an appeal to my sensitive nature, the other which was allowed to partially work before it was terminated by my guardian Angel directed itself by semantic trickery at the more heroic side of my nature and cleverly took up my long running contention that I had been unfairly dismissed by the Scottish music scene.

The process starts therefore with a remote viewing reptilian soul getting close enough into your frequencies by a process of empathy to enable it to engage themes within your personal psychology.

The first attempt was presumably styled after my unfortunate lack of intimacy at this stage in my life and had a somewhat sexual paradigm and the second tended to engage my fighting spirit with an object lesson in the necessities of war.

Ha ha ha, they failed.

 I had just got into bed and was lying down and had not really been in bed long enough to be asleep when I see in my minds eye in high detail and high color as if through a window slit a partial view of silk hangings and all the glitzy boudoir that one might associate with a harem.

This was highly unusual for me to see in such colour or such an unexpected subject matter therefore I suspected that this process had not come from within myself. Next I see through the windows view a females white arm covered in bright turquoise gossamer.

I think to myself, because of the high resolution, not … that sounds fun I would definitely like to know more, but someone is trying something on.

I realise that I am supposed to want to know more and recognise that someone thinks I’ve got a weakness somewhere.

I shrug the image off then I see with my minds eye a young white skinned lady wearing a long robe with black eyes and long, thick black curly hair who had been very close to me taking a step back from me and into my field of view.

She smiles coyly and vanishes.

I have an untroubled and protected sleep at that point.

 The next night I am presented visually with the idea that I am broken down as a musician  and was shown my musical groups van with a puncture and in a dilapidated condition that I could not afford to repair.

Someone is telling me that I am bypassed and other less excellent musicians got ahead of me and that the person responsible for my suppression wants to have a word with me.

I am told that I can go and visit the head Scottish reptile to complain.

Too easily I think that that was a good idea .. as I am still thinking that somehow the planet Earth is about face value honest working values and rewards for quality output and that somehow I just accidentally got a bad deal and only needed someone to give me a break.

In my dream state at this point I am not unconsciously aware that humanity is living a controlled and debilitating charade for the purposes of soul and essence farming.

 Next I am in what looks like a committee room full of antique furnishings and the trappings of academic and antique excellence that comes with being a successful establishment figure.

I am shown what was really reptilian technology, but was disguised as an intricately carved white bone chip about three inches by two made from the bone of a Scottish saint.

Presumably, as I was shown an old Celtic bell for the sake of continuity, the saint whose bone this was alleged to be was Saint Fillan who was famously the patron Saint of Scottish lunatics and who had operated a weird hospital near a faerie haunted well where the patient was left tied up on the night of the full moon and if he was untied in the morning then he had been cured.

Either the greys had been somehow good, effecting a real time cure or had been worse than lunacy and had taken or recruited the human soul.

The chief or Senior reptilian, who had several other ranking reptilians present round a table as if a committee, then plays music he had recorded of me during a rehearsal and it was just stuff that wasn’t any good as it was just us warming up in a haphazard way.

This deliberate misrepresentation of my skills and ability was an attempt which was sure to engage my psychology and my life force.

I then state – as I was getting involved here – because I always had thought that I had never been acknowledged by the music scene in Scotland – that I was being deliberately misrepresented. I then asked him why he was hiding how good I was.

He then handed me the bone chip .. which I took … as I wanted to erase the bad music on it.

He had appealed to another weakness in my character so that he could get the technology close to my being.

He needed my consent to engage me and my consent for me to acquire the chip.

He then proceeded to show me why I was having such a bad time with Scottish music.

We had been invaded by alien robots and I saw scenes of these humanoid looking cyborgs working on our telegraph poles and roads and other infrastructure.

Then suddenly abseiling into view, another alien human race who then opened fire on them with hand held phasers or ray guns and a battle commenced.

At that point, the monkey slaves got loose and it was as if I was looking at a battle from one of the planet of the Apes films.

The human race were just monkey slave stock and labour and farming assets to these reptilian beings.

There were running phaser battles throughout the countryside, and the outmoded rail network was disrupted as bridges went down.

Monkey world had come to a standstill.

