Huddersfield UK - 2nd Year Gifting Report / Orgonite Stall

Aug 2010

Report from Matt, he must have had c. 500/600 TBs off me by now at 50p each, really great to read especially the Heart event, aptly named  Smile   Kelly uses the mini TBs (about 3/4 fl oz) to open vortices, and also for Peacemakers using 15mm pipe.  I also use them for small 108s.

Hi all

Matt from Huddersfield in the UK here with a quick update on year 2 in gifting and also a report on an Orgonite stall I did in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield on August 8th at the Earth Heart Festival.

Since my first report Iíve installed a CB in the back field courtesy of John Scudamore of Whale Orgone. This opened up the next level of gifting in the area as it immediately became more apparent as to where future gifts were needed. I started to take on bigger targets such as Emley Moor TV Mast which has gone digital this year, more gifts are probably needed for this beastie although the surrounding areas are quite nicely gifted. Also Holme Moss transmitter in Holmfirth and Windy Hill transmitter situated by the M62, highest motorway in Britain. All done on foot although it looks like I have at last found some people who are genuinely interested in Orgonite who drive and are interested in gifting which will be great to get to some of the more remote places without having to trek for miles.

Two instances of heavy polluting in the Colne Valley where I live have occured. 1 was a company called sub-micron industries that apparently accidentally washed some work clothes in a washing machine whose drain was connected to the waterways releasing a chemical so toxic that it obliterated all the fish for miles all the way to Dewsbury for those familiar with the area. Then recently there was a chemical works (Grosvenor Chemicals) that set on fire, it came out in the news that there was a vat of chemicals so toxic that if it had exploded things would have been extremely serious. As it was there was still thick white smoke that drifted down through the valley eventually rising and forming clouds that seemed to dissipate above the heavily gifted town centre. The fire-fighters foam got mixed with the chemicals that had escaped and entered the River Colne given it yet another battering. Maximum respect to the fire-fighters who prevented this disaster from becoming a full blown catastrophe. I have heard on the grapevine that the works are involved with making chemical agents for the government - nice one guys! The area is already heavily gifted and I immediately went down there and heavily overgifted the area. Interestingly for such a near miss disaster not one piece of news has been heard about this incident since the day it happened. Another interesting point is that there was a spate of Chemical Works fires in the Yorkshire area over the course of a couple of months. It will be interesting to see how well the gifted waterways recover from this. I can tell you that I recently came across what seemed to be some very big fish thrashing about for bread crumbs only 100m upstream from the works so Iím thinking healing will occur pretty quickly.

Sticking on the darker side of things there has also been a series of odd deaths, unusual suicides and the well publicised murder of Sikh shop keeper Gurmail Singh. Random fires breaking out on the moors has also been a reoccurring theme. I visited the area near to Gurmail Singh's shop recently and discovered a couple of very modern odd looking towers nearby that I wasn't aware of and these were promptly taken care of. The area is also near to one of the towns megatowers at Ainley Top.

The general field of Orgonite work that I have undertaken locally now reaches as far as Dewsbury, Denby Dale and Delph for those who are interested. Places Iíve done some guest gifting in include Bath, Liverpool, Hythe and The Lake District especially around the Old Man of Coniston. I attended Mark Bennet's Manchester Orgonite workshop and took some TBs which were given out to attendees. I met a couple of guys there who were serious gifters working in the Sheffield area which was great. The atmosphere of the event started with curiousness and a degree of scepticism but by the end of the day everyone was full of enthusiasm and full of positive energy. I demonstrated the ability of the Orgonise Africa Mini Power Wand to affect the skies, there was a lot of HAARP and spraying but we managed to create a hazy blue sky above the event and Mark seemed impressed by the effect of the wand. I can't underestimate the amazing ability of this little bit of kit with a 9V battery.

