by Andrew Hennessey

Having been involved in the amazing ET contact scenario in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland at the millennium where a group of worthies were filming and photographing materialisations, low flying small spaceships and one or two enormous big ships over the estuary of the river Forth near Gullane, Edinburgh, there had been considerable international interest in the reports generated by the footage.

This despite the fact that those who decided what the news was didn't think this film that looked like an excerpt from Starwars merited any attention.

To quote former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher .. `You can't tell the people .. !'

One big 2 mile long elliptical ship had been filmed static in the air for 2 hours. It had three circular big boosters at its rear end that looked like blue white car headlights, whilst out of its many decks over the 2 hour period, swarms of little glowing podships came like a cloud of midges rising and falling in clouds in the clear night sky as they then flew off in little glowing armadas over the area known as Goblin Halls near Gifford.

Having shown the excerpts from the 2-hour footage at Glenrothes MIMAC `Rushes' event at the Rothes Halls, there was interest from a Tour company in the United States.

The lady was an expert in the Strange and regularly took tours to exotic destinations such as; Hawaii, Tonga, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.

Kirkcaldy therefore was not exactly a luxury destination, but there are wonderful fish and chip shops in Kirkcaldy that give you two pieces of haddock with your chips and Irn Bru.

I got the email from Atlantis Expeditions saying that Rosie was coming over to check out this group in Kirkcaldy and that she was bringing a friend.

Being at the millennium, it was possible that this contact collective had something important to say, having filmed some strange looking glowing being that appeared to be pointing a device or glowing rod in their back garden.

Maybe Captain Zarkon and his First Officer had something to say ?

I met Rosie and her friend at South Queensferry railway station in the middle of the summer of 2000 and we then went to the little hotel adjacent to the ferry under the famous Forth railway bridge.

It was one of those lovely days with blue sky, white fluffy clouds, beautiful looking architecture with its red geometric girders, the scent of the sea and the sound of the herring gulls as they swooped searching for seafood in the retreating tide.

I was pleased that the setting was so picturesque.

We got a table at the back of the long bar and started to discuss our strange agenda and its tourist logistics and the ins and outs of people being followed around by strange lights in the sky that would fly around their rooftops, buzz their cars and materialise inside and outside their houses.

The three of us were engaged in working out the agenda for the Kirkcaldy visit and a quick tour of Edinburgh town centre and the grey alien 13th Century stone head in St Giles Cathedral when suddenly, I look up, and see this small lady about five foot two enter the lounge at the far end of the bar.

She starts slowly walking up the back of the long lounge to us, passing the bar, not stopping to order, not seeing in any sign or room feature where we were sitting any opportunity to enter the ladies room. It was just us up the back of a long room there were no other doors or exits.

She looked late fiftyish and had an embroidered woollen jersey and long black skirt and appeared to be carrying a little blonde haired rag doll.

She walked straight up to us and introduced herself as Lydia.

When she heard the accents of Rosie and her friend, she said that she was a gypsy and knew of some very strange local things.

Realising that this was obviously not any kind of co-incidence and therefore had to be directly connected with what I was doing in Fife and with my clients, I told Lydia about the strange lights in the sky in Fife.

At this she said that she too was followed about by lights, and that these were ships that followed her about everywhere no matter where she went. They were her people.

We were just wondering therefore what the significance of the blonde haired rag dolly was when she held it at various heights and lengths from her body and said that her Mother sends her everywhere; up here, over here, down there.

At that Rosie, who comes from a strong American military tradition having flown into Scotland on an American Military Transport on the `Air America' ticket offered to military, ex-military and intel families, decided to take some photographs.

Lydia then produced a Christmas card with an Angel on it guiding the three wise men and put her arm around me in a very reassuring manner and we posed for our official interstellar contact photo.

I got Lydia's phone number and told her that we would love her to come around to a group meeting in Edinburgh.

Then she smiled at us and left the hotel.

