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As to the question about more info on implants;

If you've had any type of surgery, even minor, tape a neo magnet near the scar for about 24 hours.
Most people are implanted by their navels as well. Women who've had a cesarean, put a neo there.
I put magnets on the back of each of my ear lobes and on the side of
each arm where I've received shots. I had one implant come out like a large boil and it left a cavity in my arm that is still filling in and healing.

If you've had your wisdom teeth removed, put a magnet on your jaw at
that location.
Old vaccination sites take a long time with a neomag. Mine took 2 days and then the boil came up. Older implants take longer, but implants that are closer to the surface take a shorter amount of time.
The magnets nullify the chips.
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