john is secretly a shill for the vaccine industry, disquised as a UFO
believing, foil hat wearing, 100% moron.

You are not fooling us john, the latest spy satellite uses a nonvisible
laser beam to monitor you. It bounces the beam off of your foil hat while
using receivers with sophisticated demodulation circuits to discriminate
and record your thoughts. So far it has recorded nothing.


john is also a homosexual and a member of the Green party.


Are you high on drugs?


(sorry for the open post here on this issue guys ... but Jerry in the below
said he was going to mailbomb my ISP with violations of something or other
and I notified my ISP in advance anyway ... and just for the history Jerry
this has already been done years ago by lots of people more together then
you guy ... feel sorry for you really ... wish you well ... sumbuddie does
really care >>)

Hey Sonic guys.

Below is a source copy paste of a message I got in private email - it says
they are going to mailbomb you with lawfull complaints unless I go away from
a usenet ng at his threat ... just wanted you to know ... its no big deal
over here ... I will keep helping out in the cancer newsgroup that some
people find helpfull and this one does not ... all my best.

Alan B. Mac Farlane

Go away or I will file multiple complaints with your ISP for AUP violations.
Don't you know when you are not welcome? Your posts on
are complete and utter nonsense.


It is you that causes the problem. You are just the complaints as a feeble
excuse to continue trolling. You were offered a deal and refused it. Not
only will I not withdraw my complaints, I will continue to file additional
complaints with any ISP you use--as long as you continue to troll this

There is a newsgroup for your crap med. Why do you not use it and leave us
to cancer support issues?

I am so sick of this misinformation you are spreading. If I want to know
about this crap I can Google your web site. Why keep forcing your web site
upon me when I neither want it or appreciate it? If you are so smart why
can you not grasp this?


john, if you would only spend a small portion of your time in worthwhile
efforts, you might make a positive impact on the world. A good start would
be to shut down that outhouse you call a website.

Lunatics like john are criminals, as they mislead people to use phoney
cures, have false hope, and encourage financial fraud. All the while
claiming legitimate medicine to be a conspiracy. It is a well known legal
tactic to go after the plaintif when the truth and the facts are against
you. That is why these lunatics use conspiracy and lies as the basis of
their campaign. They lack facts and truth.

Alt med is so corrupt with fraud, scams, and profiteers that it is no
longer a valid term. Because of this corruption all of alt med is a giant
cesspool and cannot be trusted as a source of information or treatments.
And I must say, john deserves the "Cesspool of the Year" award.


Ralph Moss is a QUACK. Alternative medicine is a misnomer. There is
conventional medicine which has been proven effective in clinical trial and
peer review. There are other forms of medicine (alternative) that claim to
be effective but can not or will not pass clinical trial and peer review.
All of the medical conspiracy crap you espouse fails to overcome the facts.
Your web site, your statistics, and your posts are worthless nonsense.


You never answer my questions, all you do is sing the alt med company song.

Frankly speaking john, dealing with you is a bit like arguing with a drunk.
But then the drunk can sober up. What remedy is there for you?

I am quite tired of your fraud peddling on Usenet and the web. I am also
tired of using and my newsgroup identity in these
discussions. So I have released my evil twin from his box. When asked what
identity suited him, the answer was immediate and loud--HARPOON. So Harpoon
it shall be. I highly recommend that all women and children put Harpoon in
their killfile, as he is quite rude at times. Not to mention evil and
deplorable after his last stretch in the box. Unlike me, Harpoon has
indicated a desire to follow john to other newsgroups and to visit his
website a lot. It sounds like Harpoon has a plan.


Hi john, my name is HARPOON. I understand you are a babbling moron and a
fraud peddling whore for the alt med clan. My cup of tea.

Got to go now, it seems there is a stench coming from somewhere in Tonga.

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 16:20:35 +0000 (UTC), john raised the toilet seat,
reached out and scribbled on the bathroom wall:

<snip a load of whale crap>

I find it difficult to sit by while john rants and raves about his

There is ignorance. There is stupidity. There is john.

There is one aspect of john, which is hard to ignore. His website is a portal for who's who in medical fraud. I encourage you to
read his site and look at the advice he gives. Click "doctors & clinics" on
this advice page: and you will see
what I mean. john is a whore for the alt med fraud industry. This goes well
beyond being an annoyance. This is a frontman for criminal medical fraud.
This is someone working actively to encourage patients to seek fraudulent
cures. Why is he doing this? Don't know, don't care. It is just wrong. It
is just unacceptable. It is just unpardonable behavior. I am hoping John
 will end up in prison where he can become the convicts new
girlfriend. He is most likely mentally ill or retarded. But that is no
defense for criminal behavior.

Cancer patient

[healthfraud] Integrated Medical Specialists 18 January 2005 17:02

I am a cancer patient with Bilateral Renal Cell Carcinoma and this
doctor(?) makes my blood boil. I am not his patient, I was treated at MD
Anderson Cancer Center. This is wrong, very wrong.

Dr.T.R.Shantha, MD, Ph.D, FACA
1657 Kanawha Drive
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087

Shantha, T.R., MD, PhD, FACA and Integrated Medical Specialists is charging
terminal cancer patients up to $60,000 for worthless treatments. The
$60,000 does not cover the medication, most of which can be purchased at a
health food or drug store, but is sold at inflated prices. He uses the
unapproved drug Ukrain in his treatment protocol.

I need some ideas or advice on how to shut this clinic down. I have hit a
stone wall.

I have reported Dr Shantha to, or discussed this case with:
Internet Fraud Complaint Center   
NCI advising that he was using their logo on their web site
Quackwatch on 8/25/04, 10/12/04 and 11/19/04
Medical Association of Georgia
the FDA on 8/25/04
Georgia State Medical Review Board 8/25/04
Georgia Attorney General Thurbert E. Baker 8/25/04
Georgia Bureau of Investigation on 8/25/04
WSB-TV consumer investigative reporter Jim Strickland on 10/6/04
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
WXIA-TV tip on 11/19/04
I also spoke with the FDA via telephone, they were happy to receive the
The State Medical Review Board sent me a formal complaint form, but because
I am not a patient the Board will not act.
Georgia Attorney General recommend calling the secretary of state/medical
The GBI will not act. It is not a crime because I did not pay him any
money. They won’t investigate him.
WSB-TV has to have a patient with a complaint before they will investigate.
I was not his patient, so they will not help.
WXIA-TV seems interested, but they also want a dissatisfied patient.

Cancer patient

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