Up until the present time I have kept my gifting fairly quiet and not really discussed it much with people apart from friends most of whom have not really resonated with the concept but sure enough life transpires to provide the means to take things to the next level. I was recently doing a little local gifting and wondering where to go next with the whole Orgonite escapade. I popped into a shop on the way home and on the front page of the newspaper was a headline about a crop circle appearing near to Castle Hill which I had gifted a few months previous. Castle Hill is the best known landmark in Huddersfield and seems to be a manmade mound with a Victorian folly built on top of it in the form of a tower. I haven't studied it much but have heard mention of leylines, underground shenanigans, hauntings etc. around the area. The article was with a lady called Lynda Haigh who is into the goddess tradition and was involved with organising an event called Earth Heart in Slaithwaite, featuring holistic treatments, massage, crystals, readings and community groups.

Here's a quote from the article:

"My understanding is that crop circles are formed by energy from the Earth. Castle Hill is on a convergence of Ley Lines. The Ley Lines are lines of energy from the Earth, so maybe the energy around Castle Hill has woken up."

Well, this had me really interested so I found her on the Internet and got in touch. She really seemed to get the whole Orgonite concept so I offered (or Lynda did - can't quite remember!) to get involved in the Earth Heart event. At this point it was clear that I was being guided and all I had to do was enjoy the ride. John Scudamore came up trumps once more providing a big box of about 115 TBS, 15 HHGs and tons of mini tbs at short notice. The original plan was to give some mini tbs away for free and charge 50p for TBs and £3 for HHGs but this didn't last long as I asked people where they planned to use the Orgonite. When one lady said The Middle East I just had to give her some extras for free and from that point on it was all free with donations accepted and still made over £40. Some more went for some gardening experimentation in Columbia! People were genuinely touched at being 'gifted'. Kids were immediately drawn to the Orgonite, before any of the adults took notice. One little boy picked a piece up and said "This is Cool!" so I gave the kids some white mini tbs. Some ladies lived in Wakefield which I am not sure has been gifted yet but is on my radar so more pieces went to them. They said the energy there was very depressed. Maybe I should go for a day out there soon ;). One woman had a tumour that had shrunk but not entirely so I showed her my zapper and suggested she get one from Orgonise Africa, I had a separate little table with more showy pieces on that were not for sale including a nice one John Scudamore sent with gold leaf that looked like one of Richís HHGs from Orgonite Moksha, the lady was immediately drawn to it and said it was lovely so I had to give it to her.  I had a copy of The Dot Connector Orgonite issue on hand (Thank you Karen Sawyer) and showed people Mark Bennet's first Orgonite trial from that which really did the trick with some folk. With others it was health issues or just general awareness of negative energy that needed to be dealt with in some way or another. There were many other people of all different ages and backgrounds that took some pieces and just in case any of them read this - thanks, you guys rule ;)!

I can safely say that this has been up there with the most powerful of all the experiences I have been through with Orgonite. I have a good idea of where a lot of the pieces had ended up and it has been like a POR cluster bomb for the area. I have seen so many smiles and good vibes in the last couple of days and a sense of bliss at times. The fact that this particular set of gifts have ended up with people instead of the environment in general coupled with all the other energy work going on at the festival was significant. I get to carry on topping up the field with the leftover pieces also. I'm loving the mini TBs, they seem deceptively powerful for such dinky things and are great for street sign poles and the like.

Weather has been vastly improved since, trails were hopeless the day after, there's been lots more sun and gorgeous breezes and a charged feeling in the air. The second day after (which is the day Iím writing this last part of the report on) there was a really heavy HAARP attack in the day and I kind of felt that they may overcome but it couldn't succeed in gaining any dominance and the majority of it had disappeared after a few hours. Got a Helicopter visit this evening, a couple of circles in the area. I went outside to say hi, and couldn't help giving them a big smile.

Finally, big thanks to John Scudamore. I offered to send him the money made and some extra toward covering the cost and he kindly donated them free of charge. I hope this report confirms the power of your gift John!

Best wishes