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Hi Don. My name is Peter and i live in Stockholm, Sweden. I have written to you before a long time ago.
    Have been laying low with gifting for awhile in order to repair my finances and  to have a break from the unpleasant stuff that seems to go hand in hand with gifting .
    Glad to see that there is another gifter in Stockholm - Kristian hello Smile
    I stumbled over some articles about this poor man in the Phillipines, an 82 year old inventor of a waterpowered car - Daniel Dingle - that has been thrown into jail - what else is new...
    The most recent article was from 2008 . I thought maybe some of your psychic friends can look into this and try to boost him out of there if he is still alive.
    Merry Christmas to you and Carol . / Peter


Thx, Peter--I'll sure post this notice and let me know if you want to be in touch with Christian, okay?

There have been prolific gifters in the Phillipines from time to time, so let's hope someone, there, is reading this, may contact me  and will wish to go toss some orgonite around Dingle's place of confinement.  That's sort of like an etheric artillery barrage in advance of the 'infantry' work by the habitues, including the psychics,  of the international chatrooms Cool . If I were there with an aircraft I might drop leaflets, just before the assault Wink   This is essentially a fun war, at least for us.

When one tosses orgonite in the environment, he's also waging war on the parasitic,  corporate world order and in this war the bad guys usually fight back.  Orgonite is destroying their satanic infrastructure and base of support, after all.    If you want to learn to beat them, check out how we do it, okay? has that information .

Even without fighting back, the worst they usually do is to interfere with our lives in any way that they're able.  Usually, this seems to be a wakeup call to get our lives, including our relationships and livlihood,  in better working order.  In a way, they do us a service by pointing out our weaknesses, though I"m sure that's not their intention Wink