Do you Have Alien Implants in Your Ears?

I decided to write this article to see if there is anyone out there who has had a similar experience to me. I recently did an ear candling and found a strange object in what came out of my ear.

Background: If you don't know what ear candles are, please read www.relfe.com/ear_candles.html.

I have been doing ear canding on myself fairly frequently for about five years now. Over the years I have heard stories which made me wonder if there was more to ear candling than merely removing wax. For example, I heard of a health food store that got raided by government authorities and THE ONLY THING THEY CONFISCATED WAS EAR CANDLES. Plus, the guy at quackwatch.com really goes to a lot of trouble to put people off ear candling. (Don't worry about him - Tim Cohen is handling him, and may even send him to prison. For example, Tim is asking questions like "How can a man who earns a claimed $30,000-$50,000 a year sue over ten people in one year, which would have cost him a minimum of $1 million. Obviously, he is backed by big business). I heard that in Australia, the government is trying to ban ear candles. When I was in Australia, I had not even HEARD of ear candles.

And then, one day around August 2003, something happened which makes my skin crawl whenever I think of it. I was candling my ears. By this stage, I had probably used up about 50-80 candles in total on myself over five years. After candling, I always cut open the bit of ear candle that was left. Usually this is around 4" or a bit more long. Over the years, I have NEVER seen anything turn up other than the light coloured powder which is from the candle, and the dark brown stuff which was my ear wax. But this day was different.

On this day I saw a very strange object in the piece of candle which was left. It was probably a little over 1/4" long. It was greyish in colour and kind of opaque looking, kind of like a semi-clear plastic. It was oval in shape. It gave me the creeps. I called my husband Michael in to see it. He moved the candle around to see how it would move, and it moved kind of like a balloon full of liquid would move. He then pushed the end of a match into it. Here comes the really weird bit: This DID NOT burst the object. Instead, a small piece broke off and formed its own oval. And then it rejoined the original! IT ACTED JUST THE WAY MERCURY DOES.

We put it into a small glass jar, and it didn't break. Later on, it seemed to dry up and nothing was left.

On discussing this with a friend of mine, she reminded me that she had earlier suggested that maybe aliens were putting implants into the ear. I did not remember her saying this. Although it made sense - if they put them in the nose, why not in the ear?

Muscle testing indicated that it was used for tracking. I believe that these tracking implants (if that is what it was) need to be in the nose or ear so that they can be in contact with the outside, and not be interfered with by the body. Muscle testing also indicated it was inserted by reptilians during my last (forever I pray to God) abduction
(See C:\Documents\Website-Dream-Metatech\cause_of_miscarriage_reptilian_abduction.html

If that was the case, then it was inserted about two years previously. In that time, I have candled maybe 10-12 candles on that ear, with no strange results. So if it was an implant (and I can't imagine what else on this earth it could possibly be), then they don't come out immediately. If someone wanted to candle to see if they had a similar object come out, it might help to pray first, visualise it coming out etc. to speed its exit).

If anyone else has any similar experiences, PLEASE email me.

Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)


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