Joni Mitchell
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Probably some time in the early 70's.

Joni Mitchell: "...her father [Bill Anderson] [was] an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force. During the war years, she moved with her parents to a number of bases in western Canada."

Exposing the works of Satan: Popular Music   In 1974, JONI MITCHELL told the press of a male spirit who helps her write music. “Joni Mitchell credits her creative powers to a ‘male muse’ she identifies as Art. He has taken so much control of not only her music, but her life, that she feels married to him, and often roams naked with him on her 40-acre estate. His hold over her is so strong that she will excuse herself from parties and forsake lovers whenever he ‘calls’” (Why Knock Rock? p. 112, citing Time magazine, Dec. 16, 1974, p. 39).

Joni Mitchell
big yellow taxi - joni mitchell in concert 1970

Joni? Notice the obvious difference in the voice ::):

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi