Horses and orgonite

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My personal anecdotes regarding horses and orgonite.
Yesterday I had to perform a hoof trim job on two horses. Their owner is our acquaintance.
These horses were stabled at my farm for one month in 2008, so I must have looked a bit familiar to them. They were quite untrained in terms of handling and did not respect personal space of a human at that time. These gals were able to literally run me over so I had to make myself big and important. However, I was not actively engaged in stable activities around them back then.

It must be noted that at that time (august of 2008) I didn't know anything about orgonite yet.
It must also be noted, that the premises of this acquaintance are ungifted. Even the nearby cell towers are ungifted.

I appeared at the location wearing a standard copper zapper and a HHG (holy handgrenade). The first thing to do was to put the HHG down to the floor in a corner where I was going to perform the trim. It was a special HHG containing only fine brass/copper shavings, pyramid-charged crystal, a copper coil and a small piece of lapis lazuli all poured into martini-glass (roud-tipped, smooth HHG).

After preparing the tools I tried to communicate with the 'patients'. One of the mares was with a young foal and acted a bit protective at first but cooled down quickly. I scratched their manes and noticed that their breathing slowed down. They tried to offer me the same service i.e. to scratch my arm.

After a lot of reading and discovering I no longer talk to horses verbally. Instead I do it silently with thoughts and they respond very, very well which sometimes at first encounter is beyond belief.

Without getting into intricate details of trimming, both horses behaved brilliantly. They were calm and relaxed. If you fondle a horse and he/she starts to smack lips, yawn, lowers head and half-closes eyes, then these are good signs of equine relaxation and feeling of safety.

One of the horses gently tried to pull his left front foot free (the last hoof I was working on) and when I asked her silently "Do you need rest?", she nodded clearly her head.

According to the owner, she has not seen her horses behave so well. For one of the mares it was actually 2nd trim job of her life. That is so because 'orthodox' farriers have been quite afraid of her and refused to do the job.
The whole session went without a hint of violence. Upon finishing each hoof I treated the 'patient' with apple or bread. They were very, very cooperative. I must note that violence is sometimes daily practice for a 'orthodox' PJ farrier to do his job. It is so because they are not taught other ways of communication and they are unable to think outside the rigid frames of their egos and education.
I myself strongly advocate barefoot trimming based on wild horses hoof model and no steel shoes.


The stable at my home is gifted, too. Horses spend most of the day out in the paddocks and are taken in after sunset. They are calm, well relaxed and do not exhibit any malicious behaviour.

Trim jobs performed there go pretty much the same as the job described above.
Paddocks are not especially gifted but in addition to standard Croft CB working on the premises I have a Peacemaker installed in the nearby (100 yards) forest (6-pipes, HHg-s up pointing down). So far I have succeeded gifting nearby ( 5 mile) celltowers. More to come.
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