Information how they build synthetics today:
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(sorry for my bad englisch hope you understand what i write)

iīve got this information via email and will share it with you, so i write a bit about the things the guy wrote me.. iīm not allowed to speak about his name or who he is... i will just give you now information you canīt find over internet because itīs really nothing anyone knows just people who work there know this (i have nothing to do with working there and about my source of knowledge i donīt want to speak please accept that)

how they build synthetics today:

they get created in chambers.. there is a room where 4 chambers are connected trough a transfer-server they are connected trough solarplexus radiator cable which transfers through "holographical teleportation" each atom and starts to arrange them till they build complete cells trough this over and over in this chambers this is working over a digital microprecessing-computersystem which has a lot of mathematical power itīs able for them to save many different bodies complete to the hard disc drive and re-arrange them in this 4 chambers and in less than 10 hours a human male or female is created. they also build hybrids or experiments who are not at all human. they are not aliens. they sometimes just do experiments and modify over software the way the genetic system gets projected and so on. i can show you how this chamber look, because in one video of lady gaga this chambers appear, so i guess lady gaga was created in chamber ...

here look.. i uploaded this here a ex-worker gave it to me he had to do with people who build synthetics.. sorry for the bad quality..

this way the chambers look but they don't have the title "monster" on it... this director knows about this synthetics... all "big" directors know about this truth... they are members of organizations... they buy synthetics directly from the labor for big organisations so they make much money trough cdīs and concerts... its all about the money... nothing else... for the musical area... but they also use this technology to create little girls and boy for sexual abuse... they can build their own children and they sell them to political people and others... its a very complicated situation... also they kill real people (movie stars and musicians) and re-create them as synthetics in chambers... they experiment with dna and do a lot strange things you not even want to know!

Here you can see how this chambers look, they really match the real chambers..

0:18 and the scenes behind this

they are white and 4 ones of them "hang" in the air" and are connected by something they call server or transfer-server... in this computer all atoms get rendered and calculated and they also can extract biological information from dns and re-calculate it into a holographical projection and trough teleportation into this 4 chambers they build humans and everything else.. its not complicated and very simple when you know how they do it... actually its possible to build you your own supermodel in less than 6 hours if you want... you will NOT notice a difference between a real heidi klum and a syntethic heidi klum... just when you look very close to her... you will see the skin looks not biological... also her look would be soulless.. they feel boring... because they have no activity in their inner self - the not even have a inner self like you or other people...

they simulate it... they don't know that they are different or synthetic... they just know they exist like you know that you exist... they donīt know why they are here like you donīt know why you are here... they are exactly like you... just you as a real human have full access to the inner self in all possibilitys... they not... and this makes me feel very sad about them... they get abused... they donīt know this...

Avril Lavigne got produced 3 times till now because some people wanted to use her as a sex-slave, but many others have ordered also clones of Avril Lavigne. Fathers of ultra-rich families who belong to certain societies and organizations order very often cloned beautiful girls to give them to their sons as a birthday present or some other kind of gift. The thing is that when you reach a certain level of money, people from such organizations will automatically contact you and you will get a member in their organization. The richest ones of all rich ones all are in the same organization and about these people I talk here, when I say they buy cloned persons. So many people got already cloned and as a list this would be a list that would expand with every week. You have to know that this is a big business, the biggest buisness that goes on, on this planet. They are able to produce real humans that look like the originals and do everything that you want them to do. The organization who produces clones is the biggest moneymaker of this planet. There's so much more to say about all this. He, the guy who told me all that via EMail, told me that they cloned already every celebrity who is famous for his beauty, because also rich ladies buy cloned guys like David Beckham or Brad Pitt. These ultra-rich families belong to an isolated almost hidden society and they live a complete different life and in a complete different reality than most of normal people even are able to imagine. They have not just 2 or 3 big houses, they even rent certain rights of the economic system for a limited time, till somebody with more money takes over this job. There are many things going on.

Back to the synthetic people. The list is endless. They clone everyone they want to sell to rich families or people. Also there exists secret-software so people can create their own human or extract its look from an artwork, say Nicole Kidman, Gisele Caroline Bündchen, Carolina Ardohian, Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen or even Osama bin Laden. The ones who have the rights to build them, are also the ones who are the masters of orchestration, not just doctors or scientists belong to them, also special make-up artists and people that work for movies-studios and Hollywood.

Sure. Synthetic people have no feeling for right and wrong and the second thing is that they are strongly physical oriented minds, so physical they are that they even not are able to understand sexuality, love, empathy and many other things. They have a very strong appetite to get a sexual satisfaction, but the problem is like I just said that they haven't got a clue of right and wrong. Certain areas real humans have, synthetics don't have. They don't have the finer systems of soul. This is because they get produced through computer, lasers, genetic scanning processes and holographical teleportation.

A normal or better, REAL human has healthy feelings for sexuality, but synthetics not. They are child, killing, hate, cold and animal-orientated or in one word - lunatic. The problem is that they got produced, so its not real hate or anything like this, its more like a roboter that got out of control. Humans shouldn't "build" humans. This isn't right.

Another things is that the inner areas of this planet are full of tunnels and cities, with houses and streets, everything they have hundreds of miles under your streets. Earth is a lot bigger than scientists tell it to you, so its also a lot more room under your streets, actually you can go 150 miles down - into this planet - you will find cities and everything. They created a second humanoid race through clones and you can just hardly imagine what goes on in these cities - in - your planet.

Pedophilia has reached in these cities a level you not even want to know. They even created toy-shops with real children in it and clones like George W. Bush come with others and kill the children or babies and after this they will start having sex with them. I know this is not possible to believe, but actually it is like this.

But why? Well, let me explain this: They cloned so many people and they had already these underground-cities in the late 70s so they started taking advantage of these underground-bases and they colonized them through male and female clones who started getting a family live. They all got hardly programmed and this underground-cities are a experiment for the people of the surface so they are able to test their technology on a society based up on synthetic clones. But also there exist other life forms, much older than the human race. Really many different, say "biological groups", exist in and on planet earth.