Invisible personnel and Life Control Surveillance System

By using government as pretense to cover-up their criminal activities, the involved law enforcement officials (LEO) have illegally built the life control surveillance system (see details on Part I-B). Their activities become criminal because the invisible personnel not only secretly enter people's properties (homes, offices, vehicles, etc.) to keep people under close surveillance and control their behaviors, but they also criminally induce illness/death on some citizens whom they dislike (see details on Part I-A3) and use microwave voice device to mind control unaware person/students to kill (see details on Part VI).  Where are these invisible personnel from and how could they achieve the above activities?

According to inside infromation, invisibility technology has been developed successfully by US Navy in WWII.  Later, it was transferred to Taiwan and the invisible personnel have been used in Taiwan's surveillance system since 1960s. After using the invisibility technology, the personnel and equipment become tiny, invisible and have the characteristic of levitation (floating in the air as weightless condition). Thus, by using propulsion equipment, every invisible operative can move as a single-seated "plane."  Based on the characteristic of levitation of invisibility technology and using the propulsion equipment, it enable these personnel to lightly fly onto people's head to control people's brain functions without targets' knowledge. Also, they can lightly land on a target's body (on any organ) to induce illness/death without most victims' knowledge at victims' homes/workplaces, vehicles, etc. (see details on Part II-A).

Beside Taiwan, involved US LEO also work with other foreign LEO and have gradually directed them to build similar Life Control Surveillance system in many other countries. Under pretense of protecting national security, US involved LEO have setup working agreement with many foreign LEO.  On surface, their cooperation is to fight international criminal organization (e.g. drug cartel, terrorist). In reality, the involved LEO also use this cooperation to expand their life control power over citizens' lives to overseas. Their secret cooperation includes exchange life control information on their overseas citizens with involved country. Also, they secretly allows foreign involved LEO (guest) to use the invisibility technology, equipment, etc. of host country's surveillance station/system to spy and control their overseas citizens's lives (who were originally from guest LEO's country).  Thus, there is no national border between every country's involved LEO and invisible operatives of surveillance system (see details on Part III-A1, A2, B).

Since 1960s, US invisible personnel of surveillance system have secretly entered citizens' homes/workplaces for surveillance purposes and citizens control.  Unfortunately, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! After involved LEO learned illness/death inducing techniques to control one's life, they became corrupt and abuse invisible personnel to criminally induce illness/death on citizens, public officials (e.g., Judges Battle & Judge Miller-see details on Part V-B1,  Florida's Governor Lawton Chiles- see details on Part X,  Senator Paul Coverdell-see details on Part II-K2).  They have also murdered key witness who opposed their interests (e.g., Mr. Carlos Ghigliotti, Infrared Technologies expert -see details on Part II-K1).  The President of the United States is the highest law enforcement officer and yet even he does not have the right to sentence to death any citizen without due process of law, and neither does Congress. How then could the involved LEO of surveillance station/system claim that they were authorized to use invisible operatives to kill any citizen?! Obviously, the utilization of invisible personnel to secretly induce illness/death on any citizen is a crime of murder when inducing death, or a crime of attempted murder when inducing illness (e.g. in 1994, former President Ronald Reagan suddenly acquire the Alzheimer's disease and was most likely induced by invisible personnel-see details on Part II-G2).The invisible personnel also can use invisibility technology to steal document to interfere with a court case, or steal votes to change an important election's result (see details on Part II-A).

Invisible personel also have been used to suppress freedom of speech on the internet to prevent the involved LEO's crimes from being revealed on internet by citizens who know their corruption (e.g. invisble personnel can use technique to interfere with phone-line operation and cause the phone line to have no dial-tone.  This can disconnect one's computer with internet server, or create error on browser to crash it. Thus, the invisible personnel can suppress free speech on internet because they can interfere with the operation of computer and stop one posting criticized article to involved LEO on internet). Terribly, the invisible personnel can also use microwave voice device with mind control technologies to drive unaware persons/students mad, and/or to kill (e.g. school shootings-see details on Part VI) when keeping people under close surveillance at homes/workplaces, school, vehicles, etc.

