Fort Hood shootings

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Interview with Michael Hoffman on the Fort Hood Shootings

Interviewer: Why have you termed it "Fort Hoodwink"?

Hoffman: The masons have many occult sayings that have become part of our common parlance, such as: on the level; square deal, hoodwink, etc. In masonry a hoodwink is a synonym for the secrecy with which masonic rites are kept from the prying, unhallowed eyes of the "profane."

nterviewer: What would you say is the most striking aspect of the Fort Hood shootings?

Hoffman: There are so many anomalies, things that just don't add up, but rather than going into hypotheses that would be difficult for most people to follow, I'll focus on something glaring, which is -- the rush to judgment of Hasan -- the total mockery of the ancient right of innocent until proven guilty.

Interviewer: You mean in naming Major Hasan as the shooter and the only shooter?

Hoffman: Yes, that's part of it. Even if he was the gunman, however, even if he was indeed another lone nut, the precedent that's been set here by the government's mouthpiece corporate media is dreadful. They report as fact whatever the government chooses to tell them. Notice too that the Glenn Beck anti-government rebels believe the government in this Texas case, just like Beck believes the government narrative in the 9/11 attacks. It's remarkable, this bipolar suspension of the suspicion of government when it comes to official accounts of shootings, wars and terrorist attacks.

Interviewer: Anything else?

Hoffman: In addition to proclaiming Major Hasan guilty until proven innocent, the effect of Fort Hoodwink on the public, as filtered through the media, is to induce in the American people one of the lowest, dumbest, golem-like mentalities of obtuseness.

Interviewer: That's insulting to your fellow Americans.

Hoffman: They insult themselves by their behavior. A friend in California who is one of the few honest attorneys e-mailed me and pointed out that if there were two or more shooters, as eyewitnesses initially reported, then it could be that one or more of them is one of the "victims" mourned by Obama today.

Interviewer: You're blaming the victims?

Hoffman: How do we know they're all victims? Tell me how we know that every one of the dead in Fort Hood is a victim of Hasan, a mere 100 or so hours after the shooting? Give me a break. Let's dispense with the boy scout gullibility. Assassination tactics sometimes entail a backup shooter to eliminate the main shooter after the job is done. This was the m.o. when the head of the Columbo crime family was shot in New York in 1971. The assassin himself was immediately shot by a second assassin put in place for that very task.

Interviewer: Major Hasan may have killed the shooter or shooters responsible for the killings at Fort Hood?

Hoffman: I don't know if he did or didn't, but it's certainly a possibility given early reports of "eyewitness testimony" of more than one shooter. Consider a plausible scenario: Hasan is told he's going to stop a mass murder and he's sent in for that very reason and then after he kills the actual shooter or shooters he's left holding the bag.

Interviewer: You think the President may have honored one of the killers at today's (Nov. 10) memorial service for the victims? You're saying that one of those mourned as a victim was actually a perpetrator?

Hoffman: Stranger things have been known to happen. What I do know for certain, as a reporter who investigated crime cases for the Associated Press in New York, is what every cop and detective worth his salt knows, that a crime like this cannot be neatly wrapped up and tied in a ribbon a few days after it was committed. Today's presidential memorial service in Fort Hood, centering on Obama's speech, was a way of preempting questions that should be asked but are not being asked. Instead, only approved questions are getting asked.

Interviewer: Such as?

Hoffman: Such as, to what extent was this a Muslim extremist conspiracy. Those are the only kind of questions that are being allowed or encouraged.

Interviewer: If it's so obvious that there's more to it, why don't more people see what you see?

Hoffman: Mass hypnotism. As Charles Fort once said, the proper hypnotic belief has been induced and people believe properly. That's been the story of humanity from time immemorial, but Americans are too puffed up on their own pride to believe that they are susceptible to hypnotic cues. They discount their hypnotic susceptibility, which makes them ideal hypnotic subjects.

Interviewer: What's the main objective of the operation in Fort Hood, if it was actually a government set-up?

Hoffman: First and foremost is the precedent of a mouthpiece media acting as a shill for the government. It happened in the aftermath of Sept. 11 and it's happening in the aftermath of the 5th of November. People are getting conditioned to axiomatic belief in what the government decrees where violent crimes or wars are involved. They won't believe Obama on health care, abortion or gun control, but they'll believe him when it comes to Fort Hood. Even the enemies of the Obama administration are seen to believe the administration in this case. That's a very powerful precedent and it's intended to apply under a Republican or a Democratic administration. Believe and obey what they say when the guns begin to fire, and Americans by and large do, without doubting or revolting.

We are losing our humanity. We're so dumbed down, even as our digital gadgets and personal computers evolve to ever higher planes of magical realism. The alchemical component in this process, the real alchemy, is not base metals into gold, it is the gold of humanity coagulated into the basest shadow of what it means to be human; voila -- human alchemy. Mozart portrayed something along these lines in his "Magic Flute" opera, shortly before his untimely sudden death and the disappearance of his corpse.

Interviewer: Any other dimension to this that benefits the powers that be?

Hoffman: There is the stirring of the embers of hatred for Muslims and Islam, the "clash of civilizations;" the idea that we can terror-bomb Afghan wedding parties and dismiss it as "collateral damage" and still consider ourselves heroes and sleep well at night -- although many front-line American troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are not sleeping well at night, because they still have a conscience, unlike the top brass. But no Afghan is supposed to send any avenging troops against us, here in America, to defend the lives of Afghan people from our bombs. We claim that right while we deny it to them. That's Talmudic.

The test of the justice of any law is its universality. When you have one law for the agents of the American empire and another for the people of the Third World, you have a rabbinic standard. Yesterday the head of a Talmud school (yeshiva) in the occupied Palestinian territories, Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, published a book, The King's Torah, calling for the murder of the children and infants of gentiles who thwart "Israel."

Almost no one among the super-patriots who have methodically studied the "evils" of the religion of Islam from alpha to omega, knows anything about this rabbi's ruling, or many similar rulings from what are called, in Judaism, the "posikim." It's rabbinic theology like this that got 1400 Palestinians slaughtered last December and January. But to the superior Talmudic mind, what is done to the inferior non-Talmudic being doesn't register. Victims of Zionism and Talmudism have no right to fight back. "Christian" America has adopted this Talmudic standard. Palestinian resistance is completely illegitimate in the eyes of contemporary Western governments and media.

This applies to resistance by all Muslims anywhere, unless it involves Muslims battling against Christians like the Serbs, who the Cryptocracy also fear, as apart of a resurgent Russia and Russian Orthodox Church, which is a hereditary enemy of Judaics like the recently deceased physicist Vitaly Ginzburg, one of the architects of the Soviet atomic bomb. In the case of Serbia, the Cryptocracy played the Muslims against the Serbs and NATO terror-bombed Serbia for weeks, "in defense of Muslim civilians." Yeah, right.

I would add that in this age of instant communication and a dearth of deep reflection or contemplation, we have been given the illusion that a man can be justly tried and convicted in the media of all places, of a heinous crime, in the space of five days. We're speeding everything up to the detriment of thought and reflection -- or for that matter, serious thought at all. Fort Hood is an example of this. We've become nerve-endings tethered to Twitter, the Internet and simplistic "solutions" to what are, at the very least, mysterious and complex criminal cases with plaintiffs and defendants that deserve a fair test of evidence and a suspension of belief in the guilt of the accused. All that is lost here. Suddenly in Hasan's case, the Constitution doesn't apply. He's guilty of everything General Cone and Fox News say he did. Period. Unless they change the script and then we'll believe the new script and mentally discard the old one. This is the essence of programming.

Interviewer: What criminal cases have you investigated as a reporter?

Hoffman: The big ones have been the Double Initial murders in Rochester, New York, which is still an open case; the Son of Sam murders in New York City; and the Unabomber. Those are three that I worked on personally; others I have sleuthed long distance, but with those three I was actively involved with the investigation. All three cases are discussed in my book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. 

Interviewer: Are you optimistic about the future in terms of solving the conspiracies we have today?

Hoffman: Not all of them are necessarily conspiracies. But Fort Hood obviously stinks, at least that's what my instincts tell me. The way they resurrected Hasan from the dead -- he either survived when he wasn't supposed to, or they changed the script and decided he was worth more to them alive than dead, in terms of a courtroom circus and show-trial; especially if he's medicated, as I believe Ted Kaczynski was at his sentencing.

The shootings in Texas happened on what is known legally as a military reservation; that means witnesses and bystanders are constrained under loyalty and secrecy oaths by reason of their military service and by reason of where the shootings took place.

Interviewer: Any disadvantages for the System in the Fort Hood killings?

Hoffman: Muslims the world over are enraged at how Americans and Israelis treat the most defenseless civilians in their families and neighborhoods as so much crap to be flushed. When we kill their grandmothers, brothers, mothers and babies we refuse to take responsibility for our crimes. We call them collateral damage. We say the child-victims we kill were killed while being callously used as "human shields" -- which is a neocon canard refuted in Gaza by the Goldstone Report. What we've done in Iraq and Afghanistan, and what our Israeli "ally" has perpetrated in Lebanon and occupied Palestine, is the slaughter of dehumanized Arabs, some of whom are Christians, and of course many of whom are Muslim; all are less than zero in the eyes of the Cryptocracy and for that matter, large segments of the American population.

Americans are okay with this because our victims are not wealthy whites or Freemasons; they're not "Jews," so who cares? But the fact is, the Muslims care, and the awful blowback from the "clash of civilizations" which the Cryptocracy so assiduously wants to escalate into generational, perpetual war for perpetual "peace and democracy," is that it is a war we can't possibly win.

Zionists, Orthodox rabbis and occultists are ultimately self-destructive; they serve a god with no loyalty to them. They are coffin riders hurtling this planet into a conflagration, the only actual beneficiary of which is the devil. The disadvantage for the System in this case is that Major Hasan the cartoon-monster --as opposed to Major Hasan the actual man -- is now a figure of heroic avenging resistance to millions of Muslims worldwide who have been on the receiving end of the Cryptocracy's "power over the air,'" which they ritually cultivated with their parrot familiars long before they gained actual air force power over the civilizations of the Near East.

Interviewer: What are "parrot familiars"?

Hoffman: We'll save that for some other time.

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