Holy Earthpipes, St. Ignatz!

 Holy Earthpipes, St. Ignatz! 
Ignatz Loyola was the masonic schmuck and predator who founded the Society of Jesus (which Jesus is that?). If you want to know what the Jesuits are really all about, ask any Indian elder who was schooled by these monsters.  One of our esteemed psychics was highly educated by these black-clad chuds (the original Men in Black) at Georgetown University and has lately taken advantage of her classical training to find the hidden meaning of the school's motto, which is 'Get back in your pen, sheep!'  Nobody can say the Jesuits aren't good teachers, of course. It's just too bad that they're also predators.

When we go hunting for institutional predators in the chats there are several terrorist agencies we end up dealing with and the Jesuits are among the worst. I think they rank just above the Mossadomites.

Carol and I gifted Gonzaga College in Spokane last summer and it's a good thing we used bicycles because Jesuit pavement artists were all over the place in vehicles and on foot Cool

John and Igor in Rome spent a lot of time and effort finding and gifting Jesuit real estate in Italy.  Some of those reports didn't survive a few successive destructions of this forum by agency hackers, unfortunately, but all of it is archived and we'll hopefully retrieve them over time.  The Jesuits' version of the CIA/NSA's psi corps slammed them pretty hard and we spent a lot of time in the chats getting these sleestaks off their backs along the way.  I think they're still poisoning John now and then--sour grapes, I suppose.

In Saturday's chat, Mark (our newest psychic) found the Jesuits of St Ignacius Mission, near the Flathead Indian Reservation in NW Montana, directing poisonous energy at Dooney, our beleaguered psychic and proprietress of .   Dooney is evidently getting hit, hard, by every terrorist organization on the planet on account of her success with coaching people how to repel psi/energy assaults by these corporate criminals.  I'm kind of hoping that more and more people will learn to do this coaching so that the pressure will be let off Dooney but, meanwhile, we're goingt to spend as many sessions as necessary to get her in the clear.

Carol and I drove over to St Ignacius, MT, to gift that hive.   She told me they evidently weren't expecting us and when we ringed the mission and the adjacent school with TBs we didn't see anyone.  She said we'd need six earthpipes to take care of teh ancient underground facility they apparently use for blood rituals and she sensed some draconians down there.  None of them knew we were there, she said, until we were on our way home.  About fifteen minutes after I hammered the last earthpipe in the ground she felt a wave of frustrated fury from teh Jesuits and their offworld 'sponsors.'

The Flathead Indians had named the place where the mission is, 'The Place that Surrounds.'    I haven't really thought much about that but I'm sure the psychics can dig some meaning out of that.   Carol's barely able to use her psi talent while she continues to recover her health but she told us that Mark was right on target with what he was seeing.

The first Jesuit Montana mission was in Stevensville, which is the little town Steve and Dooney live in.  It was moved to St Ignacius and expanded in the 1850s.  Jesuits generally had no opposition when they moved into new areas during the centuries of colonization.  Credo Muttwa has said that this is becuase of ancient native traditions in native cultures around the world of alien predators whom the Jesuits closely resemble.

It was a fun trip and the Mission Mountains behind that etheric former cesspit are breathtaking. I hope they'll be renamed or at least given back their Indian name after the Catholic Church gets a remake.  I think the Magdalene material from Southern France will cause that happy eventuality, perhaps soon.

I once met a Jesuit priest in the Puget Sound area who was going around apologizing to the tribes for what the Catholic Church had done to them all. Nice thought but of course that was all before his time.  Thank God the Jesuits have lost most of their power to molest children and destroy traditional cultures. Carol says they've 'lost their vim and vigor' by now.  Let's do what we can to make sure the other terrorist organizations, the CIA/NSA, FBI (KKK), masons, Mossadomites, Vryal (SS) and, last but not least MI5/6 will also experience a dizzying decline in their ability to destroy millions of innocents each year.