Currently, there is a wall of silence (similar to the blue wall of silence within police departments) among these involved LEO of surveillance station/system (including CIA, military intelligence, FBI, police departments, etc.) and recurited invisible operatives from civilians.  They will either deny, or keep silent on, the existence of invisible personnel.  Their recruited operatives mostly are next generation of career operatives, some small business owners or managers of large business. These operatives include those persons-Some cooperate with local LEO polices for citizens control and do not know that some corrupted involved LEO will use invisble personnel to induce illness/death on citizens whom involved LEO dislike.  Some become career operatives because they are enjoy to control other citizens' lives.  Some follow involved LEO's unlawful will to avoid the invisible personnel inducing illness/death on them, or their children. To protect the life of every citizen (including former Presidents, political leaders, judges, officials, civilians, students, etc.) and stop invisible personnel's criminal activities, the invisibility technology must be de-classified (its new code-name is remote viewing and was highly classified Operation Grill_Flame of Pentagon before 1992 -see details on Part II-G, J). If invisibility technology is de-classified, it will not interfere with the surveillance purpose because people cannot see the invisible personnel who spy on them everywhere. It will not affect national security also. because invisibility technology is already common knowledge among the involved LEO of many countries (that have life control surveillance system).   It is only unknown to regular citizens.  After invisibility technology is declassified, it can stop invisible personnel inducing illness/death on anyone, using microwave voice device to drive unaware person/students to kill, stealing document to interfere with a court case, and even stealing votes to change the result of an important election.  If invisibility technology is not declassified as current situation, the involved LEO and invisible personnel of surveillance station/system will continuously secretly suppress political leaders, officials, civilians with illness/death inducing techniques, suppress free speech on internet with censorship techniques, manipulate important election with stealing votes (see details on Part II-H2), suppress truth with inducing death on the witness who expose their crimes or oppose their interest (see details on Part II-K1), and then ultimately rule the country.

To dismiss my report which based on many evidences and prevent their secret crimes from leaking, Taiwan's overseas involved LEO of surveillance system have cooperated with US involved LEO to falsely accused me as a traitor, or an insane. Their goals are to quickly dismiss my report without using any counter evidence and isolate me from the society.

To deny their false accusation and prove my information is true, I have used Chinese to report Taiwan's life control surveillance system (including victims' cases (see Part II, III, V, XI or Chinese website) on Taiwan Presidential candidate web-sites and Taiwan newspapers in1998. After debating with involved LEO's collaborators and using evidences to prove my reports to be true, Taiwan people believe that KMT (Taiwan's long-term ruling Party) must be responsible for the crimes of life control. Thus, KMT stepped down in 1999 and KMT President candidate received least number of votes in history (receiving votes even lower than another candidate who had no party affiliation). However, involved LEO (who use invisible personnel of surveillance system) have secretly infiltrated many political parties. Thus, although a ruling Party has been changed, the crimes of involved LEO and invisible personnel are still not really stopped. That's because unaware political leaders and citizens do not know that the involved LEO of surveillance station/system have been corrupted after they have absolute power to use invisible personnel with illness/death inducing techniques to control everyone's life. That's why they dare induced cerebral hemorrhage on former FL Governor Lawton Chiles in 1995 then murdered him in 1998 with heat-fail inducing technique. To prevent invisibility technique from leaking, the invisible personnel even dare induced Alzheimer's disease on former President Ronald Reagan in 1994. Also, beside inducing cerebral hemorrhage on Senator Paul Coverdell in 1999, the invisible personnel also use microwave voice device to drive unaware students mad then to kill (it caused Oregon school shooting & Mississippi school shooting-see details on Part VI).

I can report the above facts because I have very well knowledge on involved LEO's invisibility technology, illness/death inducing techniques and the real functions of so-called nonlethal weapons of surveillance station/system. So far, our government cannot stop the criminal activities of invisible personnel. Why? 
There are five reasons. 
1. Most politicial parties and citizens are under involved LEO's mind control, or misled by them, and do not know that the involved LEO dare using invisible personnel to induce illness/death on anyone whom the involved LEO dislike.

2. After involved LEO of surveillance station/system use invisibility technology with so-called nonlethal weapons to induce illness/death on anyone, or use microwave voice device to drive an unaware student to kill, they can easily deny it even such kinds of cases are related with their decision.  Why? That's because the so-called nonlethal weapons can be used to silently induce illness/death on an unaware person as if by natural cause. Also, the involved LEO will deny that they have the microwave voice device although many medias already report it.

3. Our political leaders and citizens do not know that involved LEO 's crimes are overthrowing our Constitution. That's because the involved LEO of surveillance station/system even do not agree with that a citizen has basic rights of life, free speech and pursuit of happiness if he knows their secrets and crimes.

4. Some political leaders, officials, citizens simply trust the involved LEO's denial about the crimes of invisible personnel only for respecting law enforcement officers' identities, or have no knowledge about invisibility technology.

5. Some political leaders, officials, citizens might be aware of the involved LEO's corruption but they still follow the involved LEO's unlawful will and do not declassify the invisibility technology. Why? That's because if they do not follow, invisible personnel could induce illness/death on them (as murdered Lawton Chiles, Paul Coverdell), or on their children (e.g as reported cases in Microwave Harassment & Mind Control Experimentation).

Thus, under such kind of situation, the only way to stop the invisible personnel's criminal activities is to declassify invisibility technology, reveal illness/death inducing techniques and report victims' cases to society to warn the involved Of surveillance station/system. So, we must ask our government to declassify the invisibility technology immediately.

If you would like to support a whistle-blower's efforts, please make donation to Alan Yu (Address: 2 Iris Lane, Newark, Delaware 19702). Please make anonymous donations for your own protection (e.g put one dollar cash in envolope without return address).

