Ian Huntley


The Trial of Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr by Joe Vialls

Who Really Murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman? by Joe Vialls

Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman Murders "Show trial" of Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr in London

[2006] Whistleblower dies in suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference

Anybody who believes that Ian Huntley had anything to do with the killing of those kids wants their head examined.
Dave Starbuck- “Four years ago I did a presentation ‘Who really murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman’ and the response I had was so tremendous, which included two solicitors and a Barrister”
Dean Warwick- “What we have is Ian Huntley was there because, found in the tucks of his trousers were seeds from plants that were in this forest. He could have got them from anywhere, they could have been planted. This man is so dumb that he takes these bodies to this place, he strips them of their clothes and pours petrol on them to burn them. Well anybody who’s got half a brain knows that you would leave the clothes on to soak up the petrol and make the fire burn more. He takes the clothes back to the school, he gets out a bin from underneath the stage, puts the clothes in the bin and sprinkles petrol on them and sets them alight waits until there burned so far and puts the fire out with a hose. This is nonsense! We have the case of the lady who has tried to get a newspaper or to get any form of media to print her story. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know. The line is that she walked her dog in that forest everyday for 2 weeks before Jessica and Holly were discovered. She said military police were blocking the road”
Dean Warwick- “And then we have the case of the runner who was interviewed outside the court whilst the case was proceeding against Huntley and he said for 3 nights he had been running and ran past those woods and he had heard girls screaming in those woods. Now my information of what happened to Jessica and Holly is as follows and it comes from high-ranking American military intelligence whom as far as I am concerned I believe. They are within government, they are deep within government, who they are what they is another story. Those girls bodies where treated with a set of talons and they were raped. Now whether this was part of a cult or it is a part of a transmutation of a presence is open to argument. I personally think that David Icke has got a point but he actually misses the point slightly and some of what we have got to do with reptilians and other entities is somewhere there but we’re not getting to it. But when we bring this back to the event of 7 to 8 (bodies) being found in the New forest and Dorset and this police officer tells that one of his associates is one who has to inspect the bodies, each time he is nearly suicidal with what he is finding”  [2006] Whistleblower dies in suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference