[Ketamine is a human and animal anaesthetic with psychedelic properties.  It's psychedelic properties were first researched by John Lilly  and written up in his book 'The Scientist' (it also permanently cured Lilly's chronic migraine affliction).  Another researcher was Marcia Moore, who wrote her experiences up in 'Journey's into the Bright World'.  Dr Lilly was using max about .5 to 1 gram per day IM, now people are sniffing or eating street K as much as 5 grams+ which can damage their urinary system.]

Interview with John Lilly on Ketamine by Karl Jansen M.D., Ph.D.

[2016] Onetime party drug hailed as miracle for treating severe depression


[pdf] Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy (KPT): Review of the Results of a 10-Year Study  We have been working with KPT since 1985 and have already treated with KPT more than 1000 alcoholic patients without any complications like protracted psychoses, flashbacks, agitation, or ketamine abuse. So, KPT seems to be safe and effective method of treatment of alcohol dependence. It seems to be especially powerful tool in Russia, where there was no psychedelic revolution in 60s, where almost nobody knows what does it mean "psychedelics", where almost nobody can even imagine that this drugs can be used for recreation, for fun, and therefore in Russia KPT looks particularly unusual and powerful.

"ECCO runs our lives, though we won't admit it. If you're an ECCO agent, you can be very, very careful to use your best intelligence in ECCO's service, and you realize there are no discoveries, there are only revelations. That was a come-down for me as a scientist."---John Lilly This sums up deep K experiences

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Ketamine: Dreams and Realities by Karl Jansen M.D., Ph.D.
The Scientist by John Lilly
[1978 pdf] Journeys into the Bright World by Marcia Moore 
Moore, Marcia