Jodie Foster


Duplessis, Nicolas  [2012 June] Hollywood’s Lesbian Illuminati & Male Soul Mates of Satan  The reason why it is more difficult in writing about what goes on at female Illuminati parties in Hollywood is because I have never been inside the home of Ellen DeGeneres or Jodi Foster when they would sacrifice children and force young actresses like Miley Cyrus or Kristen Stewart to drink the blood.  I have only heard of this from some actresses that took part in the lesbian sex occult rituals....Now Jodie Foster on the other hand, is one of the head female witches in Hollywood. She was raised in L.A. but she wasn’t raised as an American.  Jodie Foster went to a school in Beverly Hills that is funded by the Illuminati out of France and even til this day, she pretty much lives in France, she is fluent in French and attends the lesbian occult rituals up in Belgium along with Hillary Clinton (who is also part French) and Ellen DeGeneres, yet another French Illuminati Sorceress....I only heard that Kristen Stewart was locked up in Jodie Foster’s home for days due to being possessed by a female demon (lillith in Jewish texts but Aradia in Pagan-Celtic), while Jodie Foster used a sexual device on her, in order to initiate Kristen Stewart into the click.  This event took place a few months before Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart started filming the Panic Room Film and it was arranged by the Hollywood Studio System.

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