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PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:06 am    Post subject: Jupiter_Update 3  

Don and I went on an incredible 500 mile gifting run today crisscrossing the southern middle part of florida. This area is in the direct path of the south western running HAARP induced weather patterns, naturally you can't control the weather without HAARP towers, so these of course were gifted and gifted they were.
I'll post more intel on our day, but since I have a knack for spotting feds I thought I would first publish this photo of a fed in a toyota pickup with his girlfriend while he was
watching Don and I use Don's spuggun to lob tb's into Lake Okeechobee for a final gift to the lake at the end of our long day.
This is agent was so clueless, he drove his pickup on the restricted access road above the levee in order to get a better view of Don and I having a blast shooting off tb's out onto a sand bar about a 100 yards off the shore.
He nearly came right up to us then realized he was to close to stay inconspicuous so he drove in reverse a few hundred yards back and sat it out while we shot off our tb's from the spud gun.
After we were finished I asked Don for his take on the people in the pickup and we both agreed that it was to stupid a move to be anyone, but an agent assigned to surveil us. That's when my camera got excited again to capture more feds on film. Do you suppose anyone is left in charge of these boneheads anymore ? What is the one thing these losers hate ?
Could it be getting their pictures taken and then having them posted on the net ? The agent obviously saw me run 500 yards direclty at him with my camera and then while nearly next to him I yell him to roll down his window so I can take his picture. You should all be rolling in laughter over this, because I am. All I can say is keep your camera with you at all times and take their picture when you make them. Are secret police are the easiest agents to spot and it sure is fun taking their photographs Smile.
Ok, so the black agent from Panama who Don let fire off a spuggun tb didn't get his photograph taken, but he was made anyway and he actaully gave him self away because he didn't even know how to smoke the cigar he was puffing on and looked so phony trying to be cool with it. Don even gave him a tb to take home with him . I wonder if HQ's is trying to take it apart right now ?

In case the agents reading this aren't sure whether I set them up at the
Lake park to take their photos, well I did Smile, thank you once again coming thru for me and my camera.
Of course busting a billion dollars worth of HAARP towers of death in one day will
piss any bad guy off, but they didn't need to nearly run us off the road and possilby kill us in the process, did they ?
I didn't go to the CIA Training Skip Barber School of Assasin Road Killing, but I know when someone is deliberately trying to run me off the road.
Jeesh Louisie, next time you use mkids to do a MIB's job use the MIB's.
This girl obviously tweeked into her dissociative programming tried to cause a potentially fatal accident with her car and mine just after we left the spud gun fun at Lake Okeechobee while travelling down RT 80 and doing 60 mph. Anyone jumping into high speed traffic from a stalled postion in the breakdown lane is either trying to commit suicide or is so brainwashed she doesn't know she is about to commit suicide.
Either way it's suicide. Can you now see why working for these losers is not healthy ? Collecting Workers Comp doesn't pay when you're too dead to spend the money, dah.
This is exactly why dissociative programming can be very unhealthy for you. With some quick reflex's I was able to avoid this "accident".
The rest of the drive back to Don's was uneventful and since it was a long day I will post more about next time.

Don Croft

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Lake Okeechobee is seen in the background. Eric and I are thinking, after talking this morning, that these two showed up to goad him into taking the photos, thus wasting fifteen more minutes of daylight so that the highway hit could be arranged before we got too far away. I'll ask Carol when she gets home but I'm pretty sure this is the case.

Carol mentioned that I'm a sucker for getting into discussions with black folk and that she tried to call us when the hit was being attempted because she was seeing it. There was another fifteen minutes of daylight, of course.

She's good at that remote stuff Wink and saw me foundering at sea during a storm five years ago. She marked the spot where it happened on the map then and an astral guide who hade accompanied me jumped ship, showed up where CArol was and said, 'He's crazy!'.

The black guy said he was from Panama and worked as a welder at a sugar mill, which means that he had to be making about six or seven bucks an hour. I asked him if he was smoking a Cuban cigar and he said, 'Yes, can I offer you one?' When he got into his car I noticed that it's a brand new SUV. $30,000 car and $40 cigars aren't normal fare for someone in that profile Wink and he passed us quickly on the highway right after the murder attempt failed.

Drive defensively, folks! Too many of us have been t-boned by MKids in intersections and ended up in multi-car freeway pileups from not being as watchful as possible in our cars. One is too many, of course. Tailgating is a bad idea, too. A Monarch drone slammed his brakes on in the middle of nowhere, once, when Carol was driving our car. We had to go off the road to avoid that one. FBI guys toutinely came at a few of us, head-on, in our lanes on highways until we posted about it last year. .

Eric was delayed another fifteen minutes after my friendly encounter so the hit attempt happened in bad light, after sunset.

