Jennifer Lopez
Music Mafia  Clones & Doubles

Fall Out from Madonna’s Satanic NFL Ritual Begins! Rapper M.I.A. & Jennifer Lopez.   Some Latinos of today, like Hollywood Actress Jennifer Lopez, yet another die hard Hollywood Occult Practitioner, know that their Elegbra, from the Santeria Tradition, is indeed the original embodiment of the Fallen Angel Lucifer & his 200 aspects.  Not only does Jennifer Lopez know that she is worshipping Satan but she has a Cuban Madrina (Occult Godmother) in East L.A., that actually buys 10 year old little Mexican Girls, delivers them to Jennifer Lopez’s home in Beverly Hills to be sacrificed in these youth & beauty rituals which many females in Hollywood take part in these practices around Europe and Africa.  Not only does Jennifer Lopez have one of the biggest homes in Beverly Hills but she actually built an “off limits” structure, where she keeps her Alter.  The Illuminati and Hollywood can easily make one worship Satan, because Satan has been cleverly disguised by the Illuminati over the ages. 

Before and after (visual)

Satanic Hand sign

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