Learning discernment and beating disinfo.

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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 7:50 am    Post subject: Learning discernment and beating disinfo.  

Do you know anyone who watches CNN and other headline/fox cable news channels? Is it their only source for world events? An interesting person once said, "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed." I'm sure that applies equally to TV, radio, internet etc.

The massive disinfo campaign on the internet ripped me a new one. I've found that writing about it gives me a sense of closure. One side effect of seeking closure, I've noticed, is that the memories aren't as crisp as they used to be. This has actually become a bit of a hinderance writing this, so I'll need to reference some of my earlier writings on the subject. I'll try to keep it short and interesting. This is mostly from something I wrote on Thanksgiving '05 with a few minor corrections and updates.

First, a little background info.

I grew up in a mormon household. I had no reason to question the teachings of the church, as it was all I knew. Some things just didn't sit right with me though. Plus, any time someone outside the church would bring up the subject of polygamy or whatever, it was planting a seed of doubt in my mind. Finally in '01, I searched for mormon info on the 'net and found enough evidence to begin waking up from it.

My mind was open to new ideas and ways of thought as a result. Unfortunately it was also susceptable to the manipulation tactics employed by sabotuers and disinfoists out there. The Monarch program may have had something to do with it as well, but that's for another thread.

I blame my mormon upbringing for having never developed critical thinking skills, or at least not to the level that would have kept me from embarking down that dark path when I did in late '02, early '03. Thus when I was introduced to Tom Bearden's website in '01, enticed by talk of free energy, I had no reason to doubt it. Needless to say, I had a few nightmares about the Russians killing us with their scalar weapons and all that. Yes, that's what this guy talks about. Of course the events of 9/11 didn't help matters.

It's ironic how just as my mind was freeing itself from the ravages of a controlling religious structure, it was about to succumb to something much more sinister. The sad part is that I could tell that my mind was giving in to the conspiracy theories, and the more I read, the more screwed up I became; I couldn't break free. Well, in early '02, I decided to release my locus of control and let fate 'happen' because I figured it couldn't be any worse than when I didn't know about this stuff. It would let me get back to living my life instead of worrying about all that stuff. While great in the short run, it was probably the biggest mistake I ever made because it opened me up to anything I could get my web browser on, regardless of the consequences.

I had no checks and balances in place, so you can probably guess how bad things could have gotten. Thankfully, I decided to give it a rest for a while. I focused in on myself and things improved for a while. Then in late '02 as I was searching for something in google, and the original cloudbusters forum came up near the top of the list so I clicked it and was hooked. I was intrigued by the subject of orgone, and the members of that site were into discussing any and every weird subject and the planet X conspiracy was talked about openly. Zetatalk is the website dedicated to planet X and how to prepare yourself for the 20+ years of devestation that would follow its passing in May '03. Oh man, that was the worst website I've ever read. The reality is that it was actually a social experiment (like OK Soda) and was worded in such a way as to cause a fear reaction in the reader in order to hook them through the solar plexus. You don't have to believe that last part. Wink Anyway, it snared thousands of readers, including me, into a severe fear-based way of thinking.

I was nearly a basket case by the time DB stepped in and set everybody straight about channeled boards like that one. He mentioned how planet X was actually the black sun and represents change, and how the Nazis used to meet in a room with the black sun on the floor and the Soundgarden song "Backhole Sun" was supposed to be some sort of homage to it, asking "won't you come" and all that. There is a whole 'nother thing with music, but I won't get into it this post.

DB also mentioned that the bible was written by the bad guys, it is their playbook, and they have to follow the coded stuff in it. Funny how it closely intertwines with old Nosti and Cayce's predictions Wink . Because the subject of religion vs spirituality was still on my mind a lot in those days, I found it to be quite welcome good news that man was indeed causing all the problems instead of god or fate or whatever.

I continued to have my ups and downs during that weird time of my life, but the final straw that made me step away from this orgone stuff permanently was when the space shuttle blew up and the DB guy said he knew who pushed the button. I had had enough. I deleted all the bookmarks and tried to not think about any of that stuff anymore. Easier said than done. Every time some world changing event would occur, or something unexplainable would happen, my mind would return to the info I had learned while reading the cloudbusters forum, and more often than not, they had an explanation for it when nobody else did.

I avoided the info, or anything that would remind me of it, as best as I could. Never the less, I cracked under the pressure a couple times and had to look in on the forum. I only briefly looked through some of the posts with as much mental protection as I could muster. The most recent 'slip' was during the presidential election in '04 because I was simply curious about their opinions on the subject. There hadn't been much activity there and I was feeling glad that the info didn't seem to stand the test of time; as if orgonite and everything to do with it was discredited. Then I noticed that somebody mentioned there were some new forums that everybody had been moving to, and I was like d'oh!

The first bit of real healing I felt was when I didn't vote for Bush a second time. Since the Bushwads had something to do with world events up to that point, not voting for them seemed like the right thing to do. I wasn't thrilled about Kerry, but at least he wasn't Bush.

Back to the subject. I went through the rest of that year and most of '05 in a much better place than I was in previous years. Many of the disturbing thoughts from DB's dire predictions to all the disinfo garbage I had read, had been fading for a while and things were getting better, but some things were still weighing on my conscience. Luckily they were so weak by then that they stayed pretty much in the background most of the time. In other words, it was manageable. The genie was out of the bottle, yes, but I did a pretty good job stuffing him back in.