There wasn’t any Charlton Heston to help out alas, but next I see another image from above, as if from a scout ship, of the big van I used to drive about with the Wild Geese’s and their musical equipment in it.

Next up I see a huge gorilla, presumably me, who had been locked in it for detention reasons burst out of the back door with a hand held ray gun in hand to join the battle for Earth.

 Next I see as if from a scout ship above a great surge of ocean covering most of Scotland, and that the Senior Reptilian appeared to be located somewhere near Inverness. Inverness is some 180 miles north of my locality in Edinburgh.

There was quite a bit of ocean glittering in the sunlight between Edinburgh and Inverness.

The oceans are swirling below the scoutship though and battle has been joined in the skies between various attack craft though on some of the land below there is still hand to hand fighting going on.

 At that point I see an octagonal plate that was bone coloured white or grey and it was covered with a spidery script that looked like someone had taken a black paint brush and had splattered lines and twisted loops of paint in various directions. It had some other discernible glyphs on it too which might have been Hindu in nature.

Presumably this was the same device as the rectangular bone coloured chip I had been handed earlier.

It seemed to obscure my field of vision as I couldn’t see the angry phaser-wielding gorilla anymore running about in the woods below. …

All I could see at this point was the octagonal plate.

 Next thing I am back in my room, or something that looks like it, back in familiar environments in the here and now and the black haired female who seemed to be the Senior reptile in Invernesses assistant was sitting beside me.

She said that she was going to give me something to keep me safe … and next thing I saw she was holding up to my neck this beige coloured stuffed toy that was a four foot snake about five inches thick and it was very alive in its behaviour indeed.

As it slithered onto my neck, however, I could see geometric patterns like a huge spiders web of dark green and other varied colours engage with my consciousness. The geometric patterns were like radiating fan patterns or like a triangular slice of bicycle wheel, except in varied dark greens.

 Presumably the green web with its maze like perspective symbolised entrapment for my consciousness.

Reptilian soul capture technology with similar Hindu or Aryan glyphs has been depicted in the mediaeval stained glass of 13th century Lincoln cathedral in England. There we see St Theophilus selling his soul to a red reptilian looking devil and being handed a reptilian soul capture device covered in similar looking Hindu script to what I had been made to look at in my dream.

St Theophilus’s device though also had the famous Hindu swastika on it.

 Next I could see the light brown beige snake that was round my neck was rearing itself over the level of my head and its eyes were dark red and red rimmed and its little white fluffy fangs and forked tongue weren’t really so appealing. It was trying to tell me who was boss.

 It was trying to get above itself here.

 At that point my guardian angel stepped in and said ‘I told you so ..’

‘I could not leave you alone for a minute or this stuff would just keep happening.’ ‘This is one of the best attempts at hosting I have ever seen.’

 In a park in Oslo in Norway are a series of sculptures that depict the self-styled Reptilian alleged overlords in all their arrogant pride.

There is a statue of a big reptilian wrapped around an aroused human female, a statue of a big reptilian wrapped around an enchained naked man and the statue of a human scholar trying to hold off a small winged dark reptilian larvae which in proportion is about four feet long that was making a similar hosting attempt.

 By proportion therefore what my Angelic guide ripped off my neck and back was roughly the same size, though the horrid monster in the statue didn’t look as cuddly as the illusion of the needy stuffed car boot sale bargain Draco thing that was shoved at me.

Did they think perhaps that I was going to get my iron out and maybe some needle and thread and care for baby ???

 Humans cannot process fast enough to get the perspective they need and get easily caught and dragged down the frequencies by this stuff that can make appeal to the ways you have succeeded or failed in the charade and distractions of this world.

Without prayer and faith in Christ and the Saints and Angels and the Holy Spirit .. without that faith in a very high frequency and miraculous energy over matter reality that we are born to inherit if we choose .. there can only be slavery here as an alternative – whether it’s the greys soul farming, or the reptilians.

 Thankfully, my Angels are easily capable of holding off any and all reptilian would be overlords and their pointless progeny – so I’m happy to report that the gorillas of Scotland are still firing on all bananas.

 They can try to tak my bananas, but they cannae tak ma Freedom … !!!!!