Update & Letter From Michael Forrest of Jaguar Enterprises

Feb. 1, 2005

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This case is so much like that of Dr. Hulda Clark’s…

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From: "Peter Walker" <rifeforum@rife.de>

Subject: Update on joint effort to help Michael Forrest of Jaguar Enterprises


This is my weekly update on the fund to assist Michael Forrest of Jaguar Enterprises.

This week, I will let Michael tell you the story in his own words:


For more details on the Michael Forrest case, simply click on the following link: http://www.rifeforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=2199#2199

--- Letter from Michael Forrest---

I have a copy of a fax from the US Dept. of Justice Criminal Division Office of International Affairs concerning my passport revocation request:

by Robin Frank, trial attorney
(tel 202-514-0032 fax-0080)

Michael Forrest is wanted to stand trial in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin (USDCEDW) on charges of commercially distributing unapproved medical devices. Forrest is the subject of Complaint #02-43M, filed on April 24, 2002 in the USDCEDW charging Forrest with: introducing and delivering for introduction into interstate commerce, with the intent to defraud or mislead, medical devices that were adulterated and misbranded, in violation of Title 21, US Code, Sections 331(a) and 333(a)(2).

On April 24 2002 a warrant for Forrest's arrest was issued by the US Magistrate Judge Aaron E. Goodstein, of the above court. …

Forrest maintains and operates Internet websites through which he markets medical devices that have not been approved for distribution or use by the FDA, as required by federal law.

In marketing his devices, Forrest makes claims that the devices, such as a "Black Box", can treat and cure "incurable" medical conditions such as AIDS, cancer, herpes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

[Michael's physical description and a former Paraguay address was listed here.]

Legat Rodriguez (US embassy in Buenos Aires) already has worked with the Paraguayan Immigration Service and the Paraguayan National Police to arrange for Forrest's expulsion from Paraguay, because of his illegal entry into that country. Hence, no deportation cable is being requested in this matter.

Upon Authorization to revoke Forrest's passport by the Dept of State, Embassy's Consular Section will work with the Regional Security Officer and Legat to effect the revocation and to provide a transportation letter to return to the U.S. to Forrest at the time of the Paraguayan immigration hearing for Forrest.

cc: Jocelyn Ellis, FDA-OCI Chicago, fax 630-769-5550

UASA Matthew Jacobs, USAD-EDWI, fax 414-297-1738


From Michael Forrest:

I did not enter illegally into Paraguay. My passport was stamped as normal when I arrived at their airport. Tourists, which I was, are supposed to leave the country (with the right to come right back in) every 3 months. I wasn't doing that and a lawyer reported me to the immigration officer. The lawyer had a search warrant to search my house for the presence of endangered species since the person renting the house before me was doing illegal traffic with them.

I left my house to stay with a friend and then I decided to get my passport updated by going to Argentina and back. I didn't know there existed a US warrant for my arrest and I didn't know my American legal status would be checked when I applied for a Paraguayan visa.

Returning back to Paraguay with a visa in my passport and a stamp allowing me 30 more days to stay in Paraguay, I was apprehended on the Paraguayan side of the border by some Paraguayan officials who handcuffed me and drove me to some type of police station in Asuncion Paraguay. I don't know if they were police since they were plain clothed and had their work station there at the border.

There I met two men from the US Embassy who informed me that the US had revoked my passport, that I had a warrant for my arrest in Wisconsin, and that I was $5,000 behind on child support payments [NOTE: MICHAEL SAYS HE HAS NO CHILDREN] which was just a lie they made up to put more pressure on the Paraguayans to deport me. I asked to see any paperwork on that child support and he told me the paperwork was back in the embassy. He knew the standard International extradition treaty did not apply to non-violent criminals, so he was trying to lie to make a heavier case against me.

I was then escorted out of the room and was excluded from their "immigration hearing". That was around 6PM Sept 26, 2004. The next morning at about 7:30AM I was on a plane destined for Buenos Aires in Argentina. I was illegally handcuffed the entire trip.

Once there I was put in a locked room for most of the day to wait for a flight to New York. When I was released from the room I met with Legat Rodriguez who expressed displeasure to the Paraguayans that I had been handcuffed. He didn't explain to me if I had just been deported or extradited.

I then flew unhandcuffed to New York where I was arrested by FDA officials. They drove me to the Brooklyn Detention Center where I stayed for around a week before being flown to Oklahoma for an overnight stay and then onto the Dodge County Detention Center in Juneau Wisconsin.

The FDA "cops" said that the $265 I had in my wallet would be placed in my jail account of where I was going but they never gave me a receipt for it which they should have (as I later found out). With no money in my jail account I haven't been able to call anyone to make progress on fighting my case. I would call that "obstruction of justice".