I spent my time being productive, although still very much leading a fairly dead end existance by most people's standards. I didn't care though because at least I was doing something that wasn't destructive to myself or others. I know of a guy who committed suicide on the 4th of July '03 after swallowing all the doom and gloomers' NWO tripe hook, line and bullet while off his meds.

Every time a world event would occur or something weird would happen that reminded me of something I had read concerning orgone or related subjects, it would open old wounds and I'd do my best to stiffle my thoughts. Not a very fun existance, but still better than the alternative.

By the time hurricane katrina devistated New Orleans, it was just too perfect. "The perfect storm for TV" was my first though. I typed some search words into google, and the educate yourself website popped up near the top of the list. Not only did that website stand the test of time, it had several articles on the subject. While reading the articles with as much mental protection as I could stand, I started clicking on the other links to Don and Carol Croft's adventures, orgone forums and other information sources, and slowly started to build up a list of new orgone bookmarks. The original cloudbusters forum was long gone (which made me glad at the time, actually), but there was a whole crop of new ones.

As I read and read, I got reacquainted with the subject of orgone and decided to give it one more try. I owed it to myself to move on or at least get some sense of closure. Interestingly enough, orgone easily withstood the test of time, and was now stronger than ever. What's more, hundreds (perhaps thousands) of new folks had joined the orgonite movement since I gave up on it in early '03. Could a few thousand discerning individuals trying to heal the planet be wrong? Well, the mormon church boasts 11 million members, but they count dead people and inactives. Utah really could use some orgonite Wink.

I kept at educating myself for a few days, then weeks, then months. The orgone people said that there were indeed some folks whom didn't have the group's best interest at heart, and having since distanced themselves from them, the forums were now discussing real energy healing procedures, boosting/blasting techniques, and my favorite; plant growth, without the detractors. It was a pleasure to read these new forums; nearly a 180 from how things were on the old cloudbusters forum.

I wanted to experience orgonite for myself so when I found out that some vendors were offereing it for free, I checked a few of them out. I really like the effects. They say that orgonite has a balancing effect and lessens neurocies, raises awarness etc. That it does. I've also noticed that my mind has a lot less trouble accepting the more out-there 4D type stuff than ever before. I'm either losing my mind, or orgonite works. Smile

The bottom line here is that orgonite worked for me. I've transistioned from a neurotic fear-based... well, it's described above, to a balanced individual with acceptable critical thinking skills and powers of discernment (to me, anyway) and I believe less than 10% of what I see/hear/read on the news these days. I can see a clear difference in myself today compared to how I was this time last year, or any time in the past.

I can finally close this chapter of my life and begin a new one. Writing about it has helped me tremedously. I urge anyone else suffering from disinfo sickness to step up and share too. Thanks for reading. Smile

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Now that introductions are out of the way, I'd like to post something a little more up to date.

Yeah, the multitude of disinfo on the net chewed me up and spit me out. To take a guess, what prepared me for such easy disinfo assimilation was probably the combination of a sheltered upbringing, my dad's interest in UFOs, free energy, sci fi, watching a "coming Earth changes and Notradamus predictions" TV show which aired in '94, Listening to Art Bell every night from '94-'96 and the affects it produced in my psyche, and a general desire to want to learn more than what they teach you in church or school. Of course having TBMs (true believing mormons) for parents could have been the catalyst.

When I was waking up from mormonism in '01, and sorting through some arrested development issues I suffered in '91, my mind was very accepting of Tom Bearden's Scalar weapons and everything else on his site, and I even found myself understanding some of his circuits, which if I were to look at them now, I wouldn't have a clue how they work (I even have trouble with the klien bottle and other 4D concepts these days, but I'm getting better at it). I think I may have suffered a couple panic attacks thanks to the planet X stuff, and the subsequent cortisol release that goes along with them must have damaged some brain tissue.

Ever since then, I find it's difficult to think in certain ways sometimes. I can definitely feel that something has changed. I'm not really the same person anymore. There are also gaps in my memory. If not brain damage, perhaps just a protection mechanism that's always on these days. If so, I'd like to turn it off, but it's so much a part of the way I think right now, I don't know if I can.

At least some good has come from it. I'm a little slower to accept things at face value, can sorta read between the lines now, my BS meter is intact and functioning better than any previous time in my life, and I feel better connected with nature. Not so much with people yet though.

A big part of the healing process from traumas, I've discovered, is to face my fears and deal with them; to get a sense of closure. It's theraputic for me. For instance, learning that the old cloudbusters forum was populated by lots of disinfo artists has really helped in that regard. Reading through DB's rants and blogs has also helped. It was there that I first learned about Stuart and the disinfo role he played in all of this.

Not only has orgonite withstood the test of time, but a lot more honest people know about orgone now. Plus just handling orgonite itself has brought about some changes that I wasn't expecting, but are certainly welcome.

I registered my username on WM on December 4th '05 which is significant because it is the three year anniversary to when I was deeply entrenched in disinfo. I remember that day in '02 quite well. I figured it was an appropriate date to register since I had had a desire to register for a while, but just needed that last little push. I've used this name on a few other forums dating back to '00. It was inspired by a line in the movie Fight Club.

