MY NIECE KILLED IN A HIT AND RUN on 4/11/2005= 11:11

IU police seek driver in fatal hit-and-run
An IU student was killed in a two-car crash late Monday night at the intersection of Third and Hawthorn streets near the IU campus. Ashley L. Crouse, 21, was thrown from the Jeep Cherokee she was riding in and died later at Bloomington Hospital. IU police are seeking the driver of the Honda station wagon that hit the Jeep. The driver fled the scene on foot. Two others in the Jeep were treated and released. Staff photo by Jeremy Hogan

ASHLEY was president of her high school class.. North Central ... before she went to INDIANA UNIVERSITY TO STUDY LAW

article 4-12-2005


MY Brother Carl lost his daughter a week after i took her down the Grand Canyon.. Carrie Crouse.. same type of accident.. about 1990, she had been abductted for 3 days on Halloween ( Satanic Holliday) when she was 12... the FBI were called into the case

My Sister Eileen lost her son.. from a bullet by a hoodlum who was visiting his grandfather next door. the very first day.... about 1992

My Brother Kim now has lost Ashley..

My dear Friend Thom Kelley was murdered after 3 months when these kreeps were trying to run him off the road.. he was quite frightened before his death and talked with me every time he returned from PINE TOP,AZ... about the intimidations to run him off the road..... last March 2004

MY good friend Gisella who was to marry my father was murdered.. as a car at a high rate of speed rammed into her at a toll booth.. in NY.. in her place they put a horrible person named Martha .. fromthe Vaticanus.. who came to be with my father.. as a handler.

My friend Uli Lindemann who taught me how to make a web.. was murdered by 3 bullets .. they called it suicide..however i know better..

Recently my computer tek Oliver from GCC was twice put into the hospital( Car crashes)for helping me for 1 hour !

Rush F. my husband.s best friend was poisoned.. he was a college Photography professor at PHX COLLEGE for 12 years... and was helping me with photography.... he died in 99 over Xmas in about 3 days.. the doctors said Hepatitus.. but both Fred ( my husband who died in 2000..he was ill but they were able to hasten his death a very unique method.. which someday i will write about) and i knew they had somehow poisoned Rush.. they had tried to poison me with digitalis in my carrot juice a in 2002... i was extemely ill for 1 week.. and almost all my muscles didnt work..



they have tried several times to kill me.. by car accidents and poison