Ugly jesuits
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Denis Couture Posted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 4:13 pm    Post subject: Ugly jesuits

I have to post this one.

Last week-end there was a Wendat Native celebration. The Huron-Wendat territory use to cover a great part of southern Quebec and Ontario and most of the states across the border (north US). Their population was genocided mostley by the Jesuits.

The Huron-Wendat are a peaceful tribe, so it is not wars with other tribes or with the Europeans that killed them. They were assassinated with deadly diseases brought over sea by the European, but mostly the Jesuits.

The Jesuits in an effort to "Christianise" these barbarian (sic) gave them trading stuff such as blankets and other necessities.

The blanket where all infected with plague and cholera and other deadly vicious stuff intendly put in there by the Jesuits. The Wendat died by tenth of thousands.

The Wendat reservation is right besides Quebec city and is very opened to tourists and public. And they also travel a lot to share their culture. So this past w-e ceremony was held at… the first jesuits manor in quebec city.


When I read the announcement of this gathering it appealed to me to go there since I am touched and moved by all that is authentical and grounded Native . So I decided to go there. Then I saw where it was to be held: WOW.

I said to myself that this must be payback time, and if this is not a coincidence, then my friends the Wendats, are calling me to be there and bust the place.

And so I did. I brought along many munitions. Colored ones and standard ones. All day I went around participating in the different ceremonies, chatted with peoples; tourist and natives. It was a really enjoyable day, clear blue skies, sunshine. As I was hanging around I gifted the area. The Jesuit manor comes with a large piece of land and the different ceremonies, longhouse, sweat lodge, etc, was all spreaded around the land. So the land was thoroughly gifted.

Then The house…the manor itself. Which has become a museum since about 50 years. This is a house builded by the Jesuits in the year 1700. Please know that I was waiting for the visiting hour to arrive, since the front and back door was locked I had to wait for the visit to get inside.

From the outside, it looks like any other heritage preserved house. Very pretty.

So comes 4 o'clock and I get in with a bunch of tourists.

So we all get in and the guide brings everyone to the next room where there is artifact and historical facts. I stay in the entrance hypocritally reading all I could find to read on the wall. I have my backsac full with whats left for the house ; many tb's and small hhg's. But I was not alone. A large US citizen was standing there with me, WAITING FO ME TO MOVE.

I don’t remember seing him come in, but he clearly was tied to my shoes. He finally left to join the group. I did too and now it was me following him. So I did stick to his shoes long enough to watch him stare at me often.

Then I decided to skip the group and visit the old house by myself. I was able to hide a few tb's on the ground floor and headed up to the second level of the house. I was alone up there and I could hear the guided visit on the level floor. I was able to place a few tb's and then I arrived face to face with him. The large US citizen.

He followed me up there. But as before I am the one who went after him and it worked, he left me alone again, long enough so I could hide a few more.

Then I went outside while the tour was still going on inside. Guess who came out right after me ? The large US guy…

He was then accompanied by his "wife" and his "boy". All three stared at me, while I returned a polite smile. Then I heard them talked and found out they were not english canadian but english US. The funny thing is that they didn’t seem much in love. For a family on vacation I thought they were standing quite far apart.

Anyway I was so glad to bust that heinous place of true reptile. Even if the house was converted to a public museum long ago, I had the birds gift me with a very beautifull confirmation of a good deed.

Do I have to tell you that this house was built on an old sacred vortex of the Natives. On the cemetery...
Many tb's there too.

There was some of the Jesuits fonder drawing on the wall; the worst nazi looks like choirboys besides those hateful faces.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2004 9:28 pm    Post subject:
Good thorough job Denis!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 2:58 am    Post subject:
ditto. sounds like a small historic event.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 3:01 pm    Post subject: Tying yourself to the 'Large US Citizen's' shoes ;-)
GRRRR. I just wrote a long reply and some rat ate it.

Good work with that CIA freak, Denis! I'd have done exactly the same thing, by the way.

I've known lots of Catholic priests whom I'd entrust with my life but none of them were Jesuits. I went to a Catholic mission school in Guam, and most of the priests and young seminarians there were good, self sacrificing folk.

It might be worthwhile to consider that the incessant scandals about Catholic priests buggering little boys may be a misdirect, since that's a lot more rampant in the fundamentalist churches, all of which are sired by the masons and, later, by the CIA. I know a lot of Catholic priests whom I trust but have never met a fundamentalist preacher whom I felt I could trust. The genuine personal faith of the mainstream Catholics has always been a genuine threat to the parasitic/corporate world order, who have always managed to compromise most in the upper echelons of the Catholic hierarchies. That's something that no thinking Catholic will deny, of course.

On a similar note, some of our best gifting compadres are church-going Mormons who are disgusted with the espionage shenanigans of their own upper hierarchy. We're not here to dictate theology, of course. I think there are other sites for that.

To be fair, there's a Jesuit priest whom I met ten years ago who was personally visiting all the Indian reservations in the area and apologizing for what the Church did to them in the last 150 years, so I don't want to demonize anyone just because he's in the Society of Jesus. I think there may have even been one or two decent men in the old German Sicherheitzdienst Schuetzl (sp? ..I know I'm gonna hear from German Georg).

I don't have a clue whether the fellow is dirty but the apologies meant an awfuil lot to the Indians I knew there, many of whom remembered being molested in Jesuit boarding schools and all of whose parents directly experienced it.

The Jesuits in general are a satanic/masonic order and they ought to be rounded up and stood in front of some lawful judges right now. Oops--I guess we better arrange to have some lawful judges first.

Oh, well, 'Ndaka, ndaka, moi japa golor,' as they say in Gambia.*

It took more work to clean up the Jesuit's energy messes we've encountered than to clean up any other sort of environmental hazard Wink and you were prudent to take a trunkload to that old mission, Denis!

My current theory is that the Jesuits purposefully extended the then-small desert in southern Arizona and N. Sonora by systematic genocide and ritual slayings throughout the American and Mexican West, beginning in the 1500s. We're going to find out if I'm right, I think, but of course I'll need to put my money where my mouth is, as usual.

As Denis noted, biological warfare is not new. One could argue that the plagues in Europe were biological attacks, though that was before the Jesuits. LOts of interesting things to consider in that vein, eh?

My good friend, Pablo, in Argentina has just started the first Spanish Language orgonite board and site, to my knowledge! This may be the ticket toward reversing what the Jesuits did to that land, in fact, where literally all of the Indians were slaughtered. It would give Hitler and Pol Pot wetdreams to have witnessed it.

Though it's faux pas to honor the Jesuits for anything, Denis has pulled a thread which will be unravelling a whole lot of the sweater in days to come, Grid willing. The environmental violations of the Jesuits throughout the New World provide yet another road map for our gifting opportunities! Not as blatant as the new death towers, which mark the ley lines and vortices on the planet, but certainly at least as important in the long run, we're now figuring out.

GOOD one, monsieur!

~B. Head

*'Slowly, slowly one catches the monkey,' and if we are to have continuity in our cultures, we need to break down tyranny by degrees, not just shoot all of the rat bastards in their beds Wink
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 20, 2004 4:41 pm    Post subject: Schuetzel?
Spitzel (Spy) is what you're looking for. the other word doesn't exist.
Do you have a link to the spanish forum?
I have a guy from Paraguay in the German forum who might llike to participate.
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