It's been a long, often (very) difficult struggle, but I'm happy I've invested the time and energy in this movement, learning and doing, and the old apathetic thoughts of finding excuses not to gift even the closest tower in my neighborhood for fear of unseen agency reprisal or whatever, are long gone. Cool
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I've refered to planet X a few times. DB said the Zeta talk website was to get us to look in the wrong direction so that when the real planet X arrived, we wouldn't be ready for it. Well, something arrived I think back in '04 and it messed up the Earth/moon orbit.

Zeta Talk was the most damaging website I ever read. It was all about warning everybody about all the deaths that would occur as a result of the Earth changes produced by a close fly-by of planet X which they were calling Niburu or Nibiru. It passes every 3600 years on a long eliptical orbit according to Mesopotamian and other ancient texts. Zecharia Sitchin was one of the first to start talking about it in the '70s. He's written several books, including one my dad has called The 12th Planet. The Anunaki are residents of this planet. In DB's rants, he mentions the nasty wobble the Earth and moon were going through in '04 as a direct result of planet X. He said sooner or later the Van Allen belts would fail and it would allow all sorts of nasty aliens and entities in which would start feeding on humans. The Zeta talk website said the Earth would stop spinning when planet X is at its closest, causing the oceans to wash over the land for hundreds of miles. The only safe places would be underground, far away from the ocean, and you'd have to stay there for 20 years because the atmosphere would become toxic due to all the vegetation getting burned, volcanoes erupting all about etc.

Pretty bleak, and the solution, if you want to call it that, is not all that desireable either (voluntarily locking yourself away for 20 years underground, which logistically only the rich could afford, further adding to my woe). This damaged so many people, including me. To reinforce this horrible message, it was mentioned on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell when he interviewed Sally, I think was her name (she's the site owner of zeta talk), and then later with George Nory, he interviewed a Catholic priest who also spoke about it. I'm sure it was mentioned on coast to coast several more times.

So what's the real story? That Sally lady was a CIA asset. Channeled boards, like hers, should never be trusted. Zeta Reticulans are supposed to be some sort of aliens or something, which I don't give a rip about (sorry, I've never found UFOs/aliens very interesting), the sentence structure used on zeta talk was filled with words and phrases that have been shown to produce a reaction in a part of the brain which regulates discernment, shutting it off basically and/or produces a fear reaction. The website itself would redirect hits through a CIA office back east, so they could keep tabs on who was reading it. If you're energy sensitive, the bad energy associated with that site was rather enormous. DB recommended turning off your PC speakers while browsing. Sitchin is a plagiarist and disinfoist. According to DB, the Annunaki are real, there was something big in orbit which caused the wobble. I don't know the current status, but things are getting back to normal.
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Who here reads rense.com, coasttocoastAM.com, any of David Icke's stuff, any of Tom Bearden's stuff, weatherwars, Anything by Sitchin? Well, they are all a bunch of BS. I can say that proudly now because I once believed in them. You feel powerless, fearful, lethargic, apathetic, even suicidal. Those websites disempower, hypnotise, corrupt your thinking, and are produced by 'the bad guys' in an effort to try to regain some lost ground. A lot of them are simply damage control, especially weatherwars. They want to offer explanations for eager minds willing to break away from what they've been fed all their lives, only they don't offer any hope. Or if they do offer hope, it is disempowerment and fear mongering masquerading as hope.

What key ingredient is missing in every one of those sources, and how can you easily tell that it is disinfo? They lack a solution. Or if they do offer a solution, it's not much better than the cause of the problem itself. It's taken me some three years to learn this.

The disinfo really caused me a whole lot of worry. Reading Tom Bearden first was probably what set me up for the rest of them. He's appearantly used as a means to scare waking sheeple back into the herd. Don explained it to me better than I'm explaining it now.

Speaking of Don, he does offer a solution that anybody can use, and it's certainly a whole lot nicer than running outside and breathing deeply any time you see a low flying, white unmarked, silent jet spewing a disproportionately large amount of exhaust whenever you see one 'gifting' your local skys. Wink What I'm talking about is the inoculation hogwash Bearden mentions on his website.

One concept I don't entirely understand yet is how mentioning a disinfoist on this forum can actually give him some credibility. Most of us already know about the ones I mentioned above, but there are also some from the old cloudbusters forum. The first post I ever read, for instance, was written by that Lindsay lowhand guy on caduceus coils. What business do those coils have on an orgone forum? None as far as I can tell. It would have thrown up a red flag if I had known at the time. Another is ZS Lyingstone. We've discussed him on this forum already, as with that bladder infection guy, uh wandering pisser and his little smudge of a mountain website, so I won't get into that here. That just leaves the Lillith couple, uh Hooty and the black shaman, and finally, Simple Stuart's moral enigma. The old timers will know what I'm talking about. Smile

Those script-following members of the old cloudbusters forum's main goal was to discredit the orgonite movement and get into personal arguments and such. I'm still not entirely sure how it works, but I can recall early on that their presence on the forum and the subjects they discussed, along with the requisite squirts of adrenaline every now and then to keep it interesting, seemed to give them credibility in my mind. Since talking about those particular members and figuring out the tactics that they used, I'm better able to pick out disinfoists in a crowd now.