Only by writing a letter to my former employee was I able to put a notice about my status on my web site so that concerned people can help me out.

I have a notice about the court date of my jury trial. It says that: Case # 04-cr-232 of USA vs Michael David Forrest has been rescheduled (at my request) to start on April 25th at 9AM in Courtroom no 320

(NOTE: BRIAN MULLINS, MICHAEL'S ATTORNEY, SAID THE TRIAL WAS SET FOR MAY 2ND, WHICH CONFLICTS WITH THE APRIL 25TH DATE HERE) Federal courthouse 517 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee WI, before Chief Judge Rudolph T. Randa. US attorney is Matthew L Jacobs and the courtroom deputy clerk is Linda M Zik.

No customers complained to the feds. They just came against me from "Operation Cure All" because of the claims I was making.

My devices the feds listed are the Black Box, Magnetic Pulser, Multi-Pulser, Beck-Rife #1, Beck-Rife #2, Colloidal Silver Maker, Portable Rife Frequency Generator, and the Miracle Herbs anti-cancer herbal paste.

My prior communication with the FTC is at http://www.excel.net/~jaguar/FTC.html

The Beck-Rife #1 was a combo blood electrifier at 4hz, and a Rife unit at 2008 hz and 2127 hz against cancer. The Beck-Rife#2 was a combo blood electrifier at 4 hz, and 100 hz, and a Rife unit at 464 hz against Candida. The portable Rife was a contact type Rife unit (see specs on the web page).

I think these public defenders are just given too many cases to handle to be able to effectively defend anyone. My hope and prayer is that someone will provide a real lawyer for me to fight this fraud charge. Otherwise I doubt I can beat it.

Essential is providing expert testimony as to the efficacy of these electro medicine devices. It could be that I can't get enough expert testimony to support all the "claims" against all viral and bacterial disease, but at least it can sway the judge to minimize the sentence. Thinking optimistically maybe some strong evidence will cause the judge to dismiss the fraud charge since fraud is based upon “intent to mislead", and if he sees there's some weighty scientific evidence then he'll see I had basis for truly believing in the products and their efficacy with no need to "mislead" since they really do work.

Oh, yeah, at my arraignment here my lawyer made mention that I thought some rules must have been broken in order to bring me back to the states but the judge seemed disinterested. Actually Brian told me he didn't think that we could do anything with that. But I'll bet a good lawyer could.

Feel free to share with the Beck-n-stuff group. I have no problem with privacy issues. I'm pretty transparent and like being that way although my real life personality is more introverted than extroverted.

I feel very fortunate that you and others are willing to help me out. Alternative people are really special. I too have investigated just about every subject that you too are interested in. I'm glad that life and reality extends beyond the four walls of conventional thinking. Part of the job of any alternative business is to help people expand the limitations that their minds put on their perceived reality.


A group of people are now working together with a prominent lawyer to help Michael Forrest get out of jail. This will cost money and he have determined that at least $5000 will be needed.

At the time this message was written, we have now collected $3759, a tremendous achievement particularly as this is the first ever such fund raising activity via the electrotherapy related lists. The largest single donation so far was $2000.

However, he will need a lot more than that and that is why I am asking you all to consider making a donation to help Michael as there is more at stake than just his personal freedom. This case may set a dangerous precedent making it more difficult to purchase Rife, Beck, Clark, etc. machines in the future, something which affects us all.

I would especially like to ask the manufacturers of electrotherapy devices to make a contribution. Helping Michael now will help to prevent any other manufacturers being treated the same way. We can gladly list your companies name in the list of contributors if you so wish.

I am posting this Email to a number of additional electrotherapy related groups in the hope that more people will join in to help Michael.

I would like to especially thank all those who have already made generous contributions to the Michael Forrest legal fund.

You can check how much money has been denoted and how by going to the Rife Forum, and clicking on Forum Announcements. The message relating to Michael Forrest and how much has been collected is being updated daily as funds come in. It is not necessary to be a forum member to see this message.

For more details on the Michael Forrest case, simply click on the following

link: http://www.rifeforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=2199#2199

The current level of the fund (updated daily as funds come in) can be found at http://www.rifeforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=2217#2217

All funds donated in January and February via the Rife Forum donation system will be passed on to help Michael Forrest.

To donate money to help Michael Forrest:

1. Go to http://www.rifeforum.com

2. Click on the "Donate" button found on the top right

3. Follow the instructions.


On behalf of everyone involved in helping Michael, I would like to thank all those who have already made a donation. I will ensure that every cent is passed on to help this important cause.

I will be sending out an Email every Monday (a day late this week) updating you on the progress.

Note: You do not need to be a member of the Rife Forum to make a donation to the fund.


Peter Walker

http://www.rifeforum.com and http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Rife


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