Last updated:  January 09, 2001 
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Part I:  The invisible personnel, EM mind machine, & microwave voice device have been in use in surveillance station/system for several decades without victims' knowledge. Thus, the invisible operatives of local surveillance station/system can secretly enter people's properties (home/workplaces, vehicles, etc.) to keep people under close surveillance and read target's mind (or secretly interrogate a citizen at home, or deliver microwave voices on unaware victim, and induce illness/death).

Part II: The "invisible operatives/little spirits/bees"(its new code-name is Remote-viewing) is the top secrets of surveillance system and the involved LEO worldwide.  Based on inside information, the personnel and equipment become invisible, tiny and levitating in air (as weightless condition);after using invisibility technology. Thus, by using propuslion equipment, every invisible operative can move as a single-seated "plane."  Although the invisibility technology has been used for five decades, their top scientists cannot explain following two things: 1. why the invisible personnel and equipment become tiny. 2. what dimension these invisible operatives enter.

Also, involved LEO's cooperators have continued to deny that invisibility technology exists.  This is just like the early days of sex scandal of Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, they deny, deny and deny.  However, the truth certainly cannot be denied forever (see details on Part I-A3).  Although CIA claimed that Remote-Viewing method is based on telepathy and the use of psychics, these explanation is cover-story to mislead people. Based on the information of ex CIA analyst Ralph McGehee, "Disinformation is a large part of (CIA's) covert action responsibility, and the American people are the primary target audience of its lies" (see details on part II-G).  Therefore, people must avoid being misled by them.  After I revealed the top secret of invisibility technology to society, the involved LEO actively use their invisible operatives to secretly induce death (e.g. to induce heart-attack, cerebral hemorrhage, kidney dysfunction, etc.) on me. Since they didn't succeed to induce death on me and cannot use counter evidences to deny my reports, their collaborators have falsely accused me as mentally ill. It is their tactic to quickly dismiss my reports from public without using any counter evidence to deny the content of my articles (some of them have impersonated me to post fake articles on Usenet as if I were mentally-ill, e.g., Four fake posts-see details on Part II-C1). Now, the question is that if the inside information about the tiny invisible operatives were wrong, why they need to impersonate me on Internet to deny it. Does it mean that they know their denial and false accusation will not be trusted by public?!

Part III:  By using invisible operatives of legal surveillance system to criminally induce illness/death on citizens is an international/Global conspiracy of corrupted LEO.  Also, there is no national border between the involved LEO and their operatives of surveillance station/system

Part IV:  Using the sound or radiation wave weapons, involved LEO's invisible operatives can criminally induce illness/death on citizens in citizens' properties (residences, vehicles, etc.) without most victims' knowledge.

Part V:  The illness/death inducing techniques have been secretly used by invisible operatives of surveillance station/system to murder citizens (including political leaders, judges, etc.) and make these victims' deaths appeared to be by natural causes.

Part VI: By using microwave voice device (see details on Part I-A2), the invisible operatives can drive unaware target mad and/or to kill. In such kind of mind control case, the "invisible operatives/bees" will secretly fly onto the target's head to read mind, deliver microwave voices and totally control the target's brain until the target has been driven to kill

Part VII:  The mind control tactics/games, mind control equipment and the relationship between the local LEO of surveillance station/system with most business stores' owners/managers (especially supermarkets, shopping centers, or restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Part VIII:  Involved LEO and operatives of surveillance system developed extremely selfish beliefs & evil personalities because of their training.  These training enable them to use any mean with total disregard of the laws in Life Control Surveillance System to achieve their own interests and unlawful goals .

Part IX: Life Control Surveillance System in Taiwan

Part X:   Some corrupted LEO's invisible operatives of surveillance station/system have secretly entered Governor's Mansion/Office for surveillance and murdered Florida Governor Lawton Chiles with inducing heart to fail technique in 1998.  (In 1995, these invisible operatives induced brain hemorrhage on him to cause a stroke)(Last updated 9-22-2000)

Part XI:  The United States has become a Police State

Part XII:  The smart cards are coming & can be easily used for life control

Part XIII: School shootings & gun control - the mind control tactics

Part XIV:  After the mind control technology & illness/death inducing techniques have been used in surveillance system in 1970s, involved LEO became hidden life controllers & real masters of regular citizens in society

Part XV:  The DARPA of Defense Dept. and NIJ of the Justice Dept. seem mainly responsible for the development of the sound & radiation wave weapons for the life controllers and could become the directive unit of life controllers (military or LEO). (Last updated 2-4-99)

Conclusion:  To control everyone's life and induce illness/death on their victims (including political leaders, judges, regular officers, civilians, etc.), the invisible operatives/bees/invisible warriors of surveillance station/system have become the foundation of most conspiracies in society today.(Last updated 7-12-2000) 

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