An example is the educate yourself website. I recently noticed that Phil Leadweight (hehe) uses very familier disinfo tactics. Phil LeD'oh is the guy who posts his dowsing results and stories from time to time, or rather he sends them to Ken Adachi, who posts them. I haven't seen any of Don's new writings there for a while though. It's not like they're written any worse now than they were since November, or whenever Ken posted the last one. Smile What's going on? At least whale.to has a whole ton more useable info than EY ever had, as far as I can tell.
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Do you watch the discovery channel? The history channel? I've noticed something weird about them and a few other channels. It seems when I'm mindlessly flipping through the channels, I tend to stick on those channels longer than most of the others. Why?

They must be modifying their signal in some way. For one thing, they have a strange background noise that's constantly going reeourr reeourr and the video seems to have a slightly fuzzed appearance. I don't know what it's doing to my brain, but there is something going on. It is also present on those 24 hour news channels, but since I avoid them, I can't say how they affect me.

It's strange how the discovery channel and history channel suck me in whenever I'm not paying attention while channel surfing. Yes I know I need to completely break the TV addiction. I don't watch nearly as much TV as I used to. Smile

I think most of us here know that the discovery and history channels are ripe with disinfo. I'm just curious about the mind control protocols they and many other cable channels employ. I first noticed the reeourr sound in '03 whenever there was white noise or waves crashing onto rocks on their nature shows. Now I can hear it on several channels any time someone speaks.

MTV, which doesn't really show videos anymore (imagine that) has had an odd looking motion blur for many years now. MTV sucks, not to mention their plethora of subpar programming as of late. I only watch TV if there is a show I am interested in. I've got better things to do most of the rest of the time these days.

Do something constructive instead of watching TV. If you find it's difficult to break away from it, or need it on to fall asleep, put some orgonite under your bed and around your house. Smile
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Speaking of TV, I saw a show in the late '80s or early '90s on strange phenomena like Edgar Cayce, people that could see auras, kirlian photography (the phantom leaf effect) and stuff like that. Cayce's predictions tied into some Nostradamus preditions along with many others' on several TV shows in the mid '90s about Earth changes and dire consequences.

It was getting harder to discount them as time went on. They started sounding plausible as my mind couldn't keep up with the constant stream of data and I started to become fearful indeed. I was just a teenager with little background in these subjects. How was I to pick out the disinfo? I bet many others were similarly affected.

Don has written about why the Earth changes didn't occur on schedule, so I won't spill the beans. I will however pass on something I read on one of DB's rants or blogs. It's about how these 'predictionists' predicted their predictions. They were all in a trancelike state and usually had someone nearby to jot down their ramblings. DB said that in that state, you're open to possesion and can only travel to the lower etheric and astral realms; the realsm of lights and colors much like while in a drug induced state. That's also when people have out of body experiences. It's actually something to avoid because the body is where the action is, and is used as a sort of grounding mechanism in order to receive information from the higher realms like the atmic (did I spell that right?).
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Old Nosti and Cayce, and I'm sure many other lesser known predictionists, have predicted major events which have also been found in bible codes. How in the world can names and places and such be worded so accurately in bible codes? I won't get into the mechanics of how the hebrew bible contains these codes, or how to find them, as there are many webpages dealing with the subject, but I want to express that these are not ordaned by god. The bible codes were written by men, for men, to follow like a playbook. As for the bible itself, well, if there were no toilet paper in the house and I really had to go... Twisted Evil

Learning that the bible itself was written by the bad guys as just another means of control, a religious technology if you will, was another big step in learning how to spot disinfo. As for the codes themselves, we could read through some webpages with several already listed and take bets as to which one the douchebags will try to do next. I hear Iran's been in the news lately...


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Thanks for posting all of this, leadaladJeff, and please say all you want, okay?.

Doug, even if you disagree with Jeff I hope you'll just consider this to be his effort to report his subjective experiences and so won't feel responsible for countering him. Your response seems pretty preachy to me, by the way, but his doesn't. I also don't share his view of religious scripture and Cayce but I absolutely respect that it's a sincerely held opinion, arrived at through personal effort and investigation, so it's worth every bit as much as mine, yours, or anyone's. If you want to preach, Doug, you ought to start your own thread, I think.

I was fortunate during one of my earlier wakey-wakey phases because it happened before the internet and most of the 'alternative' media presentations (including Art Bell) when one had to buy books in order to get info and disinfo both. I shake my head in dismay when I realize that I was fifty before I got to a level of discernment that many of the folks here, who are a lot younger, are arriving at now.

It's a lot less traumatic to get disinfo from books than from the web, TV or radio, I think, and even the published disinformants used documented data to validate their cases, unlike the channeled horse$#!+ that characterizes the heartless, intellectually lazier CIA hypists and their starry-eyed, neo-psychic stooges. Books are a lot less immediate than the internet or TV, of course, so if you get disinfo that way it's a little quicker to discern it, I think.

Carol and I were staying with DB in August, 04, when he said he saw Nibiru briefly before the sunrise, which happened right before moonrise, which was waaaay too far south that morning, by the way . He also sincerely believed that the calamaties that you mentioned would commence a couple of months later. I don't personally believe there's enough evidence to support the existence of either Nibiru or Planet X but there's a LOT of evidence that planet-sized objects have regularly been hurled at the earth since August 98: Hale-Bopp's collision course with earth, which was diverted.

I believe the collisoin of that huge directed comet at the time would have fulfilled Cayce's and Nostradamus' calamity predictions, perhaps even some of the Biblical prophecies. Whether one believes these or not, the Biblical ones, at least, indicated that an alternate outcome would alwasy be possible, depending on humanity's course of action.

We're humanity and we're taking another course, by the way.

For the record, the moon's orbit became erratic at least nine months before that and the path of the sun became erratic some time later than August, 04, I think. It's all mostly back where it was by now and note that the only 'calamaties' that have occured have been manmade: the bomb-generated tsunami and a few underwhelming HAARPicanes..

The vanAllen belt is a toroid, open at top and bottom; anyone, anytime can come and go from the north and south above the poles, where the belt doesn't exist, but the presence of the radiation belt buggers the claim that anyone went to the moon in poxey NASA or Russian rockets Wink. If you get around to reading the documents it will be pretty clear that we had a moon base before that, using the older, German-derived, back-engineered saucer tech.

The presence of a massive, underground Vril base in Antarctica, set up in Hitler's day, might make more sense in this light. Part of why Carol and I went to Namibia was to personally check out reports of older Vril bases underground there which predated and perhaps enabled the Antarctica effort, directly to the south..

So to say that the passing of a large object in August, 04, was entirely responsible for the eventual slow wobble might not be accurate.. CArol and I do believe that DB saw an orbitting, moon-sized object in the instant before sunrise that morning though, and we've personally encountered some stuff that would peg out the weird$#!+ometer but that we're not comfortable writing about except for brief mentions. For psychics this happens a lot and it's one reason they feel so isolated. Thank God for the internet for their sakes, I say!

I personally believe, from well-documented and illustrated books that I've read, that the moon is an artificial satellite, though perhaps half a billion years old. When we can detach ourselves from the terror aspect of disinformation we can glean little puzzle pieces from it all, though the more we can discern, the sicker we feel when we visit those sites on account of the lies and sub-awareness chicanery that the sites are loaded up with. It's like watching TV when there's a crapload of subliminal programming and sound frequencies, as Jeff mentioned. It's a kind of conundrum.

The good part of that is that they rarely give information that you can't get elsewhere, though, in a more organic format. A notable exception is Drunvalo Melchizedek, who gives out a lot of previously secret material in an attempt to regain some lost credibility for the masons during this wakeup phase of humanity's development. DB, before he opposed his former masters, was also used to entice young folks to join the masons and Theosophy, which is a subgroup. If you don't have enough discernment to read that stuff prudently you might get sucked into doing the more complex mekaba rituals, which pretty much guarantees that he and his masters will own you. Some of his storied might bugger your discernment, too--Drunvalo's that is.

DB showed us a disinfo TV film which he got from a a buddy in a studio archive in Burbank. The film never aired on TV, probably because it showed too much info. The unsteady Vril antigravity craft of the early 1930s were clearely shown and you can recognize them in Billy Meier's disinfo films. That, alone, can help you get past Meier's neo-Theosophist bull$#!+ in one fell swoop if you've been suckered by all that but would like to see more clearly..

The nazis couldn't use the craft as weapons because they weren't stable platforms. The newer generation obviously came out after some of those Vril scientists had been parcelled out to the US, UK and Russia after the war. There's a good book that pretty well shows that the first flying saucer factory was built underground on the Gold Coast, north of Vancouver, BC, by the Brits right after WWII, which would explain why the first saucer sightings happened in that region in 1947.

Since Montauk's underground base was a German (Vril) asset throughout WWII we can assume that the later British/American UFO constructs were done with the Vril in the loop. MOntauk, NY, is a strategic point because it overlooks all of the shipping that comes into Long Island Sound so we can't conceive that a large-scale German operation would go un-noticed there.

Bible codes have been an eminently scammable phenomenon at least since the time that Roger Bacon encoded his team's English translations in the King James version of the Bible (maybe the satanic sewer rats/clergy mastered that in Biblical times after the adoption of the present form of Hebrew), which is probably why masons want everyone to read 'their' Bible. Did you think subliminal programming started with TV? Bacon was Britain's top mason/occultist (I assume he was a satanist, too) who apparently also initiated the witch persecutions that spread throughout Protestant Europe and the American colonies for a century or so, by the way, concurrent with the Inquisition conducted from Rome..

It's sure easy to see why anyone would cast the stinkeye at the Bible or religions in general, thanks to the consistently bad actions of clergy throughout the millenia. It might be that the original scriptural codes studied by genuine scholars like Stan Tennen are legitimate since they predate the present form of Hebrew. Apparently the Qur'an, which is a pristine document, dictated by the Author, also is encoded in the higher form but we probably won't learn much about that until the occult/corporate world order and their persecution/corruption of Islamic cultures (via the clergy, of course) drops from sight in the hopefully near future. I'm not a Muslim, so I've got no vested interest in saying this.

I don't mean to detract from your expressed opinion, Jeff, but in my experience most folks who hate religions do so because they got burned by one or another religious hierarchy or santa-type or Mithraic/Helenist myth, so maybe my comments can help you get past your resentment of religions in general.

Resentment holds us back, after all, just as effectively as love for a corrupted hierarchy can hold us back. All of the religious scriptures throughout the world assure us that our spiritual paths are only personal matters between ourselves and our Maker, after all. Nobody can arbitrate that, nor can anyone else, especially gosh-damned clergymen, assume responsibility for us.

The bad guys clearly want us to hate all of the revealed religions' Founders (their ultimate Enemy) and that ought to be a tipoff for the discerning. DB was in a devout Christian phase the last time we saw him, by the way, and I think he feels dismayed whenever people repeat his pronouncements as authoritative but that's his challenge, not mine. I think everyone knows that I'm not an authority on anything. You seem to personally hold him up as a standard. Carol and I take everything he says seriously but we don't blindly accept anyone's pronouncements, nor should you, I think.

Sitchin leads us to believe that humanity was cynically engineered by reptiles in Mesopotamia a few millenia ago. Credo Muttwa, who has access to much older info, indicates that humanity's interaction with reptilian species goes a lot farther back than that and there's enough evidence of disappeared human civilizations, up to millions of years ago, that it's not really necessary to take that person's sketchily-supported claims to heart, i think.

The challenge for most people who are learning to discern is the fact that charismatic folks who speak with confidence tend to get repeated by others as assumed authorities, which is why the fakers in this network got such a sizeable following early on. It's a real miracle that they didn't destroy the momentum of this movement, in fact, when it was populated mostly by potheads and crackpots. Most of those 'first wave' folks are no longer around, by the way. That's the natural outcome of taking poseurs to heart..

This is also why the occult/corporate world orde invests so heavily in training their front men and women to be charismatic. Hitler wasn't charismatic when he attempted the comical Beerhall Putsh in Munich in 1922 in his cheap suit; in fact, most of the people in that tavern laughed at him and went back to drinking. Only a few idle drunks followed him to City Hall as a lark. After he got out of jail he got the training to speak and to exude charisma. DB was one of the folks who trained Shirley MacLaine for her guru acting role in the 80s, by the way--that was before he had the wakeup call, of course..

Icke reveres Sitchin and quotes him as an authority on this subject but, in defense of Icke, last week he apparently started casually promoting orgonite cloudbustetrs and DB's film, CHEMTRAILS: CLOUDS OF DEATH on his website. He put a '.' at the end of the film link, by the way, which made it ineffective. Within a day or so, though, his website was apparently shut down, ostensibly by order of the British secret police. I see that it's back up.

LeadsaladJeff and I discussed the merits of posting about his discernment path and I encouraged him to do it, since it seemed clear to me that he has a heartfelt desire to help others avoid some pitfalls. If he were motivated by bitterness, rather than resolution, this thread wouldn't work. He asked me about the feasibility of naming the disinformants and I told him that it's his call. I've found it practical to never mention their names publicly, if possible. I felt impelled to do that in a single post, here, a year ago when they were being actively and openly promoted on Warrior Matrix. Thankfully, Dennis put a stop to that.

There are some personal experiences, Jeff, that only make sense if we factor in the involvement of non-human and/or offworld races. Lots of people who offer viable alternative solutions to the occult/corporate world order's manufactured calamities choose to ignore one or another facet of the weirder aspects of our common reality.

For instance, I know that LaRouche, who oversees the publication of many fine research journalists (and a few ringers) entirely ignores the subject of offworld civilizations and also ignores life-supporting agricultural methods in favor of the agrochemical cartel. He ignores, pre-history and the older occult/corporate world order cabals, though he exposes Kissinger and his fellow criminals very well, along with the hierarchy of the global dope trade, carried out on behalf of The City (London's banking hierarchy). He's the first to call QEII, 'The Whore of Babylon,' by the way..

Really, I think that a functional worldview has to take in the weird stuff, too, but that's only my subjective opinion and this isn't to say that these folks aren't making priceless contributions to the mix, of course. Mostly, LaRouche works effectively to help third world nations get more sovereignty and prosperity. Nne of that gets covered in the media or even on the internet, of course.

Jeff, when you go out and start disabling the death transmitters and HAARP facilities (towers, 'bowling pins' and balls) you're going to experience a huge injection of confidence and certainty, which are by-products of self-empowerment. That gives us real detachment, too. Anger directed at the poseurs guarantees their continued influence but dispassionate exposure of their actions and tactics has the opposite effect. Sure, it's a tightrope because when we slip up they can use it against us but we're also breaking new ground. Before, it was universally considered faux pas to discuss sneaky conspiracies openly, much less oppose them effectively.

Warrior Matrix is set up to report stuff like this so that others will choose to empower themselves the way you're now doing. To reach personal empowerment we have to have a functional level of discernment, which you're getting more of now. . I hope you'll go ahead and line out the rest of your experiences and victories in your discernment enquiry. You're doing great!. Along the way, when you post your gifting reports it will help seal the fate of the poseurs and hopefully prevent them from making as much of a splash in case the sewer rats hold them up in the media as experts.

You might want to check whether towerbusting has been done where you live if you're still in Utah. Several Mormons and ex-Mormons have done a huge amount of gifting there, including some really big underground bases that are over vast, ticky-tacky housing developments in North Salt Lake City

If you're not energy sensitive (join the club ) learn to dowse effectively, okay? The only dowsing I've found consistent is when I hold the point of a working Succor Punch or PW in the palm of my left hand while I use a pendulum with my right. I'm right handed, so reverse it if you're not.

I hope you can reach some level of compassion for people who are still enmeshed in cults and disinfo sites, by the way, but that's going to take time and a lot of patience with yourself, maybe.

