[March 2005] Harmonic Protector & Terminator testimonial

A friend was complaining that she has a client who is possessed by some entity that started to attack her psychically in the night. Of course, my first question was "have you got the Harmonic Protector on?". And wasn't surprised to hear that she had taken it off while showering. Anyway, she put it back on and hasn't been bothered since.

Also the Terminator eliminated her monthly 10 days of insomnia, completely. And my wife often gets 3-4 day headaches, stress and hormonal related--she felt one coming on and took the T to bed and killed the headache stone dead--that is 3 days of pain for her--and us of course Sad Brilliant!--John http://www.ethericwarriors.com/viewtopic.php?p=1699#1699