International Monetary Fund (IMF) & World Bank
Genocide  Population Control   Famine 

[The IMF is the global portion of the Federal Reserve controlled by all the same 'people' (Psychopaths/Reptoids).  Main aims: Genocide (Famine) and asset stripping.]

See: UNICEF  WHO  World Food Program (WFP)

 John Perkins
[vid] A diabolical partnership. Crooked banks & corrupt politicians

[2014 Jan] World Bank's Lending Arm Linked To Deadly Honduras Conflict

[2012 Sept] Hungary Throws Out Monsanto AND The IMF

[2012 Jan] The IMF and US African Command (AFRICOM) Join Hands in the Plunder of the African Continent By Nile Bowie

[vid] Mad Max runs the Greek numbers. Three card monte with trillions

[vid] Apologies Of An Economic Hitman | Full Documentary by JOHN PERKINS  (9-1`5-11)Working for an NSA sub-contractor (cut-out), John Perkins was a member of the secret team of "economic hit men", agents of multinational coporations as well as the IMF and World Bank, who used fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, military coups and murder to create the global American empire after World War II. After a long internal struggle between his guilt and the fear of telling the truth, Perkins meets the daughter of an assassinated president and speaks out in front of an angry audience in Ecuador, one of the scenes of Perkins' crimes.

[2011 June] Swiss Banker Unmasks Bilderberg Criminals   It was a payment instruction on order of a foreign secret service written by hand giving the order to pay a certain amount to a person who killed the top leader of a foreign country. And it was not the only case. We received several such hand written letters coming from foreign secret services giving the order to payout cash from secret accounts to fund revolutions or for the killing of people....Several secret services from abroad, mostly English speaking, gave orders to fund illegal acts, even the killing of people thru Swiss banks. We had to pay on the instructions of foreign powers for the killing of persons who did not follow the orders of Bilderberg or the IMF or the World Bank for example.

[2011 May] The Frame-Up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Why? by PROF. MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY

[2011 May] BANKSTERS, PRANKSTERS AND SANDY HELL HOLES By Marilyn M. Barnewall Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK, as he is called by the mainstream media) should be better known for ulterior motives involving the globalization of American, European and Japanese banks but thanks to our well-paid-under-the-table media, he is not known for that....Under the aegis of the IMF, Strauss-Kahn made known as early as December 2009 his new international currency plans to use a "Green Energy Fund" (most Tea Party members recognize this as code for the United Nation's Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development) to fight climate change in low-income nations around the world. The funding for "Green Energy" would come from the IMF's own printable money special drawing rights - starting at the equivalent of $ 100 billion. You heard me right. The IMF wanted to print its own money to fund "Green Energy." There's something green here and it's called IMF envy of American currency. 
    Strauss-Kahn said an expanded role for special drawing rights (which enabled the IMF to print its own currency) could help stabilize the international monetary system. Sure it could! To shorten a long story, this was a Soros-friendly socialist method of destroying the U.S. dollar, a topic discussed at Bretton Woods II which was sponsored by George Soros the first week of May 2011. The IMF action was part of "the China plan" to replace the U.S. dollar with a "basket of currencies" and to absorb the Federal Reserve into the IMF (as I reported in an article a month ago).

Strauss-Kahn simply had to be eliminated - The Amerikan Police State Strides Forward

[Media March 2005] Malawi told by IMF: sell grain to pay debts  "The International Monetary Fund instructed the government of Malawi to sell its emergency grain reserves to repay a paltry debt of 9 million, and to pursue a disastrous policy of mass privatisation, pushing the country to the brink of the worst famine in its history."

[2011] Interview  (IMF) It's a servant of the corporatocracy, of economic hit men. One of my jobs as an economic hit man was to identify countries that had resources like oil and arrange huge loans for those countries from the World Bank and sister organizations. But the money would never go to the actual country; instead it would go to our own corporations to build infrastructure projects in that country like power plants and industrial parks; things that would benefit a few very wealthy families.
    So then the people of the country would be left holding this huge debt that they couldn't repay. We would come back and say, "well, since you can't repay your debt, you have to restructure your loan." That's when the IMF comes in. So the World Bank makes the original loan and IMF shows up and says, "We'll help you restructure your loan, but in order to do that you have to meet certain conditionalities. You have to sell your oil or whatever the coveted resource is at a cheap price, to the oil companies without restrictions." Or they would suggest the country sell electric utilities, water and sewage, maybe even your schools and jails to private multi-national corporations. Or maybe allow military bases to be built; these sorts of things.

We have created a world where 5% of us in the United States consume about 30% of the world's resources. The system that we created is a total failure and it causes tremendous misery. People often talk about the prophet of 2012 and Mayan prophecy of doomsday, but I think more than half the people of the world have already met doomsday. They are living in dire poverty and starving to death or on the verge of starvation, so we have created a world that is its own doomsday. This system has been created by organizations like the IMF, the World Bank, the CIA, the NSA and the multinationals. [2011] Interview


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