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I made an HHG a couple days ago and had it curing outside on the front porch.  I went out to see if it was done curing (was) and brought it in and put it on the table.  No sooner than I'd turned it over to the correct orientation I hear a loud "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-..." outside - shaking the house.  What the hell...?

I quickly went back outside and hear a loud helicopter but it took a minute for me to find it. It came from out of nowhere and was kind-of hovering (moving VERY slowly) over my home maybe 100-150 feet up.  Bigger one like others have posted pictures of before - type that used to always find me before I had an SP I could take in the car with me on gifting runs.

Obviously I quickly surrounded it in a big-old golden ball of POR and somehow they quickly got the message to leave, which they did (hehe) - headed due South which is kind of a strange direction as there really isn't a base or air field that way - at least nothing "legitimate".

Weird thing is, it was not black nor white (I've seen both in the passed) nor was it painted military khaki color.  It actually looked to have been painted something close to an aqua color.  Curious.  I forgot to look for FAA markings on it.  Military and bad-guy aircraft are plain brown wrapper - NO markings at all.

They obviously were hovering over my home for probably a good 20 second after I noticed it in this heavily residential area so I'm sure they were trying to figure out what was causing the "disturbance" in the force (that'd be their DOR force - hehe).

My neighbors were hanging by my neighbor 3 doors down and they saw it also and when I came outside and realized what was going on and looked back at them after it decided to leave the area they seemed perplexed and I gave them a look and shrugged like "what the heck was that all about?" (hehe).

I just can't understand how it magically appeared so fast without my having heard it coming for minutes (it was LOUD) - most certainly should have heard it a minute or two earlier while I was retrieving my HHG.  I was so suspicious it was some kind of cloaked (disguised) ship or something, I gave it a good energy scan but it came up clean - no funny energy field around it that would indicate a cloaking field - had to be a real helicopter - either that or they're getting much better at hiding energy signatures which I kind-of doubt.

Another stupid bad guy scare tactic?  If so it worked great - had a good laugh at this one, especially given the puzzled looks on my neighbors faces (hehe).

Guess I must be getting better at making HHG's (hehe).

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I had a run in with a chopper yesterday too.

I was in the yard where our work trucks are parked, about to start my day. As I walked across the gravel to my truck I got a sharp, sudden pain in my right knee, and it got worse as I kept walking. I got to my truck, thinking what the heck is this?, then I turned around and saw a small, unmarked, black helicopter hovering over our office building at the far end of the yard.

The chopper wasn't very high up, but it was very quiet. I immediately boosted it and it took off. I had an SBB from DB with me, put that on my knee and all was fine. I stopped for fuel about 10 minutes after leaving the yard, and there the chopper was again, maybe half a kilometer away and flying to the East. I didn't feel anything that time and the chopper didn't stick around. I guess they were checking to see if I was limping. I wasn't Smile