Jonathan Rhys Meyers

that image is meant to impact the viewer subconsciously. Only reptilians would set a guy sitting on us like that, in obviously draconian and royalist garb...

No creepy punk Spaniard would sit on people like that (especially me), but they want to portray him as royalty so that his visage is attached to the carefully handpicked body parts and his position as being above everyone else. This triggers instinctual, subconscious and reptilian based reactions in our minds, (the R-Complex of the physical brain) where we judge him to be a superior specimen or a 'cool character' in a movie as opposed to a sleazy douchebag. Such is the reptilian way of fooling our minds through media.

And the only reason they expose that image is to play with our subconscious and mock us (this their aim in most things). Having beautiful human body parts sat on by a greasy bad guy degrades our beautiful bodies and makes them objects, scenery... property.

Barf all over this image, in my opinion. Get the demons out.