The Qur'an says, 'Knowledge is a light which God casts in the heart of whomsoever He wills,' but we tend to think that we somehow wrest knowledge from the ethers. Just take a moment to consider how many people there are who should know something but don't; then consider that you're awfully lucky to have gotten this far under the circumstances, okay?

One of the aspects of genuine knowing is that it always feels fresh and new. The 'dust of acquired knowledge,' though, makes most people bitter and a little paranoid and it's always partial; inorganic and based in the mind, not the heart..

It may be that it's the selfless-service aspect of healing our environment and neighbors with orgonite that leads us into genuine knowing and empowerment, which is an extremely rare commodity right now. You'll figure it out.

You've noted very well that this network has moved beyond being characterized by nutcases and 'testimonkeys' (your term in private email that I think is priceless) and maybe that was just in time because the other side will use, as ammunition against us, any shred of posted silliness that they can glean from the present, more legitimate boards.

As I tell my wife (I'm a recovering last word freak), the more we can laugh at ourselves the faster we'll progress spiritually. It's tough for psychics to do that because they see an awful lot and are constantly challenged to assimilate it or at least put it all in perspective. DB smokes cigarettes when he wants a break from psi input, by the way, but in his youth he was trained like a vegetarian, teetolling, pot-free warrior monk by the Great White Brotherhood, who needed to parasite his clarity and innocence.. He's one of the funniest guys we know, by the way.

If I weren't a buffoon I doubt that I'd have figured out what to do with orgonite. Caveat: we've all only scratched the surface, so far. I think orgonite will lead to free energy tech before long, maybe in Japan thanks to Tetsuzi-san's initial efforts.

Really, the biggest, best cosmic jokes are our own predicaments, almost always self-created. Laughter is a healing device, though, and there's usually an easy way out of any mess we can create for ourselves, short of having broken some of the more sobering universal laws..

By the way, I stopped sending Ken stuff late in December and he told me on the phone the other day that the reason he stopped posting my articles was that his computer had been destroyed by hackers in NOv and he had a slow recovery.

I'm going to put all my articles on etheicwarriors.com pretty soon and I'm writing a book now, hopefully published by my b-day, May 5. THE LIFE ETHERIC, WITH CAROL CROFT is the title, with apologies to Wes Anderson, my personal hero.

I'm kind of doing it in self defence because I think we're all going to get hit hard by the media shortly after that due to orgonite's rising populatiry, so something in print will take some wind out of their sails. I'm hoping Georg Ritschl will publish a companion technical journal soon because my book will be mostly essays.

Your thread will come into its own then, too, Jeff, which is why I'm so glad that you wanted to write it now, before the $#!+storm commences and the ringers whom you're indicating will all be promoted as the experts in the media, where none of us will likely be mentioned in the beginning and will only later be mentioned as 'enemies of humanity and the planet.'.

You finally got around to making orgonite after you went through the disinformation/disempowerment gauntlet and I think you'll be helping a lot of people take the shortcut to effectiveness aftert this.

In the best case there wil be enough candid disussion about disinformation that when the primary poseurs eventually get trotted out as orgone experts not many discerning folks will take them seriously.

This is what happened to 'Maitreya,' after all: the fake prophet whom the occult/corporate hierarchy's ideologues (Theosophists/Masons) were trying to sell in the media as a world savior since the early 1980s a la Krishnamurti, their mid-1900s failed attempt.

I hope this disclosure effort won't turn into personality bashing because that would ultimately give the poseurs an un-earned 'martyr mantle.' A lot of folks here are angry at these folks, undersandably, but we're all compelled to take the high road if we call ourselves spiritual warriors.

Another fellow here tried and failed to do what leadsaladJeff is doing because he was too angry at one of the poseurs but he prudently removed his posts in time to avoid backlash. I hope he'll try again when he's gotten past the anger.

The test of skill for us might be to only mention the m.o.'s of the disinformants in a way that shows who they are; not to mention their names or to give clever hints. After all, it's their specific modus operendi that suckers people, not their personalities or even characters, per se. As Jeff McK says, all of this is apparently tailored to draw in certain programmed 'types' of people, after all. I don't consider any of it to be personally directed, though they take shots at DB, Carol and me now and then..

To someone coming to the network from a third world culture, unless he/she is a pothead, the hypnotists/endorphine-engineers probably have little or no efect, after all. Nearly all of the disinformants are self-proclaimed or closet pot addicts themselves, by the way, and I can tell you that from our own personal history with them.

That's yet another reason to finally put that stupefying stuff down if you haven't done so yet, reader. I'm sure you don't fancy yourself a tool for poisonmongers. REally, as the demographic of this growing network reflects the active involvement of more and more people who are sober and committed the disinformants are having less and less influence but the pot issue still bears some reminding, at least here where too many are still not doing the work but are posting incessantly..

I don't think leadsaladJeff ever had that addiction, by the way, so I don't want my reminder to be an aspersion toward his character. If you're on the stuff it will probably be a lot harder for you to break free of the poseurs, though.

"You were born...and so you're free...so happy birthday!"
~Laurie Anderson

Don Croft

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I got 'file not found' on the troll info site, Dennis--must be a great site!
The NSA apparently has three shifts of hackers working on trying to destroy Etheric Warriors these days and I thank them for the plug, though it's not making Jacques' life easier for now.

