Fort Hood shootings

Brasscheck TV: More ballistics BS

Ok, let's get this out of the way.

Fort Hood - tragic.

Now let's look at some reality.

ONE guy shooting a hand gun killed
HOW many people - and on a military
base? Ae you serious?

And the one shooter is now in a coma?

And, as of now at least, there's no
surveillance camera footage?

And he's a Muslim who also happens
to be a serviceman with a mental
disorder involving gunplay who did
it with privately owned weapons?

This thing could not have been scripted or
casted better if Hollywood had produced it.

Let's see:

1. Private gun ownership demonized - check
2. Muslims demonized - check
3. Military personnel demonized - check
4. Base dwelling troops at home terrorized
by a fellow American - check
5. Yet another chance to distract the public - check

If this really happened the way it's been spun,
there have to be a lot of social engineers
high fiving each other at their good luck. 

And what about the logic of the gunman?

He was afraid of being deployed to a combat he created one at home so he
could be killed sooner? I realize the man
was "crazy" but come on.

(I wonder what prescribed medically-endorsed
pharmaceutical substance(s) he was one. We'll
never know because it would violate his privacy.
Score another one for Big Pharma.)

13 killed and 30 wounded by one man with
two pistols.

Nearly a 50% kill rate.

Ever fired a handgun? Ever tried aiming
and firing two at a time? Under pressure?
Ever reload a handgun under pressure?
There were people shooting at him. That's
a little pressure.

We're talking about yet *another* superhuman
performance by a "lone gunman" who is
conveniently not conscious to tell the tale.

Caliber doesn't matter and the bogus
non-fact that these were "automatic"
pistols is bull**** as well.

Meanwhile, we're being drowned in
flags, memorials and interviews with
the victims' families - and a total
absence of any information that makes

"But the government would never
do such a thing to its own troops!"

Uh, excuse me. It's putting thousands
of them through a meat grinder in
a pointless, unwinnable charade of
a war as we speak - in two countries,
while gearing up for two more (Iran
and Pakistan.)

Do you think the dead and wounded
from overseas are any less dead and
wounded victims from Fort Hood?

Assume the gunman was crazy. What
does that make the Bush-Bama regime? 

Here's a news report about *another*
mass shooting by a lone gunman with two
pistols that sneaked its way onto the air
before it was pulled off and never replayed.

Reality please, just a little reality.

- Brasscheck

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It seems like in the years leading up
to whatever it was that happened
at Fort Hood on November 5, Maj.
Nidal Malik Hasan was one busy guy.

He made it a point to attend a mosque
run by a notorious, high profile imam
with an overly anti-American philosophy. 

He encouraged soldiers to desert.

He was loud and outspoken about his
opposition to the war.

We're not some obscure immigrant
just off the boat working at a gas
station in Bayonne. NJ.

This was a freakin' major in the US army...
in wartime...who was given the job of providing
psychological counseling to troops.

Did the Army have a problem with any this?

No, not at all.

The Army is a liberal institution in the
best sense of that word and encourages
a wide diversity of opinion on its policies. 

Live and let live. Every man is
entitled to his own opinion, right? 

Any readers ever been in the armed forces?

How long do you think you'd have lasted
if you carried on this way?

For example, can you imagine a Marine
walking around base, spouting Marxism
and quoting Lenin at the height of the
Cold War being given a top security
clearance? Ridicu...

Ooops. I just described Lee Harvey

(Pay no attention to the foot high
stacks of documents the CIA *still*
refuses to release about him.)

But hey, that's all "conspiracy" stuff
and that's for kooks.

The US military has better things to
do while it protects the country than
keep tabs on a very publicly unbalanced
officer who is very publicly against the war.

...On the other hand, if you're a *civilian*
and not some nut in the making and
you're interested in peace, watch out.

The resources for keeping track of you
are boundless.


- Brasscheck