Linda Moulton Howe

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11/20/2007 —  Do Black Budget Trillions Support A Secret American Space Program?
3)  Subject: Homeland Security Ban On Infrared Cameras.
Date: March 5, 2008

“Hi Linda,
I am a photography professor at a major college in the Midwest. Our department recently placed a purchase order for a infrared digital still camera. We were shipped the normal spectrum version of the camera with no explanation. When I called the NYC photo suppliers, I was informed that Homeland Security has placed a ban on the sale of ALL digital still and video cameras with infrared capability! Only law enforcement or other agencies can buy them with approval from the manufacturer. They cannot be shipped, but must be picked up in person. An end user license must be completed in the store.

I immediately recalled your recent talk on Coast to Coast AM about there being ‘something’ in the infrared spectrum our government does not want us to see. Our photo program merely wanted to buy the infrared camera for the interesting landscape photographs IR is capable of recording. You can verify my email by following this link to the Major Photo retailer.

Earlier this year, Eastman Kodak suddenly and without warning stopped making infrared film, which had been available for decades. No reason was given, but I now believe this ban came from Homeland Security. Clearly there is something in the infrared spectrum that the general public is not being permitted to see, or record.”

Editor's Note:  I have not been able to verify a Homeland Security official, or unofficial, ban on the sale of infrared cameras. When I learn more, I'll report at Earthfiles. I welcome viewer comments and personal experiences:

1)  Subject: Government Confiscated Infra-red Pictures
Date: February 23, 2008 1:19:29 AM MST

I have had my infra-red film confiscated by the government when sent in for processing. The camera company had no explanation and only offered a free roll of film for the trouble. I wish I could have seen what was captured on that film.

DG, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


2)   Subject: Strange Light in Infrared Camera at Deer Feeder
Date: February 23, 2008

Linda, I watch a deer cam that is in NJ. Here is a link to our club site where I put some pictures.

Includes a strange egg-shaped light or object. The cam takes a picture every 5 seconds. There was nothing else there and this object moved in from lower left and went about as far into the frame as pictured. It then left to the upper left. No one has come up with a good answer as to what this is. The owner of the cam said it was a dust ball. I'm not too sure about that.

Infrared deer camera in New Jersey takes images every 5 seconds.
None of the images before the one above had any white ovals in them.
The second image in the sequence is below, in which the white object has moved further
upward toward the upper left of image, but nothing was visible in the next frame.
Please see: