by Andrew Hennessey

I first met Garry Woods when he was investigating my own abduction
story in 1995, then later from about 1997 he would sometimes attend my
own Transformation Studies Group where it operated out of the
Theosophical Centre in Edinburgh until 2000.

I remember lending Garry the book by Theosophical writer A E Powell on
the Astral Body and Realms to give Garry some theoretical framework
for his ongoing out of body experiences with these beings.
In 1992, at around 8pm on a quiet country road about 15 miles south of
Edinburgh, two men were abducted on the A70 before Tarbrax.
Garry Wood and Colin Wright, typical family men, set out on the night
of the 27th of August 1992 from the south of Edinburgh to undertake a
domestic appliance repair in the village of Tarbrax in West Lothian, a
drive of about 15 miles. A journey, which usually takes about 30
minutes. At around 10pm they were driving through the starlit august
night at about 40 mph chatting about domestic issues. As they rounded
a blind summit, near Harperrig reservoir Colin suddenly leaned forward
and blurted, "What the hell's that? " Garry could see through the
windscreen, ahead of the car; floating almost 25ft above the road and
adjacent to the tops of two or three trees was a two tiered disc
shaped object. It had been partially hidden by the tree tops. It was
about 35ft wide, wider than the road, jet black, metallic and shiny
having no windows or lights. Deciding that this wasn't a good place to
be, he floored the gas accelerating up to almost 70 mph. As his
passenger Colin, later put it, Garry was "Driving like a bloody
madman". As they passed below the waiting craft a luminous curtain of
light washed over the car. Garry described the scene as like looking
at a snowy detuned TV set, just patches of flickering lights. Next,
complete darkness.

He was blacked out for what appeared like a few seconds, then suddenly
he was revving forward and the car was veering all over the road.
Colin shouted at him to watch out and then he braked the car to a
stop. They looked at each other incredulously, what had just happened?
After a moments pause for reflection and gathering their wits, they
set off again, arriving at their destination still debating their
weird encounter. At Tarbrax they pulled up at their friend's house,
and when Garry's went to free the seat belt: it was already unbuckled.
Thinking it about 11pm they unloaded the items from the car and
carried them to the door of their friends house and knocked on the
door. No answer, but eventually they heard an upstairs window open
and they could see their friend. He asked them what they were doing at
quarter to one in the morning. Garry and Colin thought he was joking,
but he wasn't. The two men had `lost' two hours.

The next day Garry felt totally fatigued, he felt run down and
exhausted. In the next week, he experienced lucid, dark dreams and his
sleeping cycle broke down. Because of severe headaches and the
implications to his life as a master mechanic he then consulted his
doctor, and was referred to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
scan, which proved negative.

By way of contact with the UK ufo scene, Garry eventually agreed to
hypnotic regression to be conducted by hypnotherapist and medium Helen
Walters in order to discover what might have happened in his `missing

A bunch of little grey aliens came out to each side of the stationary
car and then handled them out onto a floating stretcher. They were
then taken through white corridors to a white room with a big chair
and then after being stripped naked they were subject to examinations
with some nasty looking little probes.

Next Colin remembers being in a Perspex container that stood amongst
rows and rows of other similar containers that each had a frozen
looking naked person in them, both men and women. There were other
humanoid races there too watching this strangely industrial process.
He was then scanned by some device that rose from the floor.
Garry remembers being on a table and being observed by some hovering
probe device, and he recalls seeing a naked young woman cowering in
fear on the floor of the ship. He could see some aliens inside
containers of green gel and in that strange fluid in the empty tanks
there swam what he described as genetically engineered tapeworms that
would clean up the waste products in these recreational environments.
Garry next met up with an old mottled grey being that he described as
the emperor that had been alive for four or five thousand years in
that one body. The body itself was discoloured and mottled and had
been in one of those gel tanks getting liquid therapy.

`What do you want here', asked Garry ? the reply was `Sanctuary !'
The district of Torphichen in west Lothian, south of Bonnybridge is an
ancient Templar sanctuary belonging to the priory of St John and
these beings may well be the secret of the fabled Templar and
Merovingian beehives and their Order of the Golden Bee.
The emperor Grey said,' "In many ways you are more advanced than us
but you have been `capped'. Our existence is much like your own, we
also have concerns and needs".

The human race has been capped by alien social engineering and genetic
dumbing down to make it the ideal slave species or indeed bit of cattle.
It may be that those alien `needs' were gastronomical as opposed to

If you look at the history of alien activity in the vicinity of
Bonnybridge not that far from the Templar Sanctuary .. the Rechem
incinerator plant had been alleged according to farmers lawsuits to be
outputting high levels of dioxin in its incineration of pcb plastics.
Bonnybridge was the greatest ufo hotspot on planet Earth and also
perhaps close to one of the biggest alien bases and human livestock
farms on the planet.

With so many of the population ending up naked in glass jars in deep
freeze it was obviously important to the aliens to keep a check on
the aberrant toxicity of the local environment which had allegedly
caused the mutation and disease of whole herds of local cattle.
Perhaps also many human side effects from dioxin were also evident in
the local population. E.g. neuropathology and birth defects.

Garry believed that he had been taken underground too, but that many
years after he seemed to get away these beings just kept coming
back. I should point out that Garry stayed nowhere near Bonnybridge
but that the tie in between what Colin saw in those many glass jars,
the `sanctuary' that the emperor Grey spoke of, and the ongoing
farming of humanity in east central Scotland all tie themselves in to
a huge alien underground scene.

The evidence for those underground realities is implicit in the
folklore and the local place names e.g. goblin halls, elvingstone,
fairy hill and black rigg.

One night the aliens left Garry naked outside his house.

Then there was the attempted dragging of his mind and spirit into some
matrix of alien tunnels and green architectural designs.

Garry was in his bed one evening sleeping next to his wife when
suddenly he awoke and could see a Grey alien standing across the room.
He then tried to awaken his wife but to no avail.

He watched it slowly come across the room to his bed, getting ready to
give it that most traditional of Scottish interstellar greetings.

`I punched it and it flew across the room, hitting the wall and it
slid down, lying still. Then it suddenly got back up, shook itself and
quickly came back over across the room and put its face in mine.'

Garry Woods, a total hero, is one of the very few living Scotsmen or
indeed men, to have smacked one of these jokers in the kisser.