We then arranged to meet at the house of McWoolly with some other invited people from my research group to see if we could get Lydias spaceships on film at night.

 I realised that what she had to say was very important indeed and  we convened the next night in Edinburgh.

Lydia came along and thanked us with a blessing in the Catholic tradition, then took us outside.

We waited, and then, through the low clouds that obscured most of the sky, came a bright UFO and it hung there under the clouds glowing through the water vapour.

Next came a second and then a third.

At that point it could not be argued that Lydia would not produce ships when required.

There was positive proof therefore that Lydia was an important person of some sort that need not necessarily be from around here.

This was done in front of Rosie and other witnesses.

This had to be real progress for Mankind.

The next day I met up with Rosie again and took her and her friend to Kirkcaldy in Fife to meet with the  Lloyd contact group.

I had been giving them a hand by setting up conferences and news exposure and by doing other research into Religious Organisations and other publicity etc

Their main contention was that they had evidence that the Prophet Elijah had returned to see that everything was good before Aliens rebuilt the Temple in Scotland.

In several of the New Testament Gospels though, Christ is clearly quoted as having said that Elijah had already been and gone. [Matthew 17:12] For the Christian Church therefore and all Christians, Elijah had already returned a second time and had been John the Baptist.

They had a photo of a being with something that looked like a hand held device and they said that this was Elijah.

They also stated that anyone who disagreed with that might well come to some real physical harm for being unGodly.

Rosie met the guys and listened to the reality and saw the amazing images then took some more photos and shortly after that headed out of Scotland on a military transport that she boarded near Glasgow. She   shared the trip with a Delta team on its way back from a mission further east than the ancient Kingdom of Fife.

I started seeing Lydia quite frequently after that  without any pre-arrangements she would be there co-incidently in the supermarket, or on the street near where I stayed.

I had been playing fiddle for Scottish dancing one night at Dalhousie Castle along with the resident band there and at half time as we were eating our sausage rolls and I noticed through the long castle windows that strange small pearly glowing lights were flying across the carpark.

Dalhousie Castle does have a resident spook, perhaps a chambermaid that is said to have perished in an unhappy manner, but this phenomenon was sweeping down from the sky.

After the gig, I got into my Volkswagen van and drove round the Edinburgh ring road out to the Forth road bridge.

Before I arrived at the toll booths I took the Services slip road up to the garage, thinking to get a packet of biscuits and milk for my night time cuppa.

It was a clear, mild summers night and the whole area was quiet and free of cars and transport. It was about 2 am.

There wasn't much traffic on the nearby Forth Bridge either.

I pulled in and parked up, getting out my van to stretch my legs.

As I did so another car comes rolling into the garage and slowly pulls up alongside my van.

It was Lydia.

She said hello and asked me what I'd been up to and I told her that I had been playing a ceilidh dance at Dalhousie Castle.

She then said that she had composed some tunes that she wanted me to listen to and she produced a tape recorder and played what sounded like stately marches and processional music.

She said that she was a princess from a big Interstellar Empire and can remember those lives she had there from long ago.

She then produced a photograph of herself in a dark textured dress standing beside a tall lady who appeared to be wearing an archaic or gothic style taffeta, white satin evening dress with formally dressed black hair.

Her mother seemed a strong willed and feisty lady with a sense of humour and an eye for power dressing.

Lydia then said that she would like to take me to introduce me to her Mother at some point.

Her mother therefore being the Empress of an Interstellar Empire.

Lydia asked me what I thought of her tunes and I remember thinking that these themes and melodies could sound really good if they were arranged properly.

She then got out the car and came over to me, looking around to see if we were unobserved and the area was quiet except for us .. then she said watch .. and she stepped outside of her material body to reveal a shining and loving being with a real sense of humour who looked me in the eyes and smiled into my mind.

She had obviously been around the Universe.

She bid me goodnight and drove off, though I'm not sure if I could hear her car accelerate up the slip road.