Jada Pinkett Smith


Has Jada Pinkett-Smith done something to her face?

LaineyGossip just pointed this is out, and now I can’t stop looking at photos of Jada Pinkett Smith. These photos are from the London premiere of The Karate Kid, where Jada and Will and Willow joined Jaden on the red carpet to support the film. Jaden put his righteous ‘fro back into braids (cornrows?) and so it was Jada’s night to debut a new hairstyle. So… is it the new “total bangs” look that’s throwing off my eyes, or did Jada get something done?

She looks like she’s pained in some of these photos, like she’s not sure how wide to smile. She looks several years younger than she has on red carpets just a few months ago. And oh, yeah, her face looks completely different. Sure, a really different hairstyle could do that. So could some Bo to the ‘Tox. So could fillers and other “non-surgical” means. And then there’s the option I’m learning towards - Jada got her eyes done and had a brow lift, and thus, the new bangs. The bangs hide all little nips and tucks that haven’t quite healed yet. Of course, I could totally be wrong.