It was a fun day and we ot plenty of visual confirmations. There's a LOT more work to do to get this state HaARP free before the next HAARP season, of course, and I now suspect that every single tower is at least partly used to create HAARP disturbances. Most of the ones we busted yesterday were out where there were almost no people living. This area was on the straight path from Wilma's landfal, south of Naples on the Gulf Coast, to 'ground zero,' which is the Croft residence Wink and it built up speed across Florida afrter it came ashore. Natural hurricanes lose speed and strength when they reach shore, of course.

Many thanks, Earache, for sharing this wonderful experience with me!

"You were born...and so you're free...so happy birthday!"
~Laurie Anderson

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something else was happening when don and eric went over to south-west florida yesterday. it was me on a gifting run that went to the south in fla on the western edge of the inhabitable land that isn't everglades on the east coast.
it was a planned two prong simultaneous double gifting run that was meant to rid fla. of it's haarp influence and therefore allow more natural weather and an endto the haarpicane season down here. i had about 150 tbs and some earth pipes when i left and i ran out down there. here is a very partial list of what was busted:
two hard military battleship gray towers with stuff i've never seen before
one field of haarp with eight towers
one haarp field with six towers
one five=in=a=row haarp field
one small weather ball
one large weather ball with additional circular arrays and square arrays
inside a dike
one six tower haarp array
one half-mile high megatower haarp
three huge weather balls with many weird little arrays
one four tower haarp array
about thirty large triangular towers
and finally about thirty "regular" death towers

all this and more was being busted at the same time don and eric were across the state doing the same thing to the same amount of hardware over there.
it was a good day in south florida yesterday.
with the inflow of upper cloudy weather today, i see they're giving the haarp all they've got and the signature is quite weak. it also shows exactly which direction it is coming from. maybe i'll do it tomorrow.
jeff mckinley
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Don Croft

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Hi, Jeff--looking forward to getting out in the boat with you again this weekend. Carol made close contact with a pod of bottlenose dolphins at Sand Key, 6 miles west of Key West, last week with her kids. I might put the full account of that in my book but I wonder if that might not happen in our waters this Saturday if we go out and start busting the underwater death transmitters to teh south of where we did before.

I want Jeff to be in the boat with me the first time we get a chance to swim with dolphins locally because I think he earned it. It's not up to us when they'll show up, of course, but the only sortie we've done where we didn't see teh dark dolphins was the time we saw a huge turtle at the end of it. Carol says the turtle was a sign for us to persevere. Vo Joanna has just advised us, through Al in Rio de Janeiro, to persevere, too.

Sand Key is the end of the 40-mile reef-gifting run that Jeff, Carol and I made three weeks ago. When we were doing that we saw almost no fish on the fishfinder and when Carol was there a week ago there were fish everywhere. The pod of dark, spinner dolphins that we saw just south of Key West weren't the same ones who greeted Carol and spent quality time around the boat. Nick, Carol's son, took plenty of pics of those dolphins but none of them turned out. By April I suspect there will be coral growing on that reef in abundance. Now there's almost none.

Your side of the mission was more loaded with distinctive HAARP stuff than ours, in fact, but it's clear that it all works together somehow because the towers we busted were mostly out where there are very, very few people living. We had a pretty weird experience gifting huge 'Devil's Garden,' which is apparently a corporate farm. Eric tossed a tb into a nuke pond there and we were chased away when we pulled off the road to micturate Wink in another spot on their land.

Earache Carlson is on the road now but has promised to post about the disappearign HAARP tower in Immokalee. Carol and I will go find and bust that one because she says it's a primary tower that the sewer rats managed to hide from us after we first spotted it. You can imagine that one doesn't 'lose sight of' a tall red and white tower in a flatland.

We apparently did gift the huge nuke pond in Immokalee that powers it, at least.

I'm going to gift the three irrigation canals that go straight from Lake Okeechobee to Palm Beach, Lauderdale and Miami. They're not actually for boats so I'll use my inflatable dive kayak with the 3.5hp motor. I have a sense that gifting long stretches of inland water will further macerate the HAARP network. I did a lot of gridding in addition to busting towers on Sunday as Eric's co-pilot. When my daughter and her beau get here from Boston in a couple of weeks we'll do the boat canal from St Lucie on the Atlantic coast,, through Lake Okeechobee, all the way to Ft Meyers on the Gulf Coast.

Eric almost hit a big turtle, tossing a TB in a canal on Devil's Garden and later almost hit an alligator elsewhere. Rural Florida gifting sorties are kind of spicy Cool

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Don Croft

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When Carol got home, right before Eric left yesterday, I asked if the couple in the car were working with the guy on the levee and she said, no, the guy on the levee who was supervising the later hit attempt on the highway is NSA and the couple in the car are CIA, not connected. ~Don
"You were born...and so you're free...so happy birthday!"
~Laurie Anderson