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Kevin Annett Rips the Mask from Power

May 14, 2008

annett2.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

If Christ returned, he'd be crucified again, not by Jews or Romans but by the church, which has been invaded by His enemies.

This is obvious from the fate of Kevin Annett, a young United Church of Canada minister who took Christ's teachings to heart, and suffered everything but Crucifixion. (To date, Christ's enemies are reluctant to create another martyr.)

I have been studying the New World Order for eight years but no book has laid bare the true hypocritical face of  power in Western society as Kevin Annett's self published memoirs, "Love and Death in the Valley." Many books have left me winded, but none like this.

I have met Kevin Annett and he doesn't have a halo. But he does exude a transparency and a dogged determination to make sure we learn the truth about the genocide of (he claims) "roughly" 80-90 million North American Indians. He is the closest thing to a genuine dissident in this society, the closest thing to a real hero.  Although he's been fighting this lonely battle for 15 years,  we haven't heard of him, proof our "heroes" are manufactured for us.

Kevin is the kind of "innocent" or "true believer"  organizations like the Communist Party or United (Methodist-Presbyterian) Church hire to provide an artifice.  But "every group has rules"  as Kevin was told repeatedly, and Kevin didn't adapt.  A real Christian represents Christ not the corrupt impostors who profit from his teaching. Kevin was a Minister of Christ.


"Give the place a bit of Spirit," his boss at Fred Victor Mission, a residence for the homeless near Toronto's seedy downtown Yonge St. told him, as if talking to a painter.

In the course of his work, Kevin learned the Church mission was a center for drug trafficking and prostitution and the staff were on the take. He learned that large donations to the Mission were embezzled, while there wasn't any money for Bibles.  When he took these matters to the top of the church hierarchy, they knew and didn't want to know.

This was his first glimpse of the United Church of Canada as a four billion dollar corporation that provides a nice tax-exempt front for a lot of rich people  and a lot of shady dealings. But that's just scratching the surface of  a potential nightmare for the 2.8 million bland well meaning Canadians affiliated with this empty shell of a church.

When Kevin (what an exquisitely Canadian name) took up his next position as Minister in a British Columbia logging town, he opened his sanctuary to the poor and the non-White. He began to hear stories from his Aboriginal parishioners about ethnic cleansing at government funded church-run "residential schools."

Native children  were abducted by the RCMP and forced to attend these "schools" which were concentration camps in disguise. Here helpless children were physically and sexually abused, sterilized and exposed to deadly viruses. Many were subjected to medical experimentation from Illuminati doctors. The death rate was 50%  Annett estimates over 50,000 children died at these schools.  

In an email Tuesday, he wrote: "Continually, eyewitnesses describe that most of them never received formal education, besides religious instruction. Maybe one or two hours of schooling a week, the rest of the time working as manual labour and farmed out as cheap labour or domestics to white families. The ones who got a better education were the collaborators, being trained to be puppets of the government and churches - they're often the ones who now run the big aboriginal groups, band councils, etc. I also have letters from Indian Agents confirming that the kids were not to receive "too much" education."

The blurring of class and color lines strained relations with the church "Old Guard" but the deal breaker was when Kevin publicly opposed the lucrative sale of Aboriginal lands the church held in trust to a large logging company.

Kevin was stripped of his Ministry, the only United Church Minister ever to be defrocked. His supporters were expelled from the church and his wife was pressured to divorce him and take their two children.


Next stop on Kevin's voyage of discovery was a Ph.D. program at the University of British Columbia. There he had access to government archives which documented a deliberate agenda of ethnic cleansing which (he says) claimed one to two million Aboriginals in British Columbia alone over a century.

Just as the Church represents Christ, the university is dedicated to free inquiry and truth. Thus Kevin's funding disappeared and he had to leave. "Unless you play the game, you'll never work in this province again," he was told.

Is it any wonder society is drifting toward Fascism when the institutions that are dedicated to  truth and moral leadership are rotten to the core? You can smell the stench of moral compromise everywhere.

The same applies to the corporate media. Kevin did get a couple of good stories but they dried up with mention of the Supreme Court  judges using Indian children for pedophilia. Similarly, when Kevin was beaten up or his documents stolen, the police and courts refused to act despite video footage of the theft. Why would they? They regarded the murder of thousands of Aboriginal children as "too big a task to investigate."

Church. Academia. Media. Law. Police. That leaves the government. Recently the Canadian government absolved the Church of any liability for its crimes. Kevin wrote to me Tuesday:

"Yes, all the churches have been granted effective immunity; Indian Affairs announced so last February when they said there will be no criminal prosecution for anything that went on in the rez schools. Disgusting. Natives cannot sue the churches after the settlement - that was part of the deal the AFN (Assembly of First Nations) did on behalf of all the survivors, without consulting them once. It's as bad a crime as the original atrocities."


 I  recommend Kevin's Love and Death in the Valley which is available here. He  is  an excellent writer.  I also recommend you visit Kevin's webpage 
and donate if you can. He represents the single greatest threat to the Illuminati  in Canada today. He is being followed  and organized Internet smear attacks are mounting. He ministers to the homeless and lives hand-to-mouth.

The Illuminati want the land and the water rights. The Aboriginals are the only people standing in their way. Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and Canada's misdeeds, like China's, could attract worldwide attention.

In his book, Love and Death in the Valley, Kevin muses on the disconnect between what people profess and what they actually do.

"The most successful minister in the church I found is the man or woman who can function as an efficient dissociated personality, regularly professing one thing and practising the opposite." (151)

Kevin Annett demonstrates the impact people can have when they act on their beliefs. As such, he is an inspiration to me.
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