Now Go Out And Kill!!!

by Jana Janus

“Now go out and kill!” is the title of a very interesting article in a book called “Out of This World: The Illustrated Library of the Bizarre and Extraordinary” (Volume 6) edited by Perrott Phillips (Phoebus Publishing Company/BPC Publishing Ltd. 1976, 1977, 1978).

“According to police, Bjorn Nielsen had committed the almost-perfect crime. He had hypnotized a man and sent him out to murder...and then ‘wiped out’ all memory of the killing. The jury refused to believe that anyone could be turned into a ‘lethal robot’ against his will. Until the psychiatrist performed an unnerving experiment with a woman sitting right in front of them...”

In March 1951, in Copenhagen, Denmark, a 30-year-old man by the name of Palle Hardrup walked into a bank with a gun and demanded money. When the teller hesitated Hardrup shot him. He also shot the bank manager who tried to stop him. He stood staring at his victims for a few moments “as if trying to puzzle out what he had done”. After putting his gun into his raincoat pocket he unhurriedly sauntered out of the bank and rode his bicycle to his aunt’s house where he sat waiting for the police.

“The case would have ended there--if it had not been for police psychiatrist Dr. Max Schmidt. Hardrup, in his opinion, did not really fit into the accepted pattern of a murder-mad gunman. He was a weak man, certainly, and a man who could easily be led. But he did not have a strong enough killer instinct to have murdered the two men at the bank--not unless he had been influenced by some other, unknown, factor.”

Dr. Schmidt pursued his investigation and discovered that Hardrup had robbed another bank for $2,000 which he had given to a man by the name of Bjorn Nielsen, that Hardrup referred to as his “guiding spirit”. Neilsen had told Hardrup that he needed the money to fund a new Danish Nazi Party.

“Nielsen was a ruthless confidence trickster who was known to have dabbled in hypnotism and the occult. He denied knowledge of Hardrup’s bank raids. But Schmidt was suspicious....”

Dr. Schmidt eventually administered a truth serum to Hardrup and an amazing story began to unfold. “Suddenly Hardrup was describing in great detail how Nielsen had taken possession of him by hypnosis and had then manipulated him into murder.”

It happened that Nielsen and Hardrup had shared a cell together sometime after the end of WWII. “In the spartan privacy of their cell he [Nielsen] subjected Hardrup to hypnosis and so started turning him into a robot.”

After their release from prison Nielsen continued to dominate Hardrup using hypnosis. Hardrup was ordered to rob banks and bring the money to Nielsen. Hardrup was no longer a “thinking” human being and did exactly what he was told.

“Shortly before that morning in March Nielsen had been very specific in his instructions. Hardrup was to go into the bank and, if he was refused money, he was to shoot the cashier.”

The facts of Hardrup’s statements under the truth serum were very easy to prove. The prison records checked out and many witnesses had confirmed seeing Nielsen and Hardrup together many times. But without a confession by Nielsen it would be difficult to prove in court.

“Dr. Paul Rieter, chief of the psychiatric department of Copenhagen City Hospital, eventually told investigators that, in his view, Hardrup had behaved in ‘an abnormal, insane-like condition while deprived of his own free will by hypnotic suggestive influence’. He added, "The impulse of the criminal acts came from without."

To prove to the jury that this could actually happen, Dr. Rieter set up a truly amazing demonstration. He selected “a perfectly ordinary and gentle married woman--one of the last people who could be suspected of being capable of any crime of violence.

“Then, with permission from her and from the court, Rieter hypnotized her and showed the jury how it was possible to turn her into a ‘killer’. He kept his voice soothingly soft as he told her that her marriage was being destroyed because her husband was having an affair with another woman. but he kept repeating that her husband was in no way to blame, that he had been tricked and seduced by a viciously perverted woman.”

Dr. Rieter continued to suggest to the hypnotized woman that she would be doing a great service to the world if she eliminated this evil woman and that it would not be considered a crime at all. Rieter even suggested that the hypnotized woman would be helping to protect other innocent people from the harm done by this evil woman.

“Also in the courtroom was another volunteer--a woman who had agreed to act as the ‘evil seductress’. Rieter told his guinea pig where to find her, and he handed her a gun loaded with blanks. ‘You know what to do and why you have to do it,’ he said. ‘So now wake up...’”

When the woman awoke from the trance she was obviously bewildered. She immediately stood up and searched the rows of people until she spotted the woman she had been told was the ‘evil seductress’. She walked over to the woman, raised the gun and fired. If the gun had been loaded with real bullets the ‘seductress’ would have been dead.

The jury was convinced. Nielsen was sentenced to life in prison and Hardrup was sent to a “home for psychopaths”. After a few years he was released.

The article goes on to describe many more similar cases. The fact is hypnosis is a POWERFUL TOOL and is being used by UNSCRUPULOUS MONSTERS. All the cases involving assassinations are done this way. Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, and James Earl Ray were all VICTIMS! The children who are murdering other children are VICTIMS OF HYPNOSIS. It’s called MIND CONTROL AND IT IS BEING PRACTICED BY UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AGAINST UNITED STATES CITIZENS AND PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. The time has come to PROSECUTE THE CIA for the UNSPEAKABLE CRIMES they have been committing against HUMANITY. THEY ARE THE GUILTY ONES. THEY ARE THE REAL MURDERERS. THEY RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES JUST FOR FUN.

If you work for the CIA and are NOT GUILTY I recommend that you put a lot of distance between you and that organization because I CHARGE THE CIA WITH HIGH TREASON. Keep in mind that when you wallow with the pigs in their filth you’re going to come up just as dirty.