The 'indigo children' scam, I think, is designed to simply make you ignore the fact that all of humanity are rising in awareness right now. There are more clever misdirects out there than we can count, in fact, and the still-programmed will make a beeline for every single one of them before his/her rational faculty finally gets jolted into action. The world order is heavily vested in stopping everyone from thinking critically, of course.

A favorite method of theirs to stop critical thought is to incessantly promote non-conspiracy theories in schools and on the What To Think Network.

The Christian prophecy, 'In those days even the elect will be fooled,' is certainly coming true now because it's literally impossible to join any human organization that's not thoroughly compromised by infiltration and then sabotaged. If we organized this network it would happen in a New York minute.

The cute thing is that the worse things get, now, the faster we people who wish to fulfill our destinies are able to wake up to our own potential.

At any time throughout human history the only thing standing in the way of human empowerment was lack of information (another Bible verse is 'My people perish for lack of knwledge.') so the first effort of the occult/corporate hierarchy has always been to control sources of information.

The war they've always waged on us has been mainly pscyological. The internet blew that out of the water ten years ago, probably just in time, and I think orgonite is the kill shot.

They've never had the human resources to physically conquer the entire planet, which is probably why they meticulously planned for ultimate genocide, which failed, by the way. The target date for the completion of genocide was sometime before the year 2000, according to their inscribed agenda.. They apparently started the chemtrail program a few years later than intended. I think their untimely Waco massacre threw a wrench in their genocide machine becaus they jsut don't know the human heart and the massacre outraged some pretty effective people..

If you, reader, have any view of reality short of this it pretty much guarantees that their minions are still going to pull the wool over your eyes, but there are plenty of people now who are awake enough to finally end this old tyranny, thank God, and we've got the tools and will to get it done.

Watch for more and more disinformation, false fronts and misdirects, posing as 'the gifting network.' Fortunately, the other side mostly cycles through the same small crew of players, though. If your head's not in the sand you've identified most of them by now, even though we rarely mention them publicly.

A lot of it is pretty convincing but the hook is always hidden in the details, so pay attention and be VERY careful whom you let into your confidence these days. When the internet part of the network blew apart in UK and Australia due to a successful sabotage campaign the legitimate gifters resorted to working alone and in cells, for instance.

If you're a newbie and have any potential but haven't yet earned some streetsmarts the moles who are still on the legitimate boards, in concert with the primary ones who have been identified and booted throughout the past five years, will approach you and offer their friendship. It's a pretty exclusive club they're in, apparently. That kind of distinction is sort of like what you might have if you were in the KKK or NAMBLA, of course.

If any of the camouflaged poisonmongers on Warrior Matrix are trying to get you into their entourage, please let Dennis know, okay? Some of them say all the right things but they just don't smell right, if you get my drift. For instance, most of them hate D Bradley with a burning, dirty passion so watch for unsolicited backbiting about him, or Carol, Dennis or me, for that matter.

YOu're doing great, Jeff, and thanks for posting your observations! Making our own orgonite, at least the field pieces, puts us in closer touch with the process but there are a lot of excellent vendors out there. Find the ones who have earned good reputations for making personal devices and patronize them if you don't feel competent to make your own, okay?

Grand claims are a tipoff that the vendor is probably not competent. The good ones don't need to make grand claims for their products because the products themselves do that Wink

I wish it were prudent to post a list of all the dirty dealers who are still on WM, especially the ones who work closely with the sewer rats who were clearly identified and booted by Dennis over the past couple of years, but that would bring down teh energy of the board, of course, and would probably discourage newbies from developing their discernment. Also, it would be a golden opportunity for them to scream,'FOUL!' and claim that this is a mere personality conflict rather than betrayal. Exposing them is an art, rather, that has to be done with integrity..

It's better for the newbies to spot the dirty dealers and alert Dennis. That way, they can develop their streetsmarts and Dennis can get a better view of what's going on under the lid here, so to speak.

it's a high compliment to us all that the NSA, MI6, (probably) Mossad and a few other sewer rat agencies and their cultish subsets are so strongly compelled to ruin our fun right now by infiltrating and poisoniong WM.

Remember, folks, that this is WARrior Matrix, and those $#!+slingers are waging war on all of us right. They work hard in back channels (Dennis, with your cooperation, has made it counterproductive for them to poison the threads any more, at least) to keep this board from developing its full potential while their employers' much slicker, well-funded and professionally managed and promoted orgonite disinformation sites achieve higher ratings on the web. I hope you agree with me that it's better not to let them do that at our expense if we can help it. The only way to stop them is to pull the rug out from under them. This is only achieved by identifying and booting the saboteurs who interface with WM as members and we've got a chore ahead of us on that count.

The sad part is that WM is set up to encourage newbies because when they come in here, many of the bright-eyed, ardent potential gifters are approached by the saccharine sewer rats among the membership who are able to get under Dennis' radar. They work in concert to discourage you from doing the work that the board was set to foster: gifting.

One prominent saboteur on WM, by the way, was caught representing him/herself as both male and female in many PMs to unwitting newbies in an effort to gain their confidence. I expect that's stopped, at least--parasites can't survive exposure; it's better than shooting them in the head Wink The reason they prefer PMs to private email is that the PM silently reminds you that they have member status here. Gits.


"You were born...and so you're free...so happy birthday!"
~Laurie Anderson